Highlights From EA Play Press Conference

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What were the best moments from EA’s EA Play E3 Press Conference?

Electronics Arts (EA) held EA Play, its E3 press conference, yesterday kicking off the first day of E3 and unveiling eight upcoming games in its portfolio. Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, reminded us that games are the best form of entertainment on the planet! They inspire us and fuel our inner competitiveness. Their conference focused on playing, creating, and sharing. They showcased hands-on live gameplay demos, teaser trailers, and even a new IP. We’ll summarize some of the major highlights of EA’s press conference.

So what were the major highlights of EA Play?

The biggest surprise that got everyone buzzing surrounded an indie game from EA Origins known as A Way Out. The game is developed by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This was an unexpected breath of fresh air because it is a simple and innovative idea for a game. A Way Out is a two-player game that you can play on the couch or online with a buddy. It will require a second player; it’s not a game where a second player is optional and comes it at any point. The game uses a split-screen mechanic to display the two displays for each player. The action takes place asynchronously so one player can be in a completely different area or even in a cut scene. It’s best described as a story-driven co-op game and you can expect it to be an emotional journey. The game will have a variety of gameplay from exploration to driving to action, keeping things fresh throughout the journey. Some have even called it ‘Prison Break: The Game’ as the first of the game has you finding a way to break out of prison. The cool part is that every scene will offer something new as far as gameplay is concerned. So, for example, in once scene you have to smuggle something in with the laundry cart. And the best part is you can complete the challenges in a number of ways. The producer was clearly extremely excited and passionate to deliver this new experience to gamers, saying it’s going to ‘kick @ss’! Others in the industry have called it ‘absolutely stunning’. It’s definitely one to keep an eye out for as the game looks really exciting and refreshing based on the initial trailer and the gameplay trailer.

As expected, Star Wars Battlefront II was the main highlight of EA’s press conference. Clearly, EA saved the best for last. EA Dice’s developers received a ton of positive and constructive criticism on the first game, Star Wars Battlefront. Fans had been dying for a story mode and EA listened and delivered for fans. Battlefront II will feature a single-player story mode, featuring an untold Star Wars story set between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It gives players a fresh new perspective and now you can play as your favorite Star Wars characters. The developers made it clear they have been listening and they delivered what fans want and more. In addition, the new game will feature a whopping three times the content of the first game! Multiplayer will be a main draw for fans with more weapons, ships, characters, space battles, and customization than ever before! It’s more, more, more of everything! All three Star Wars eras will be featured in the game, there will be new techniques, the weapons are reworked from scratch, and overall the experience feels much better than the first Battlefront. John Boyega, who is a massive Battlefront fan and who tweeted the tweet heard ’round the world, announced that Finn and Phasma will be playable in Battlefront II. What probably surprised most gamers is that EA will be offering loads of free additional content to download after the game has been released in November so players can play for years to come. Players love the class-based gameplay and the 20-on-20 multiplayer matches in beautiful massive Star Wars worlds. It’s freakin’ awesome! The game really showcases the developers’ love for the Star Wars franchise this time around and demonstrated that this one is for the fans!

Lastly, other highlights include Bioware’s new IP Anthem, Madden 18: Longshot will feature a story mode for the first time reminiscent of Friday Night Lights, and Need For Speed: Payback will take the series in a fresh new direction adding action driving fantasy to the formula. Madden 18 will be the most innovative Madden in over a decade. FIFA 18 will be fueled by Cristiano Ronaldo’s data captures. Players will be able to experience dynamic moments in the greatest atmospheres. Finally, NBA Live 18 looks to be a return to form for the struggling franchise with a major graphical overhaul featuring visuals on par with the NBA 2K series. The game will feature brand new innovative controls using the dual analog sticks. It remains to be seen how fluidly the game plays with this new control scheme and whether or not it’s innovation that makes a real impact.

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