PhatMojo Launches Animal Jam Collectibles

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Last Updated on December 23, 2019 by Danielle

Animal Jam Logo

Animal Jam is a new collectible toy set to launch.

With a deal with WildWorks and PhatMojo, a new line of collectibles toys called Animal Jam will hit the market.

PhatMojo will create a variety of blind bag and non-blind bag collectibles.

The CEO of PhatMojo stated that Animal Jam is awesome and a great fit for its portfolio.

The new line of collectibles will capture the game’s most iconic avatars and popular player customizations.

CEO of WildWorks, Clark Stacey, stated that PhatMojo has done top-notch work and is skilled at creating memorable products that fans are sure to love.

WildWorks and PhatMojo are working on special programs, such as the revenue benefit for companies supporting conservation. This aligns with WildWorks’ mission pertaining to teaching kids to be environmentally responsible.

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