CultureFly Unveils Shopkins Subscription Box Service

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Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Danielle

Shopkins Direct

CultureFly announces new partnership with Moose Toys to release new subscription box service, Shopkins Direct.

CultureFly, a popular culture collectible box company, announced a brand-new subscription box service called Shopkins Direct. It’s a new partnership between CultureFly and Moose Toys.

Each subscription box in Shopkins Direct will feature unique Shopkins apparel, accessories, and collectibles that fans can’t find in retail stores.

As most everyone in the toy industry knows – Shopkins is the biggest brand in the world of collectible toys. They still continue to sell like hotcakes and are extremely popular among fans with no signs of slowing down.

Eddie Erani, CultureFly’s CEO, expressed that Moose Toys is a great partner and they are excited to bring great Shopkins related products to consumers.

Each Shopkins Direct subscription box will feature a different theme and will have between six to eight exclusive Shopkins products packed in every box. The launch subscription box of Shopkins Direct will feature a Rainbow Celebration theme for Shopkins’ fans. The Shopkins Direct subscription box service is set to launch in Summer 2017 with boxes shipping on a quarterly basis. Presently, Shopkins Direct is only planned for availability in the United States and Canada. As for pricing of the boxes – they are expected to be around $30 per quarter or about $7 per box.

It appears like the subscription box service trend continues to build up steam and adoption from a variety of toy companies and others affiliated with the toy industry. Now we’ve seen subscription box services for Amazon’s STEM Club, Hasbro Gaming Crate, PleyBox Disney Princess Subscription Box, Loot Crate, Sports Crate, Disney Treasures and Animal Jam Boxes. According to Hasbro’s research, outside of the toy world, these subscription boxes have proven to be very successful with consumers, which is why more and more companies are joining the fray with similar services. It could prove to be a viable business option to bring in additional revenue streams while satisfying consumer’s needs. In any case, it represents another avenue in which to reach the consumer directly.

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