Talking Justin Bieber Doll

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New from The Bridge Direct for 2012 is the Talking Justin Bieber Doll. This new doll is the successor to the Justin Bieber Singing Dolls and the Justin Bieber Basic Dolls.  Justin Bieber dolls have experienced overwhelming success and these new dolls are expected to follow the same success. Bieber Fever will once again take the world by storm. The new Talking Justin Bieber dolls were first unveiled at the 2012 International New York Toy Fair. The new dolls will actually feature Justin Bieber’s voice and it will be able to speak several phrases. So far two Talking Justin Bieber dolls have been announced by the manufacturer, Bridge Direct. The Talking Justin Bieber Doll is recommended for Bieber fans ages 6 and over. Considering the incredible demand and outstanding sales of the prior Justin Bieber dolls, you better act soon to avoid disappointment! The Talking Justin Bieber dolls are projected to sell in the millions and they won’t last forever. This is the perfect doll for the Justin Bieber fan in your life.   No true Justin Bieber fan will want to miss out on the Talking Justin Bieber doll.

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Introducing The Talking Justin Bieber Doll


Watch Talking Justin Bieber In Action!


Features & Benefits

The Bridge Direct brought the world the first Justin Bieber Singing Doll and now they bring an authentic Talking Justin Bieber doll to Bieber fans. The Talking Justin Bieber doll bears a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber. The Talkin’ Justin Bieber doll features fashions worn by the pop celebrity. Bieber comes with a few accessories like a necklace, laptop and cell phone. Another one of the Talking Bieber dolls includes a stereo headset, microphone, and sunglasses.  Bieber will talk to you with 12 different phrases. For instance, Bieber will make statements, such as “I write all my own songs”, “You look very beautiful!”, “Skip whatever you’re doing and come hang out with me!”, “Singing is definitely my first passion”, “I dressed up for you”, and “I love the energy of being on stage” to name a few. Best of all, this doll features Justin’s unmistakable voice that fans will really appreciate. Fans will also be thrilled that they can even get their idol’s autograph on the packaging.


Why Bieber Fans Will Love It

Bieber fans can’t get enough of their idol, Justin Bieber. What better way to express your love for your idol than to bring him home. If you can’t bring home the real Justin Bieber, this is the next best thing. And by no means is this an ordinary doll. Justin will actually speak to you with pre-recorded phrases featuring Justin Bieber’s real voice! The Bridge Direct has magically brought to life Justin Bieber — in doll form, of course. He’s interactive, so fun to be around and play with. Younger kids will want to play with Bieber while older fans will simply want to collect the doll and display it as a showpiece. They can show it off to all of their friends. Girls will go gaga when they can finally bring home Justin Bieber and let’s not forget Bieber Fever!


How To Play

Playing with Talking Justin Bieber is simple. Kids can engage in imaginative play with their idol, Justin Bieber, like any other doll. If kids press the chest area on the Talking Justin Bieber doll they will activate his speaking ability. Justin Bieber will actually talk to you in his own voice! Isn’t that just so cool! Each Justin Bieber doll features about 12 different phrases to entertain fans. With each press it will activate a different phrase.


Pros and Cons of Talking Justin Bieber


* Bieber doll talks to you!

* Authentic Bieber doll

* Perfect gift for Bieber fans

* Features 12 Different Phrases

* Features Real Justin Bieber Voice

* Features Bieber’s Fashions and Accessories

* Easy To Use and Play With

* 2 Different Talking Bieber dolls to collect

* Justin Bieber’s Autograph included on Package



* Bieber doll doesn’t sing

* True fans will want more than one

* Mouth doesn’t actually move


Talking Justin Bieber Gallery

Talking Justin Bieber loves his fans! He is absolutely dying to talk to them with two new Talking Justin Bieber dolls from The Bridge Direct. Bring home Justin Bieber today!

Talking Justin Bieber Doll

Talking Justin Bieber Doll

Justin Bieber Talking Doll

Justin Bieber Talking Doll

Justin Bieber Talking Doll

Justin Bieber Talking Doll

Where To Buy The Talking Justin Bieber Doll

Amazon has the Talking Justin Bieber dolls in stock! However, stock is extremely limited so act promptly to avoid disappointment! Orders over $25 fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping.


Bottom Line

If the last couple Justin Bieber dolls’ sales serve as any indication, you can expect the Talking Justin Bieber dolls to be gobbled up like hot cakes just like the prior Justin Bieber dolls. Evidently, fans simply love Justin Bieber and all things Justin Bieber. Once Bieber Fever strikes there is simply no stopping it. One thing is almost guaranteed — the Talking Justin Bieber dolls aren’t expected to remain on shelves for long. There are two Talking Justin Bieber dolls to collect and each one features 12 cool phrases featuring Justin Bieber’s signature voice. The Bridge Direct has done a commendable job of capturing the essence of Bieber and he even bears a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber. Bieber is fully accessorized with the latest fashions and accessories to enhance the play or collectible experience. Talking Justin Bieber would serve as a perfect gift for the Bieber fan in your life. True JB fans will want to collect the entire collection of Justin Bieber dolls.

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