Sony PlayStation 4 Sales Soar To 35 Million

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Sony PS4

Sony is selling record numbers of PS4s with 35 million sold so far.

Sony has sold more than 35.9 million units of the Sony PlayStation 4 entertainment console as of the end of 2015. The PS4 has become Sony’s fastest selling system in the history of the PlayStation brand – outpacing even the star-performing PS2. The Japanese electronics juggernaut is showcasing its dominance over rivals Microsoft and Nintendo in the videogame industry.

During the holiday season, Sony sold 5.7 million units. It appears that Sony benefited from the PS4 price cuts prior to the holidays and its strong pipeline of games coming up in 2016. Uncharted 4 is one of the most highly-anticipated titles for the PS4. Surprisingly, gaming has been one of Sony’s stronger business units, as the company has been quick to release metrics around its success. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been very quite over the sales of the Xbox One, the PS4’s main competitor.

As of November 2013, Microsoft stated it sold 10 million units and Nintendo has sold 10.7 million units as of September 30. With there aren’t many PS4 games for kids, Sony continues to beat Nintendo. According to estimates the combined sales of PS4 and Xbox One stand around the neighborhood of 55 million. With that in mind, that would put Sony at 35.9 million units versus 19.1 million units for the Xbox One.

As you can see Sony is widening the sales gap and absolutely crushing Microsoft in the next generation console wars by almost a 2-to-1 margin. Another important point to note is that this selling rate is 50% faster than the prior console cycle (PS3/Xbox 360). The bottom line is that gaming consoles are selling faster than anyone expected in the Western world.

Has Sony built an insurmountable lead and sealed a win for this generation of the console wars? One thing is for certain, Sony has a huge lead, a good product, and is a marketing powerhouse (“Greatness Awaits” campaign). But ultimately who will deliver the big games and exclusives to be declared the ultimate champion of the console wars? Can Microsoft score a huge upset in this console cycle and can Sony outsell the original Nintendo Wii? The saga continues ….

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