National Retail Federation Announces Hottest Toys Of 2015

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NRF Hottest Toys Of 2015

The National Retail Federation (NRF) surveyed consumers for the hottest toys of 2015.

With Christmas just around the corner, The National Retail Federation (NRF) announced the hottest toys of 2021. The NRF is the world’s largest retail organization, representing retailers in several channels across the United States and the world.

The survey asked shoppers what gifts they are planning to buy for their children for the holidays. To conduct the survey, the NRF surveyed a little over 7000 consumers (7,172) between November 3 through November 10 about their buying habits during the holidays.

The survey found that 41.2 percent of those surveyed are planning to buy toys. Retailers are offering a wide array of toys from board games to electronics to even classic toys. Brands that have been around forever like Lego and Barbie continue to attract boys and girls.

With a new Star Wars movie and more interest in toys, this year is expected to be a big year in the toy industry. It’s never been easier to find all of the coolest toys and retailers are offering great promotions to entice shoppers to buy. There isn’t just one property that is selling; toys in general are up by 7 percent this year.

According to the NRF, these are the toys kids want and what adults are going to be buying for their kids. The list was broken down into the top boys and top girls toys.

Top Toys for Boys :

2. Star Wars
3. Cars & Trucks
4. Video Games
5. Hot Wheels
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
7. Xbox One
8. PlayStation 4
9. Nerf
10. Marvel Action Figures

Top Toys For Girls :

1. Barbie
2. Disney’s Frozen
3. Dolls
4. Monster High
5. American Girl
6. My Little Pony
7. Shopkins
9. Disney Princess
10. Star Wars

This year biggest toys are influenced by huge blockbuster movies like Jurassic World and Star Wars. It’s no surprise that with a brand new movie releasing in December, it’s a big year for Star Wars merchandise. The toys that accompany the movie are going to be big with both boys and girls. Sphero BB-8 is expected to lead the pack and sell out.

But, Star Wars toys are not the number one toy for boys. That title belongs to Lego. Star Wars toys made a big jump this year from the number 15th slot to the 2nd spot.

About 12.2 percent of parents plan to buy their boys Legos. Another 11.7 percent plan to buy Star Wars toys for their boys. Star Wars toys are even going to be a big hit with girls with about 1.9 percent of the participants reporting they will buy Star Wars themed toys for girls.

Other toys making the top 10 boys list include cars & trucks, video games, hot wheels, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nerf, and Marvel Action figures. The Xbox Box One and Playstation 4 also made the list.

Viral videos have helped the board game Pie Face to take off with Bloomberg reporting that it is sold out

One of the most surprising findings was that Barbie was the most popular girl’s toy in the survey. Barbie’s popularity has fallen the last couple of years but this year she is back in the top slot. Last year, Frozen merchandise was in the top slot, but this year it fell to second place.

21.2 percent of parents (1 out of 5) revealed that they plan to buy a Barbie doll for their little girl. About 13 percent said they would by a Frozen based toy.

Other popular toys that made the top 10 list for girls include dolls, Monster High, American Girl, My Little Pony, Shopkins, Lego, Disney Princess, and Star Wars.

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