Ubisoft Debuts New Starlink Toys-To-Life at E3 2017

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Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Ubisoft announced it is getting into the toy-to-life game with Starlink.

At E3 2017, the gaming industry’s biggest show, Ubisoft revealed it is entering the toys-to-life market with a new property known as Starlink: Battle For Atlas. Ubisoft will be joining Activision’s Skylanders, Lego’s Lego Dimensions, Nintendo’s Amiibos and Tomy’s Lightseekers. This is in the wake of Disney Infinity dropping out of the toy-to-life market altogether. This move leaves us wondering whether the toys-to-life market is still viable and whether some new innovation can reinvigorate the market.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is a new action-packed space adventure. Players have to assemble and build a Starship figure attached to your controller. The toy figures will be compatible with all three controllers – Nintendo Switch‘s Joy-Con, Sony PlayStation‘s Dual Shock, and Xbox One‘s controller.  Players will have to lead a group of space pilots and overcome evil in order to save the galaxy and bring it together. Will you be able to adapt and overcome the Legion, a force that consumes everything in its path? Prepare for the challenge of your life.

The cool part is you can customize your Starship in a number of different ways and you can collect and make parts either physically or digitally. Players can interchange pilots, hulls, wings, and even weapons to create your customized Starship. Clearly, this helps to distinguish this toys-to-life experience from those of its competitors.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas, developed by Ubisoft, features seven unique worlds to explore with an engrossing story line. The game and toys were announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One videogame consoles. Will this new innovation in the toys-to-life market lead to success for Ubisoft? Starlink: Battle For Atlas is not expected for release until Fall 2018.

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