Is the All Controller the Holy Grail of Controllers?

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Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Danielle

All Controller

The All Controller lets gamers replace all of their controllers across multiple platforms with just one universal controller.

So you own a couple of videogame systems – ranging from the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, to Nintendo Switch, tablets, cellphones and more? What if you could use one controller to play games on any of those platforms? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well now the All Controller, a new Kickstarter project, it promises to allow you to do just that with the world’s first universal controller gamepad that works seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Imagine only having to charge one controller and being able to play all your favorite games with just one functional and comfortable controller. That may seem like a dream but the creators at Digital Depth, Inc. are making it a reality. Who wants to have a stash of controllers lying around their game room anyway? That’s not cool and this will help directly address that common problem that gamers face.

The coolest part is that the controller would even work on compatible iPhones, iPads, Android, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Apple TV, and even PC. That’s practically support for every gaming gadget on the planet. Impressive, right? It’s somewhat surprising that nobody has thought of this brilliant concept before until now. Eventually, the company has plans to even bring compatibility to the Nintendo Switch.

The other advantage with the All Controller is that you don’t have to get accustomed to different controller layouts. And the aligned dual analog sticks are sweet! I never could figure out why companies – won’t name any names – would misalign the analog sticks. It almost seems counter-intuitive. Well, whatever … the All Controller nails that part of the design.

The form factor of the controller looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the Xbox One’s controller. It looks like they are drawing inspiration from Nintendo and Microsoft. The aligned analog sticks appear to have taken a cue from Sony PlayStation’s Dual Shock 4.

But what everyone is probably wondering is how does the All Controller feel? This is perhaps the most crucial question, especially if you are going to be playing with it across multiple platforms. The size and shape are similar in nature to the Switch Pro Controller and Xbox One controllers, plus you get the intuitively aligned dual analog sticks of the PS4. It’s about just as lightweight and comfortable as any of the next generation console game controllers on the market. The team hasn’t skimped on quality either. This thing feels like a quality piece of hardware unlike many third-party controllers that feel really cheap. The great news is that it feels great to play with the All Controller and it’s really appealing to be able to not have to worry about that stack of game controllers for every system you own. You could literally build a mountain of game controllers with all of the game controllers I own. What an ugly sight to behold! This is so simple and elegant and, most importantly, it works as promised.

A unique feature that differentiates the All Controller from most controllers out on the market is its LCD screen. So you’re probably wondering – what does this thing do and what is its purpose? The user interface is displayed on here so you can select what platform you’re currently using. Maybe in a future iteration it could somehow automatically detect what platform it is connected to streamlining the platform selection process. The best part? It seamlessly connects and disconnects from one system to the next without pulling out your hair. You can even use it to customize the gamepad – adjust joystick sensitivity, invert axes, or change your button configuration to your exact liking. The cool part is you can even save different controller profiles that can be accessed later.

But wait! You won’t be able to buy the All Controller just yet. As of now, this dream controller is a Kickstarter project attempting to raise $75K to fund the controller’s development. UPDATE: The team has already exceeded its goal and it will be developed. Preorders are being accepted now. If you pledge your support, you could gain access to an Early Bird version, which features a wireless All Controller along with a USB dongle. Now for the bad news – it probably won’t be available until March 2018. But, honestly, although it’s not perfect, this is the Holy Grail of gaming controllers for now and it’s sure to spawn a bunch of copycats. It’s a real game changer that brilliantly overcomes the lack of a common wireless standard for game controllers into an elegant and simple universal design that makes your life simpler. And, I can’t speak for you – but simpler is better!

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