Announcing a Disney Princess Toy Subscription Service

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Disney Princess Pleybox

Pley introduces new Disney Princess toy subscription service.

Disney Princess toys have been working wonders for Hasbro. They have contributed to significant growth for the toy company. Now Pley, a subscription-based toy company, has announced a new Disney Princess PleyBox subscription service. The service delivers anywhere between 4-8 official Disney Princess toys, activities, and fashion accessories every other month. The service will run $24.99 for each box. Each princess box will feature a new mystery and surprise for kids.

According to Disney, each box will not only feature toys but a mix of Disney Princess merchandise. So, for example, the first box features a Disney Princess book, role play item, toys and an officially licensed t-shirt. The princess box can be transformed into a castle that kids can decorate and play with. Boxes in the future will also transform but into different objects, such as a boat or carriage.

Disney will be able to promote upcoming films and has a new means of selling its Disney Princess products. The initial princess box features a Beauty and the Beast themed package. And the live-action version of the Beauty and the Beast movie is set to release next month.

The challenge in getting a toy subscription service off the ground is that parents don’t necessarily want to be locked into a monthly service. Pley addresses those concerns by shipping toy boxes every other month rather than every month. It is worth noting that the boxes offer value in being less than it would cost parents to purchase the items separately.

Pley has grown its subscription service to about 150,000 subscribers since 2013. But it faces the challenge of subscriber loss. Even though it’s a challenging business, Pley is not alone. Amazon, the world’s largest e-tailer, recently announced a STEM toy subscription service.

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