Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System

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Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System

Hot Wheels gets more intelligent.

The latest generation of Hot Wheels get an intelligence boost. Now you can race an intelligent AI controlled vehicle in your own home. The set is designed and targeted for ages 8 and older.

Each Hot Wheels AI racing set includes two Hot Wheels cars, 20 pieces of race track, and two radio-controlled controllers. Each car features an infrared sensor underneath, which allows it to remain within the parameters of the track.

The set offers a good amount of customization. The track can be configured in over 40 different configurations. Car shells can be switched for new designs and even the wheel rims are interchangeable.

While it came out a few years ago, Anki Overdrive was one of the best toys. Unlike Anki Overdrive, Hot Wheels AI doesn’t use any apps and it comes in at an affordable $99 MSRP. You use a Xbox-style controller to race the vehicle.

The Hot Wheels AI set features various modes of play, including auto-drive, free-play, practice and championship modes. In auto-drive mode the cars race around the track on their own. Free-play mode let’s you race anywhere – even off the track – much like a regular radio-controlled vehicle. Practice mode allow you to practice racing on the track you have designed before you are ready for the real race. Finally, championship mode is where you engage in a real race with an AI controlled Hot Wheels vehicle. You can set the number of laps to race and the computer keeping track of the position of racers and deciding the victor. For people with different skill levels, there are various skill settings: beginner, advanced, and expert. Obviously, expert requires more skill while beginner makes it easy for amateurs. The other major difference between modes is the speed of the race cars. The expert setting allows you to unleash the full potential of the cars – allowing them to reach speeds up to nearly 6 mph.

There is even a Mario Kart-esque twist to the game. You can unleash hazards on your opponent during a championship event. For instance, you can send out an oil slick which will cause the impacted car to skid and stall out. However, there is no visible oil slick on the track. That would have been a great addition. However, that could be a feature added in the future.

The AI in Hot Wheels AI is a fair competitor but it is best experienced with a friend or family member. The basic version of Hot Wheels AI arrives in stores in October 2016 for $99.


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