Hasbro Showcases New Play-Doh Toys At Toy Fair 2014

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Play-Doh At Toy Fair 2014

Hasbro reveals all new Play-Doh toys at Toy Fair 2014.

Hasbro demonstrated the upcoming Play-Doh toys at its booth at Toy Fair 2014. There is a lot of exciting stuff coming out in the line.

Hasbro is taking Play-Doh and combining it with classic play patterns. This year we are going to see things in the Diggin Rigs and Disney Princess lines. Hasbro is continuing its partnership with Disney so we will see Play-Doh play sets based on Doc McStuffins, Jake and The Neverland Pirates, and Sophia The First.

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Last year, Play-Doh introduced Play-Doh Plus, which is a lighter, airier, and fluffier Play-Doh. It resulted in the most realistic frosting and creamiest ice cream. For 2014, we are also getting a brand new compound called Play-Doh Doh Vinci, which lets kids create their own decorations.

Here are some of the coolest things we saw at the show.

Play-Doh Buzz Saw

Buzz Saw combines classic vehicle play with Play-Doh. We love how the Play-Doh containers can be used in the play. Buzz is the hardest working vehicle. He creates all of his own construction materials out of Play-Doh. Kids can take Play-Doh and pop it in a compartment in the back. After choosing a shape, they can extrude out logs. Buzz Saw wouldn’t be Buzz Saw without a saw. He’s got a saw arm that can move back and forth. He can use it to cut the logs with his blade. He’s actually got both a single and double blade which can be swapped.  It’s completely detachable. In addition to the saw, there are molds all over the truck to create different molds. Our favorite mold gives us the ability to create street cones.

Cake Mountain

They say that kids love playing with food. Cake Mountain lets them do just that. It lets kids create cute little cake molds. It’s actually two cake play sets in one. You can separate the top from the bottom. This means that two kids can play with it at the same time. On the bottom half there are a ton of molds. Snap both pieces together and you can decorate the entire play set as a cake. It’s fun to use the Play-Doh plus compound to decorate the play set with realistic looking frosting. Kids can even add candles and turn them into cake pops. Designed for kids 3 and up, it will cost $19.99 and be released in the fall of 2014.

Play-Doh Magical Designs Palace

Magical Designs Palaces is the new Disney Princess set. With this play set, there are multiple layers of fun. It features mix and match pieces. You can easily switch the dress of one princess with the dress of another princess. At the center of the Kingdom is Princess Aurora. Girls can create their own dresses. Just put Play-Doh underneath the princess and press her down on the castle tower. The dress will pop out from the draw bridge. It comes with sparkly dough, which Hasbro says is the sparkliest ever. It’s perfect for a princess. You can even use the Play-Doh to decorate the castle

We also saw a little board game with the fun Doh-Doh character, which hasn’t been used before in a toy. It’s simple to play. You take a little dough and roll it. Then you place it into the ball shaper for a perfect shaped ball. In the center of the board is Doh Doh who spins around, opening his lid. The object of the game is to shoot a ball of dough inside.

Play-Doh Doh Vinci

One of the coolest new things in the Play-Doh line was Play-Doh Doh Vinci. It’s a brand new art form from the makers of Play-Doh. It targets older children from ages 6 – 12.  It’s a Play-Doh like compound that kids can decorate with. Although it smells and looks like Play-Doh, this is a new compound. When Play-Doh is left out, it gets hard and cracks. Doh Vinci gets hard but doesn’t lose its shape or crack. That makes it perfect for creating fun designs.

It comes with an innovative styler tool. There are 12 different colors which  are called Deco Pops. Remove the lid and place the Deco Pop in the styler, pulling the plunger back. It works a lot like a hot glue gun. You can decorate all kinds of surfaces. We are excited that it even works on pumpkins which will make decorating pumpkins even more fun.

Hasbro showed a number of different play sets that range in price. We like that you can find a lot of sets under $10. The Deco Pops come 4 in a pack and will retail for $3.99. There are pop up assortments. Both the Design Door Decor and Peace Project are entry level sets and will retail for $9.99.

Play-Doh Doh Vinci Style And Store Vanity kit

There are even larger sets. The five piece Doh Vinci Style & Store Vanity kit is a fun way to store all kinds of trinkets and jewelry. It features a mirror and slide out drawer. It comes with 4 Deco Pop colors and the styler. Girls can use Doh Vinci to decorate the Vanity, making it their own. It comes with guide lines but girls can feel free to design it the way they choose. Designed for ages 6 an up, it will retail for $19.99 and be released in the fall of 2014.

They also showed the Flower Tower design kit that will retail for $19.99. Kids love hanging their creations on the wall. The Memory Masterpiece is a perfect frame for hanging up photos or even drawings. It will retail for $12.99.

One of the neatest play sets in the line was the Anywhere Art Studio. It’s a case that opens up holding 4 Deco Pop colors, the styler, and 5 design templates. It’s easy to grab everything you need and close it up. We love that it is super compact. It will retail for $16.99.

What was your favorite Play-Doh item at Toy Fair 2014?

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