TIA Identifies Toy Trends For 2014

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Toy Industry Association

The Toy Industry Association identifies the latest trends in kids’ toys.

The Toy Fair is probably every kid’s dream. The toys on display at the show will be on toy shelves by the end of the year. There is something for everyone. The toys on display come at every price point. At a recent seminar, “Toy Trends Tea,” The Toy Industry Association, (TIA), has identified 6 of the hottest trends for the toys hitting the shelves later this year.

Here are the 6 trends that the TIA has identified.

Super Sized Toys: In the past we have seen a shift to smaller micro sized toys. In 2014, toy makers are creating super sized toys. These large toys make the perfect gift and are affordably priced despite their large size.

R/C Vehicles: There are a ton of different R/C vehicles on display at the show. From helicopters, to animals-themed vehicles, to licensed vehicles these remote controlled vehicles will allow kids to put the pedal to the metal.

Educational Toys: Educational toys have always been popular. This year we will see more toys in the science and arts category. Toy Companies are creating meaningful stories around these products to make learning fun.

Zombie/Monster Inspired Toys:  With the Walking Dead and other pop culture references to zombies and monsters, these undead figures are making their way to the toy isle.

Retro Toys:  Remember the toys that you used to play with as a kid. They are back. Retro toys were big in 2013 and 2014 will be no different. It’s a great way for parents and children to bond.

Personalized Toys:  Today personalization is all the rage. It’s one of the reasons construction sets are so popular. This year the ability to customize your toys will expand across the entire toy spectrum from board games to fashion dolls.

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