Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

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Last year Mattel had a major hit on its hands with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks. In fact, this toy was honored with the distinction of Boys’ Toy of the Year 2011. And now in 2012, Mattel is rolling out brand new Wall Tracks for boys to enjoy. It’s sort of an understatement to say that these new Wall Tracks will be better than ever. In case you aren’t aware, these Wall Tracks literally mount to your wall and boys all over the nation are loving them. The 2012 line of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks allows boys to experience a new level of stunts, speed and tricks that are sure to generate much excitement and enthusiasm.  Perhaps, the coolest aspect of Wall Tracks is that kids can combine tracks using their creativity and imagination. One of the ultimate Wall Tracks sets is the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks All-In-One Track Pack. This amazing set combines all Wall Tracks in one package. Wall Tracks are designed for boys ages 4 and older. It’s time to stop playing with uninspiring and boring floor tracks and experience true thrills and excitement with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks.

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Features & Benefits

With Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, boys can finally get off the floor and play in an innovative manner — on the wall. This innovative thinking on the part of Mattel opens the doors to thrills and excitement that you have never before experienced. Before race tracks used to be limited to a horizontal plane, but now with the brilliant design of Wall Tracks the vertical dimension is added. Once you build and mount your Wall Track, you can then race your die-cast Hot Wheels vehicle on the track. And for more even more fun, you can combine different Wall Tracks sets using creativity and imagination. Hands down this is one of the biggest and best innovations to come to the world of race tracks and it’s no wonder that it was honored as the Boys’ Toy of the Year. Boys are in for a world of fun and excitement!


Why Boys Are Going To Love Wall Tracks

Boys are loving Wall Tracks. The innovation delivers a brand new play experience that is way more fun than your traditional race track. It’s so fun to build the tracks and watch as your Hot Wheels car races down the track full of turns, loops and other exciting features. Also, the vertical design of the tracks allow for some great speed and stunts that are simply not possible with traditional race tracks. And, yes, boys do love speed and stunts. Also, the ability to combine Wall Tracks adds a creative element to the mix. When boys are calling Wall Tracks “freakin’ awesome,” you know they love them.


How To Play

First, begin by building your Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set. After building the set, follow the easy to follow instruction poster to mount your Wall Tracks using the included 3M Command Strips. Parents will appreciate the fact that there are no holes to drill with Wall Tracks! Then you can begin racing your included Hot Wheels vehicle down the amazing track. For even more fun, you can even combine different Wall Tracks. Let your creativity and imagination run wild and free and don’t forget most of all to have fun!


Here’s What Wall Tracks Owners Are Saying

Wall Tracks are FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

“Wall Tracks are SIMPLE and FUN … encourage IMAGINATION and interaction … and they are EASY to USE.”

The ability to add tracks to make a bigger set is INCREDIBLE!



“My kid LOVES Wall Tracks!


Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Gallery

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks All-In-One Track Pack is the ultimate Wall Tracks set. Browse the gallery below to see the incredible detailing and design that is sure to blow your child’s mind with amazing play value. This set is awesome and unique because it includes all Wall Tracks sets in one convenient package.




Where To Buy Wall Tracks

You can purchase Hot Wheels Wall Tracks online at Amazon also offers free shipping on orders over $25. Amazon has many of the newest and hottest Wall Tracks available in stock.


Bottom Line

Boys will love Hot Wheels Wall Tracks if they love racing cars and race tracks. Wall tracks add a new dimension to your traditional race track and elevate the experience to unprecedented levels of excitement and enjoyment. It allows boys to experience stunts, tricks, and speed on an amazingly designed wall-mounted track.  The amazing aspect of Wall Tracks is that you can combine various Wall Tracks sets to create a bigger and more captivating track. One of the best Wall Tracks is the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks All-In-One Track Pack. We highly recommend Hot Wheels Wall Tracks as they are sure to be one of the hottest toys for boys again in 2012.




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