Toy Fair 2016 Brings Magic of Fantasy To Life

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Furreal Torch My Blazin’ Dragon Pet

Hasbro’s new Furreal Friend is a cute fire breathing dragon known as Torch.

Leaping straight out of the silver screen and off the pages of a fairy tale is the newest addition to the FurReal Friends product line.  The FurReal Friends line is one of the top toys for girls and boys. This cute fire-breathing dragon is known as Torch My Blazin’ Dragon Pet. Torch is slated for a Fall release date just in time to make your child’s top 10 toys for Christmas 2021 list.

After playing with Torch and you’ll fall in love with this interactive baby dragon bursting with personality. He features soft bluish fur with firey orange hair and he has adorable purple eyes. This is one pet dragon that makes a great companion for kids.

Toys that simply sing, move, or perform aren’t enough to keep kids engaged. Nowadays kids want toys that are able to respond in real-time and feature innovations to keep them engaged for hours. These types of toys allow their imaginations to run wild and they bring fantastical creatures from their imaginations to life.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of this FurReal Friends pet is the fact that it breathes a flame-colored mist through its mouth, making it seem as if he is actually breathing fire. Kids can cook their marshmallow treat and feed it to Torch. Featuring over 50 unique sound and motion combinations and posable arms, Torch responds appropriately to petting and cuddling. This is one dragon that doesn’t require any special training!

With several interactive pets in the toy market, FurReal Friends is expanding its imagination to include creatures from magical worlds. Now the fun doesn’t stop with cats, dogs, and birds! The level of interactivity with Torch allows kids to think outside the box and engage in fantastic make-believe play. This is truly a great fusion of tech and make-believe play. It is this kind of play that helps inspire kids to think creatively.

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