Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm

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New from the masterminds at Nerf for 2012 is the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm, the newest compact blaster in the Dart Tag line. This blaster looks very similar to the critically-acclaimed Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire from last year but it is more compact. The SpeedSwarm is an awesome Nerf gun that you need to win your missions. You’ll be blasting your way to victory with the sheer firepower of the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm. And your opponents will be running in fear thanks to the awesome firepower, range, and accuracy. Most people may think that this is just another Nerf gun with rapid firepower, but we’re pleased to say it’s much more than that. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the most awesome Nerf guns to come out in a while and it will most definitely help you dominate and win missions.  The Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm is designed and recommended for Nerf fans ages 8 and up.

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Product Features

The Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm delivers serious firepower for serious Nerf enthusiasts. This blaster features one-handed fully automatic firepower with a cool motorized, rotating barrel.  This rotating barrel enables players to shoot a swarm of bullets with rapid fire. The shooting speed on the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm is about one dart per second, which is better than most blasters. The blaster can hold a maximum of 10 Dart Tag darts at a time. A total of 10 Dart Tag darts are included within the package. When you run out of ammo, you’ll need to reload. Thankfully, it is quick and easy to reload your darts into the SpeedSwarm after some practice. As the darts soar through the air you can actually hear them make a cool whistling sound. This blaster is powered by 6 AA batteries, which are included inside the package if you purchase it online through Amazon. Some people have observed that the packages sold at retail do not for some reason include the required 6 AA batteries. So in that case, your purchase may require an additional cost for extra batteries. Clearly, the better deal is online through Amazon. Overall, the design of the new Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm is pretty slick looking. It has a solid grip and trigger system that facilitates one-handed fully automatic firepower.


How To Play

If you’ve ever used a Nerf blaster before, you know that they are relatively simple and straightforward to use. And with the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm, it is no different.  You simply load up the bullets (in this case Nerf darts) into the top compartment as well as six AA batteries, and then you hold down the trigger with one hand to release a swarm of rapid firepower at your opponents. Note that you’ll need to remove the single screw before reloading the bullets. Because of the limited ammo capacity, you’ll have to integrate a little bit of strategy into your game plan rather than go ballistic. For added fun and to know when you have landed your shots, it is beneficial to play with the specially designed Nerf jerseys. Nerf jerseys are sold separately but the Nerf darts stick to the jerseys, letting players know when they have scored and it heightens the overall Nerf experience. Unfortunately, with most other clothing, the darts will not stick. Also, don’t forget extra ammo, especially if you plan on playing missions. Extra Dart Tag Darts are available for purchase separately. In fact, you can purchase them in packs of 16 and then you can reload when you run out in the heat of battle. Because of the high velocity of fired darts, Nerf recommends that players use appropriate Nerf Dart Tag Vision Gear (eye protection), which is sold separately. This gear can definitely help prevent inadvertent eye injuries.


Why Kids Are Going To Love It

Kids love Nerf guns and this one delivers an excellent combination of rapid firepower, slick design, and solid performance. This gun shoots with good velocity and it has impressive firing range up to 35 feet. It’s portable and lightweight which is great for missions where you are on the move frequently and it delivers above-average accuracy in comparison to other Nerf blasters. The blaster is also reliable because it never jams and it is also quite durable like most Nerf guns.  Best of all, the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm performs just as well as higher priced guns for a fraction of the price. Now that is real value for the Nerf fan! We declare this one a must-have for any Nerf fan. Fans shouldn’t hesitate to add the SpeedSwarm to their collection. Be forewarned — the SpeedSwarm could very well become your new favorite Nerf blaster because it makes you feel powerful not to mention that it is so darn fun to play with.


What Are Owners Saying

“The SPEEDSWARM is an AWESOME Nerf blaster!”

“WONDERFUL, Fast-Firing Action! This gun exceeded my expectations. Simply AMAZING!”

Where To Buy Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm

For the best deal on the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm, shop online at Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25 and the required batteries are also included. Apparently, when you purchase this product at retail the required batteries are not included.


Bottom Line

The Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm is a must-have Nerf gun for any Nerf enthusiast. It delivers in terms of performance, range, durability, and reliability. It has incredible firing power that opponents will fear and it will help you win more missions. Just be sure to carry extra ammo because you’ll run out of ammo quickly. Reloading is quick and easy and the compact nature makes it perfect for on-the-fly missions. Nerf fans are singing nothing but praises for the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm. In fact, so far it is averaging a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. We highly recommend adding the Nerf Dart Tag SpeedSwarm to your Nerf collection.

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