Lego Dimensions Expands In 2016

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Lego Dimensions

New Ghost Busters, DC Comics, Dr, Who, Back to the Future, and Ninjago expansion packs are now available.

Warner Brothers is releasing 5 new expansion packs for Lego Dimensions on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U. The packs will be based on the Ghostbusters, DC Comics, Doctor Who, Back To The Future, and Lego Ninjago. While it is early, kids might want to already add their favorite packs to their top toys for Christmas 2021 list.

In each pack, kids will get buildable characters, vehicles, and gadgets related to each theme. Each expansion pack will unlock its own world, but all of the expansion packs can be used anywhere in the game to create fun mashups that never existed in real life.

Lego Dimensions is a toys to life game that follows in the footsteps of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Kids can purchase different packs that include characters from different worlds with everything from Batman To Scooby Doo. These characters and buildable toys can be transported into the game. In our review, we called Lego Dimensions one of the best PS4 games for kids and one of the best Xbox One games for kids.

Lego Dimensions brings popular universes together inside of a video game. This year Lego is trying to build on the success of last year’s game with new universes that kids can play in. Along with their awesome new Lego sets, Lego remains committed to injecting life into its Lego Dimensions series through 2016 and beyond.

Here’s a summary of the different expansion packs.

Ghostbusters Level Pack

With the Ghostbuster pack, kids get a buildable Peter Venkman minifigure, Proton Pack, Ecto-1 and Ghost Trap. The different elements can be used to complete the Ghost Busters themed adventure called A Spook Central Adventure. Kids can use a laser deflector, trap ghosts, and more.

The Ecto 1 can be changed into a Ecto-1 Blaster or Water Diver. The Ghost Trap can change from a trap to a Proton Zapper. There was a trailer released that showed off the various elements of Ghost Busters expansion pack. Just like the movie, kids will have to save New York City from a giant marshmallow man. The pack will also allow kids to play as one of the Ghost Busters and explore various scenes from the movie.

DC Comics Fun Pack

The DC pack will bring various elements of the Joker and Harley Quinn into the game. Kids will be able to use some of their signature moves, unlocking new areas in the game. Kids can also send in Joker’s Copter and Harley Quinn’s vehicle after building them. The vehicles have alternate builds for even more fun.

Doctor Who Cyberman Fun Pack

Fans of Dr. Who can look forward to an expansion pack that features a buildable Cyberman and Dalek. Kids can bring the humanoid drone to life in the game using mind control, hacking, and X-ray vision to destroy enemies. Kids can rebuild the Dalek into two different forms.

Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack

Who doesn’t love Doc Brown? With the Back To The Future pack, kids get to bring in Doc Brown into the game. After bringing the mad scientist to life in the game, kids can use him to solve puzzles in the game. There’s also a Traveling Time Train that can be built into two other vehicles including a Flying Time Machine and Missile Blast Train.

LEGO Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack

The Ninjago pack features a buildable Sensie Wu minfigure and a dragon that has 3 buildable forms including a Flying White Dragon, Golden Fire Dragon, and Ultra Destruction Dragon.

What is your favorite new expansion pack?

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