Target Issues Recall For Half a Million Easter Toys

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Easter Grow Toy Hatch & Grow Easter Egg Hatch Your Own Dino Egg

Target recalls over 560,000 expanding Easter toys that pose a severe health risk if ingested.

Check the goodies in your children’s Easter baskets. Target Corp. issued a recall for over half a million Easter toys sold at its retail stores. Two products – Hatch & Grow Easter Egg and Easter Grow Toy, and Hatch Your Own Dino are among the Easter toys being recalled. These are water-absorbing and expanding toys that could be deadly. These products allegedly pose a serious health risk to kids if ingested.

According to a toy recall notice issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), because these toys significantly expand after absorbing water, if a child were to ingest one of these toys, it could expand inside the child’s body, resulting in potentially blocked intestines. Furthermore, vomiting and dehydration could occur and in the worst case, surgery may even be required to remove the toy. In fact, according to the marketing on the package, the Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs expand up to 600% of its original size.

Again, the toy recall impacts the following products: Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs, Easter Grow Toys, and Hatch Your Own Dinos. These products were sold nationwide in the US at Target retail stores between February and March 2017. Approximately 560,000 toys are impacted by this recall.

CPSC has advised parents to discontinue use of the toy immediately and return your Target purchase to your local retail store for a full refund as Target is participating in this recall.

Surprisingly, this is not the first toy that expands with water to cause an issue. Back in 2012, Water Balz, an expanding ball toy, grew several inches when water was added. An 8-month-old infant accidentally swallowed the ball, blocking her intestines. Eventually, she required surgery to remove the toy. Ultimately, this incident caused the toy to be recalled. There was another incident in 2013 where bead toys that expand were also recalled due to their potential to cause intestinal obstructions after being swallowed. And in 2015, small expanding bead toys could potentially get stuck in a child’s ear, causing permanent hearing loss.

With all of these related issues to water expanding toys, toy manufacturers need to be extra cautious to ensure the safety of our children is a top priority before releasing these products to market. Likewise, as parents become more educated about these types of dangerous toys, we need to be cognizant that such toys exist and make more educated purchases to proactively ensure our children’s safety. As always, Toy Buzz will continue keep you abreast on all toy product recall news to ensure the safety of your child.

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