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The Pillow Pets from My Pillow Pets have taken the world by storm and it is a huge understatement to say that they have become an instant sensation in the toy world. They are the hottest selling plush pillow toys in the world and they have spawned numerous copycats. But why settle for copycats when you can have the original Pillow Pets?! The quality of the other ones simply cannot compare and you don’t get licensed pets. Millions of kids all over the world have discovered this novel idea that serves a dual purpose: They are a plush pillow pets that kids can play with and when it is time to take a nap they can transform into a soft and cuddly pillow. This year My Pillow Pets is introducing several new Pillow Pets that kids will love because some of them are based on their favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Simba, and many more. If you are already a Pillow Pet owner or if you haven’t discovered them yet, we encourage you to discover your very first one or add to your collection of Pillow Pets. Every kid deserves to make a Pillow Pet a part of their family. They are perfect for kids who always wanted a pet and without question they will become your child’s best friend.

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Features & Benefits

The new Pillow Pets offer many new features and benefits and continue with the winning formula. At its core, the new Pillow Pets stay true to the foundation on which it was built. First, the new Pillow Pets offer a large 18-inch pillow surface for kids to sleep on. Some of the new Pillow Pets are licensed characters based on some of our most beloved Disney characters of all-time, such as Mickey, Minnie, Simba, and many more. When the Pillow Pets become soiled, parents will appreciate that they are machine washable in cold water and on the gentle cycle. Please note that Pillow Pets are not recommended for use in dryers. We recommended air drying them to preserve the quality of the Pillow Pet. Last but not least, let’s not forget the main feature and benefit, which is that the Pillow Pets can transform from a pet into a pillow by opening it up. It’s such a simple concept yet it works remarkably well.


Why Kids Love Pillow Pets

Kids love the Pillow Pets because they are soft, cute, and cuddly. They also will love them because they are like friends. Kids will never want to be apart or put them down because they are so loveable, soft, and cuddly not to mention so cute. Parents love them because they are more than just a toy — they are a plush pet and a soft, cuddly pillow. When kids get tired, they can fall asleep or take a nap on their cuddly buddy. Kids will love collecting the new Disney collection based on their favorite Disney characters, such as Mickey, Minnie, Simba (from The Lion King) and many more.

How To Play

Kids can play with their Pillow Pets just like any other plush toy. They can play make-believe or create any adventure based on their imagination with their Pillow Pet. Once kids feel sleepy, they can unstrap the velcro on the Pillow Pet to reveal the soft and cuddly pillow. And at any time, they can transform from pillow mode back to pet mode by strapping the velco closure. The Pillow Pets can be used at home or while traveling. The Pillow Pets are very simple and straightforward to use.

2012 Pillow Pets Gallery

Welcome to the 2012 Pillow Pets Gallery. Browse the selection of new Pillow Pets. Tell us which ones are your personal favorites! Let’s welcome the new 2012 Pillow Pets to the Pillow Pet family: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Simba, Shrek, Donkey, Lightning McQueen, Francesco, Tow Mater, Finn McMissile, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, Thomas The Tank Engine, Jumbo Moose, Rainbow Unicorn, Neonz – Huggable Hippo, Neonz – Snuggly Puppy, Neonz – Silly Monkey, and Willy Walrus. Of the 2012 Pillow Pets, which ones are your favorites? Which is your favorite Pillow Pet of all-time?


         Mickey Mouse
          Minnie Mouse
     Winnie The Pooh
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
   Lightning McQueen
Product Details
             Tow Mater
       Finn McMissile

Product Details

SpongeBob SquarePants
     Dora The Explorer
Thomas The Tank Engine
          Jumbo Moose
Neonz – Huggable Hippo
Neonz – Snuggly Puppy
Neonz – Silly Monkey
            Willy Walrus



What Are Pillow Pet Owners Saying



“Pillow Pets are the MOST ADORABLE thing ever!”

“We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our Pillow Pets in our family!”

“Worth the price and makes a perfect gift.”


Where To Buy The New Pillow Pets

You can find the new 2012 collection of Pillow Pets online at Amazon.com. In addition, they have plenty of Pillow Pets in stock. Plus, orders over $25 placed through Amazon are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping.  Sorry, orders placed on the Amazon marketplace are not eligible for free shipping.


Bottom Line

The 2012 lineup of Pillow Pets should enjoy even more success than the original family of Pillow Pets because they are now better than ever before. Some of the new Pillow Pets are based on licensed Disney characters. Kids will never want to be apart from their Pillow Pet. It will very likely be their new best friend. And because the Pillow Pets are so soft and cuddly they’re not likely to put them down anytime soon. The Pillow Pets are such a simple yet brilliant idea and we issue our highest recommendation for the 2012 collection. Add to your Pillow Pet collection and discover your favorite new Pillow Pet today!

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