Spin Master Files Patent Infringement Case Against Mattel

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Bakugan vs. Mecard

Spin Master claims Mattel’s Mecard new toy line infringes on the patented mechanism used in its Bakugan line. However, this claim has not yet been proven in court.

Canadian toy maker Spin Master has filed a patent infringement case against toy giant Mattel for allegedly infringing on its patented mechanism used in its Bakugan toy line.

The toys in question are Mattel’s new Mecard transforming line. Spin Master is seeking compensation from Mattel over allegedly infringing on its patent. Furthermore, Spin Master is looking to obtain an injunction from the court that prevents Mattel from continuing to use their patented system.

This is a high stakes battle between Spin Master and Mattel. Spin Master is also seeking compensation for losses in revenue as a direct consequence of Mattel launching the Mecard line on the market.

Based on court documents: “Spin Master will suffer and is suffering irreparable harm from Mattel’s infringement of Spin Master’s patents due to, among other things, lost business opportunities, lost market share, and price erosion.”

Mattel has not yet officially responded to these allegations with the U.S. district court.

Bakugan toys first debuted in 2007 alongside the Japanese-Canadian anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers with worldwide sales topping $1 billion.

With a reboot of the anime series in the works for 2019/2020, Spin Master announced plans last year to refresh the Bakugan brand.

According to Spin Master’s claims, it states that Mattel launched the Mecard toy line in late March or early April in the US. Further, it stated that this toy line was made available in South Korea prior to the U.S. launch.

According to Spin Master, Mattel’s Mecard line of toys infringe upon a US patent from 2013 and another patent from January 2018. It is important to note that as of present time, none of these claims have been officially proven in a court of law.

Source: Toy News

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