Madballs Returns With New Toys and YouTube Content

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Madballs makes its return with a new toy launch and new YouTube content.

Madballs, the 1980s toy sensation, returns with the launch of new toys and YouTube content for 2017.

The new Madballs toys will launch at all major mass retailers through a partnership with Just Play. WildBrain will manage the Madballs YouTube channel and create new original content in an effort to build the audience for the Madballs brand.

Some may remember Madballs as a retro brand that experienced much success in the 1980s. Now in 2017 Madballs is returning with new toys and entertainment.

The Madballs YouTube channel will launch beginning March 1 and it will feature short animated videos. These videos will star six primary characters from Madballs – Skull Face, Oculus, Screamin’ Meemie, Dust Brain, Horn and Head and Slobulus. The new content from WildBrain will feature a mix of live-action, stop-motion, and classic animation.

The YouTube channel and content are strategically aligned with the launch of the new Madballs toys.

These cartoons prove that nobody can do burping and farting in such a hilarious way except Madballs. The new Madballs animated shorts will appeal to original fans as well as a new generation of kids.

Jon Benoy, Head of Sales at WildBrain, said in a statement that the Madballs brand has great brand awareness and WildBrain is excited to be able to relaunch the brand on a digital platform for today’s kids.

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