Hasbro Reinvents Littlest Pet Shop At Toy Fair 2014

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Littlest Pet Shop At Toy Fair 2014

Hasbro reinvents the Little Pet Shop brand at Toy Fair 2014 with a new logo and play pattern.

Hasbro is trying to reinvent the Littlest Pet Shop brand. The company showed off the new line at Toy Fair 2014. Everything from the logo, to characters, to play sets have been given a fresh new look. It’s all inspired by the TV show that was launched last year. Hasbro says it’s an all new way to play with the characters that girls love. The new line will be launched in the Fall Of 2014.

With the new line, girls will be able to collect, play, and customize their toys. Personalization is going to be a central theme across the whole line. Samanta Lomow, Senior Vice President Of Global Brand Strategy And Marketing, says the brand encourages girls to “Be who you wanna be!” It’s about self-expression.

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There are going to be over 140 new pets to collect and personalize. Each pet comes with Deco bits. There are cute little colorful accessories that can be plugged into the pets and play sets, adding fashion and personalization to them. Add a shining star Deco bit to your pet or choose a bow Deco bit. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

Littlest Pet Shop Style set

The level of personalization extends out even to the play sets. For example, girls can customize the Littlest Pet Shop Style set to make it their own. It’s the iconic location in the television show. It comes with 135 pieces, stickers, and Deco bits. In addition, it comes with 3 exclusive pets including Minka Mark monkey, Sunil Nevla mongoose, and Kittery Banter cat. The set allows girls to put in all the wall panels and even select the backdrop. Girls can decorate the play set how they want, adding colorful curtains and more. Created for kids over 6, the Littlest Pet Shop Style set will retail for $19.99 and be out in the Fall Of 2014.

Littlelest Pet Shop Offers Personalization

This level of personalization doesn’t stop with each set. It extends out to the entire Littlest Pet Shop world. Girls can even build out their own pet shop worlds as other play sets can be added. The more sets you get, the more variety and combinations you can create. The stackable system allows each new set to be stacked onto or to the side of the current play set. It all clicks into place.

There is even a digital component. All of the pets can be scanned into the Littlest Pet Shop app, where girls can continue playing and personalizing their characters.

What do you think about the reinvention of the Littlest Pet Shop brand?

2 Responses to Hasbro Reinvents Littlest Pet Shop At Toy Fair 2014

  1. heyit'sbuggy! March 20, 2014 at 1:11 am #

    ugh why hasbro?! all the new lps are creepy and im not the only one that thinks so. But, let’s not start a fight! I like the new lps because they are customizable with a cool lps house. But im also sad because i’ve been waiting for the old, cute lps that i played with as a child. I hope they make some of those soon.

  2. dylan May 6, 2015 at 4:11 pm #

    I liked the old ones more please give those back to us

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