Beyblade Stealth Battlers

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The new Beyblade toys from Hasbro are here! The new Beyblade toys are called Beyblade Stealth Battlers, which are part of the Beyblade XTS (Extreme Top System) line. In case you haven’t heard about Beyblade, they are a spinning top system that allows for explosive battling action. The idea is to pit two Beyblade battlers against one another to see which one can withstand attacks longer and become the undisputed champion of the Beyblade world. The new twist to the Beyblade Stealth Battlers is that they are embedded with stealth weaponry to unleash a wide array of surprise attacks on opponents. One of our favorites — the Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Pegasus Jumper — will perform a surprise jump attack, catching its opponents off guard.  Beyblade Stealth Battlers are collectible toys that are designed for Beyblade fans and boys ages 8 and over. Collect all your favorite Beyblade Stealth Battlers to build your collection. The new Beyblade Stealth Battlers are available now.

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Introducing Beyblade Stealth Battlers


Product Features & Benefits

On the surface, the new Beyblade Stealth Battlers may look like the prior Beyblade toys, but looks can be deceiving. What lies inside of each Beyblade Stealth Battler is stealth weaponry. For example, the Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Tempo Hammer Hit includes hidden hammers that pop out and smash opponents in the heat of battle when it collides with an opponent. This is the new hidden attack feature of the new Beyblade Stealth Battlers that differentiates this toy from ordinary Beyblades. When the tops collide during battle, it activates the hidden attack feature for explosive action-packed battles that you’ve never experienced before. A rip cord launcher is included for launching your Beyblade battler into battle.


Why Boys Are Going To Love It

There are already millions of Beyblade fans who have enjoyed the original Beyblades. The new Beyblade Stealth Battlers take the explosive battling action that fans love to another level with surprise stealth attacks. Each one of the Beyblade Stealth Battler tops has a unique stealth attack that is unleashed after a collision with another battler. Boys will love collecting all of their favorite Beyblade Stealth Battlers because they love these battling tops. Boys will love battling with the various Stealth Battlers to determine which one is the ultimate champion. It truly is a novel concept that fans will love.


How To Play

Playing with the Beyblade Stealth Battlers is simple. Using the included rip cord, players launch their Beyblade Stealth Battler into the Beyblade battle arena (sold separately). Two such battle arena playsets are Beyblade Destroyer Dome and Beyblade Beywheelz. These playsets are slated for a Fall 2012 release. After a collision, the Beyblade Stealth Battlers will reveal their stealth attacks. The last player still spinning is declared the winner of the battle. It’s really simple and incredibly fun!


Beyblade Stealth Battlers Gallery

Meet the new Beyblade Stealth Battlers! Here we present the new Beyblade Stealth Battlers: Beyblade Stealth Battler – Pegasus Jumper, Beyblade Stealth Battler – Striker Drone, Beyblade Stealth Battler – L-Drago Energy Drain, Beyblade Stealth Battler – Cetus Quake, Beyblade Stealth Battler – Tempo Hammer Hit, and Beyblade Stealth Battler –  Kerbecs Blade Blast. Let us know which ones are your favorites!


Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Pegasus Jumper

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Pegasus Jumper features a surprise jump attack to catch opponents off guard. The coolest aspect of this Pegasus Jumper is that it literally jumps as the name suggests. This battler wins many battles thanks to its powerful jumping attack. Tornado Eagle is one battler that can beat Pegasus Jumper. Unlike the other battlers tops, nothing pops out of this Beyblade Stealth Battler. By far, this is our favorite of the new Beyblade Stealth Battlers.

Beyblade Stealth Battlers - PEGASUS JUMPER


Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Striker Drone

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Striker Drone unleashes a Striker Drone for a vicious double attack on opponents. This is one of our personal favorite Beyblade Stealth Battlers.

Beyblade Stealth Battlers - STRIKER DRONE


Beyblade Stealth Battlers – L-Drago Energy Drain

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers – L-Drago Energy Drain features a explosive quake attack. The guards on the L-Drago Energy Drain serve to absorb energy from its opponents.

Beyblade Stealth Battlers - L-DRAGO ENERGY DRAIN


Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Cetus Quake

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Cetus Quake launches an earth-shattering quake attack on unsuspecting opponents when it collides with them. When this Beyblade battler collides with another battler, it tends to lose its stamina rather quickly.


Beyblade Stealth Battlers - CETUS QUAKE


Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Tempo Hammer Hit

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Temp Hammer Hit features a hammer attack as a hidden attack. While the hammer idea is cool from a design perspective, it also acts as a detriment to the battle top, often causing it to stop and lose battles. This seems to defeat the purpose of the battler.

Beyblade Stealth Battlers - TEMPO HAMMER HIT


Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Kerbecs Blade Blast

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers – Kerbecs Blade Blast features secret hidden wings that unleash on opponents when it collides with opponents. While this is a cool feature on paper, the execution falls a bit short. When the wings pop out, the battler stops almost instantaneously. Unfortunately, this kind of defeats the purpose of the battler.


Beyblade Stealth Battlers - KERBECS BLADE BLAST


What Are Beyblade Owners Saying

“Boy toy FUN!”

“About the same BUILD QUALITY and FUNCTIONAL PERFORMANCE that Beyblades are know for.”

“A NEW TWIST on Beyblades.”


Where To Buy Beyblade Stealth Battlers

Amazon has all the Beyblade Stealth Battlers in stock for building your collection. You’ll save compared to retail prices plus orders over $25 are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping.


Bottom Line

The Beyblade Stealth Battlers are a great new twist on the successful Beyblades formula. These new Beyblades are fun and they offer great build quality and performance for the most part.  Clearly, not all Beyblade Stealth Battlers are created equal. There are some designs that are cool in concept but clearly they are lacking in execution. We have presented an unbiased viewpoint to help you in your selection process. Of course, for those true completionist collectors,  you’ll still want to add all of them to your collection. Overall, we’re confident that boys will love this new collection of Beyblades thanks to the new twist with hidden attacks. We don’t hesitate in recommending the Beyblade Stealth Battlers as they deliver pure fun and they are sure to be a hot collectible for the Christmas season.

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