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New from the fine folks over at Fisher-Price is Master Moves Mickey, or simply M3. Master Moves Mickey is the latest interactive, plush, life-like toy from the imaginative minds at Fisher-Price. This is the follow-up to Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey and Fisher-Price Rock Star Mickey from the last couple years. Master Moves Mickey is a brand new singing and dancing toy that will dance into kids’ hearts. Trust us, you have never seen Mickey with dance moves like this. This even blows the socks off Dance Star Mickey from a few years ago. Mickey will be your child’s new best friend. Master Moves Mickey is recommended for ages 18 months and over. Even kids at heart are sure to be amazed by what Master Moves Mickey has to offer. Fisher-Price’s Master Moves Mickey will be available this Fall 2012 for an estimated retail price of $49.99 – $69.99. This is the perfect gift for young boys or girls on their birthday. It would also serve as a wonderful Christmas present. To avoid disappointment be sure to order early!

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Fisher-Price’s Master Moves Mickey has many features and benefits, making it worth the price of admission.  Master Moves Mickey is action-packed with 15 signature dance moves, interactive dance play, and original music. Master Moves Mickey is primed and ready to show the world and your kids how it’s done on the dance floor. He’s outfitted in the freshest of dance gear — a cool red cap, red and white striped top, and red and white dance shoes. Clearly, he’s ready to tear up the dance floor. Master Moves Mickey is interactive, full of life and humor. Mickey is magically brought to life with state-of-the-art animatronics technology. Fisher-Price has made significant strides in terms of improving the technology which has resulted in more realistic, life-like motion. Now Mickey has a much wider range of motion that puts Dance Star Mickey to shame. Master Moves Mickey delivers a full-on dance experience like no other toy on the market and kids are sure to love it.


Mickey is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters of all-time. This Mickey is fully animated and full of life. It is almost as if Mickey has leaped out of the television screen and into our world. The two aspects that differentiate this toy from the rest of the pack are that this toy has that wow-factor and Mickey is more than a toy. Master Moves Mickey is the undisputed dancing champion of the toy world and he has some impressive dance tricks up his sleeves. For instance, Mickey will pull off a hand stand with relative ease. This is no simple task for your typical toy. The underlying technology helps elevate Master Moves Mickey into extraordinary territory.  Kids will think that Mickey has leaped out of the screen and into their homes.  This is exactly the kind of toy that would make Walt Disney proud. Kids will love to watch Mickey dance and then they can join in on the fun and excitement. They will have a blast learning to dance with Mickey. Plus, Mickey is full of energy, enthusiasm, and humor that will surely brighten any kid’s day. Once kids experience the magic of Master Moves Mickey, they are sure to love it. They will love learning to dance and some will simply just stare in amazement at the wonder of seeing Mickey perform his dance routines. Mickey will dance into their hearts and bring a great big smile to their faces and he is almost certain to bring great joy to their hearts as well. Mickey is more than a toy; he will be your child’s best friend so that s/he never feels lonely. Pictures alone don’t do this toy justice … seeing is truly believing! Once you see it in motion, you won’t believe your eyes. Master Moves Mickey is simply that amazing.



Playing with Master Moves Mickey is very simple and intuitive. First, you’ll choose a dance routine by pressing Mickey’s nose. There are 15 signature dance maneuvers to choose from. After choosing a dance number, you simply press Mickey’s foot to begin dancing. It really is that simple! Then kids can choose to simply watch Mickey perform or they can join along for a more engaging experience. It helps to watch Mickey perform first and then once your child learns the moves, they can follow along. We believe that to maximize your child’s play experience, they should dance along with their pal, Mickey Mouse. It’s truly one of those unbelievable experiences that creates an immense sense of joy and happiness.


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Parents who want to buy Master Moves Mickey can find him at retail stores and online beginning this Fall 2012. But if you want the best price, you should shop around both online and in-stores to find the best deal. Typically, Amazon has the best deals on toys and orders over $25 qualify for free shipping. If you need a similar product right now (before the release date of Fall 2012), the next best thing would be Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey.



Master Moves Mickey is going to be one of the hottest toys of 2012. It is definitely a worthy successor to Fisher-Price Rock Star Mickey and Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey. Clearly, Fisher-Price has made significant progress when compared to Dance Star Mickey. Specifically, the range of motion has drastically improved and now Mickey is capable of performing more natural dance maneuvers. Before Mickey could not independently move his legs let alone move his hands the way he can now. This is a tremendous improvement over Dance Star Mickey, which helps elevate this toy to the next level. Kids will love the latest Mickey because he seems so full of life and, in essence, he is more than a toy; he’s like a companion for your child, grandchild, nephew, or niece. They will love dancing along with their favorite Mouse in the whole wide world. While Master Moves Mickey may cost more than most toys, the quality and performance are untouchable, making this a great buy. The animatronics technology has been vastly improved, allowing for more realistic motion than ever before. Hands-down this is the best interactive toy of the year and we have to commend Fisher-Price on this exceptional effort that surpasses our expectations on every level. It is not often that we issue our highest recommendation, but Master Moves Mickey deserves it.

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