WowWee Freezes Sales of Fake Fingerlings

Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Danielle

Fingerlings - Real vs. Fake

WowWee is vigilantly cracking down on counterfeit Fingerlings sales, protecting its brand and consumers.

The Fingerlings were one of the hottest toys last year. Kids loved these miniature interactive pets with a fun sense of humor. After the enormous success of the Fingerlings on the market, many counterfeit Fingerlings began flooding the market attempting to capitalize on the hot toy trend.

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But WowWee, the company behind the Fingerlings, is vigilantly protecting its intellectual property by cracking down on these counterfeit Fingerlings, which ultimately hurt its business as well as consumers. In fact, WowWee has already filed federal lawsuits against 165 sellers who have violated WowWee’s rights by selling fake copycat Fingerlings in the United States.

At present time, WowWee has been awarded with a short-term restraining order by the U.S. District Court, freezing storefronts and assets of these aforementioned 165 sellers in question.

Richard Yanofsky, WowWee’s CEO, said in a statement: “WowWee operates under a Zero Tolerance Policy and is dedicated to protecting our customers and will continue to aggressively pursue counterfeiters manufacturing and selling unauthorized Fingerlings product. We are so proud of this new toy line and want to ensure our customers can buy with confidence, without fear of purchasing harmful or illegitimate items.”

WowWee and its legal team have jointly devised a worldwide counterfeit system to protect its rights with the Fingerlings brand. WowWee has developed a global education and training program in an effort to properly determine whether the Fingerlings are real or fake. Can you tell whether your Fingerlings are REAL or FAKE?

What do our readers think about these counterfeit Fingerlings? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: ToyNews

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