New Crayola Color Blaster Includes AR Tech

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Last Updated on December 23, 2019 by Danielle

Crayola Color Blaster Logo

Legacy Games releases Color Blaster with Augmented Reality.

Legacy Games, a design and development studio, is relaunching Crayola Color Blaster. This new arts and crafts toy will feature a brand new storyline and the pack will be called Paint My Dragon.

The companion augmented reality game for Crayola Color Blaster will feature a new arcade mode and the original zombie story complimentary. Paint My Dragon will be available as an in-app purchase.

Crayola Color Blaster was initially created under the Google App Incubator Program in November 2016. This app was a Tango-enabled application.

The CEO of Legacy Games, Ariella Leher, expressed how thrilled they are having collaborated with both Crayola and Google in creating an innovative children’s app.

According to Leher, Crayola Color Blaster is one of the first kid’s apps demonstrating how technology allows for new, exciting play patterns. The game meshes both coloring and tagging. Your mobile device needs to know its position in relation to its surroundings.
With the Crayola Color Blaster app, life-sized virtual characters, like dragons, can chase players in the room. Kids need to walk around to get away from characters wanting to ‘crunch’ their colors.

Warren Shorr, a VP of business development and licensing at Crayola stated that Crayola inspires creativity through color and innovative play patterns. And Shorr expressed how delighted the company is to partner with Legacy Games. He noted that the new app is fun and engaging for all kids.

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