Hasbro Reveals New Line Of Transformers Based On Age Of Extinction

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Transformers Age Of Extinction Grimlock

Hasbro reinvents its Transformers’ line for 2014 to appeal to everyone.

At Toy Fair, Hasbro showed off its new line of Transformers based on the all new movie Transformers: Age Of Extinction.  The movie will debut in theaters on June 27,2014. The Age Of Extinction has a whole new cast led by Mark Wahlberg.  The story is about a truck that needs a friend to save the world. To go with the new movie, there is an entire new line of toys. On display were the new dinosaur robots called the Dinobots. What could be cooler than robot dinosaurs?

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With the appearance of the new toys on the show floor, we know that Slug, Scorn, Strafe, Slash, will be appearing in the new movie. In addition, fans that grew up in the 1980s will recognize that Grimlock is back.

With a new movie coming out this year, after 30 years, Hasbro has decided to reimagine the brand, providing Transformer toys for every age group. The product packaging will feature a bold new logo to go along with the brand rebirth and architecture. The Transformers brand will be spread across multiple platforms including entertainment, games, movies, lifestyle, and toys.

With the new line of toys, Hasbro is listening to consumers for insights. Eric Nyman, Senior Vice President Of Global Marketing, admitted that younger children want new bots, greater value, and most importantly easier transformations. “In the past for a kid to engage with Transformers, he needed to embrace mastery,” says Nyman. Hasbro found this to be too complicated for kids who are just being introduced to the Transformers brand.

To generate interest with the younger consumer ages 2 – 4 there is the Rescue bots which takes on a new form, the Dinobots. Optimus Prime is now Optimus Primal. Transformation from robot to dinosaur is accomplished by simply twisting the torso around. The toys will be rolled out with a new season of the Rescue Bots.

Nyman then demonstrated the new Mega One Step Bumblebee. There is no longer a need to follow complicated instructions. With a simple flip, push, or pull the action figure converts from a robot into a sports car and back. “This goes from mastery to magic,” says Nyman. The figure also comes with a disc launcher. The One Step Changers, Power Battlers, and Flip and Change figures are all designed to make Transformers more appealing to younger children ages 4 – 10.

Hasbro has not forgotten about collectors. For die hard fans, there are the Generations and Platinum lines. There are 73 toys planned in the Generations line broken into the legends, deluxe, voyager, and leader toys.

What do you think about Hasbro’s new direction for this beloved franchise?

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