Nintendo’s Innovative Nintendo Labo Launches Today, First Impressions

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Nintendo Labo

Nintendo’s innovative cardboard accessory kits for Nintendo Switch launched at retail today. A Variety Kit launches for $70, while a Robot Kit retails for $80.

Nintendo just launched its long-anticipated Nintendo Labo kits today – April 20, 2018. It has two models available: the Variety Kit retailing for $70 and the Robot Kit for $80 at most big box retailers as well as online. Labo introduces innovative gameplay possibilities with your Switch along with these cardboard creation kits. A Nintendo Switch is required in order to enjoy the Labo experience. According to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, “Nintendo Labo broadens the possibilities of Nintendo Switch.”

Nintendo Labo

The kits allow you to build a variety of cardboard creations from a fishing rod to motorbike handles and functional piano while another kit features a visor and backpack that transforms you into a robot. It offers an innovative blend of building and gaming to create an interactive experience unlike anything else you’ve seen or played before. Fundamentally, it changes the way we look at traditional consoles and what constitutes a video game. Labo is best described as a mix of LEGO, motion-controlled fun, and gaming. It is like a fusion of arts and crafts, STEM, toys, and gaming.

Nintendo Labo

So how does Labo work? First, you build your cardboard creations with video instructions presented on the Switch console. Users have to fold and cut out cardboard pieces to assemble pre-determined designs. Then you are ready to begin playing with it. Your cardboard creations are called Toy Con and you place your Joy Cons in the cardboard creations in order to register movement within the various games. The Toy Cons interact with the games in one way or another.

Nintendo Labo

So, for instance, reeling in your fish with the physical cardboard fishing rod translates to reeling actions on the screen. Another example uses the Joy Con’s rumble feature to make your creation move. Yet another one has you controlling motorbike handles to steer the bike in the game. Kids can even play a working miniature piano! What’s cool? A player’s motions are translated into immersive gameplay experiences on-screen. It seamlessly blends physical and digital play to create a unique experience while broadening the appeal of Nintendo Switch to a younger audience.

Although the games are very basic at this early stage, it’s a great start and we look forward to future kits and games that can hold your interest for more than just a few hours at a time. Adding a dash of friendly competitiveness would certainly be a welcome addition. With Nintendo Labo it is cool to see the cardboard transformed into creations that can be used in fun, interactive gameplay experiences. This is an exciting start of playing consoles in a brand new way, and we’re excited for what the future holds for this promising and innovative product.

So what do our readers think of Nintendo Labo? We encourage you to share your experiences with others.

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