ABC’s The Toy Box Announces Winning Toy

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Artsplash 3D Light Art

3D Liquid Art was announced as the winning toy of ABC’s hit reality TV show, The Toy Box.

Background on Show

ABC’s show The Toy Box was an interesting reality TV experiment that aired from April 7, 2017 – May 19, 2017. It was a fascinating toy competition between toy inventors competing to earn a contract with Mattel, one of the world’s biggest toy manufacturers. The winning toy would be produced, manufactured, and sold by Mattel exclusively at Toys R Us.

Each week toy inventors would come on the show to showcase their imaginative and creative toy inventions to mentors and judges. In the first round, they would have to earn the majority vote from the three “mentor” judges. The show was hosted by Eric Stonestreet. The mentor judging panel was comprised of Jim Silver, Dylan Lauren, and Jen Ten. Jim Silver is a toy guru from TTPM, Dylan Lauren is the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and Jen Tan is a Creative Director of Consumer Products at Pixar. The second round of judging was performed by the toy experts themselves – the kid judges – Sophia Grace, Aalyrah, Toby, and Noah.

Each week the judging panel would test, deliberate, and hand-pick the single best toy of the week to move onto the finals and one step closer to winning a contract with Mattel.

7 Finalists Narrowed Down to 3 Finalists

After weeks of heated debate, deliberation, and hands-on play testing, the playing field was narrowed to just seven of the best toys to appear on the show. The seven finalists were Arya Ball, My Ballerina Doll, Lightbox Terrier, Chromotag, Wiggies, Candy Crusher, 3D Liquid Art.

On the season finale, the judges each had to eliminate one toy from the seven finalists, leaving the final three competitors. Arya Ball, My Ballerina Doll, Chromotag, and Wiggies were all eliminated.

I was surprised that Arya Ball was eliminated as I believed it had a real shot at winning or at the very least making the top three. Also, I was caught by surprise when Tubelox was shockingly eliminated as that LEGO-like, life-sized construction toy that you could ride looked like a real strong frontrunner to win the entire show.

Ultimately, the final three toys that remained in the competition were 3D Liquid Art, Lightbox Terrier, and Candy Crusher! There were many great toys featured on the show, but only one could win! But which toy would be crowned the champion after weeks of intense competition and win that elusive once-in-a-lifetime dream contract with Mattel?

And the winner is …

After weeks of deliberation, debate, and play testing, the winner of The Toy Box and the toy securing an exclusive contract with Mattel is 3D Liquid Art. As part of the deal with Mattel, the toy will be sold exclusively at Toys R Us retail stores nationwide as well as online at Shortly, after the season finale aired, Toy R Us’s website revealed the new winning toy as Artsplash 3D Liquid Art, which will retail for $24.99. Once I had seen 3D Liquid Art in action, I immediately thought it was an instant hit. It was cool, fun, and refreshingly new. I had never seen anything quite like it before. It was truly a culmination of hard work, ingenuity, and innovation at work.

Artsplash 3D Liquid Art allows kids to create a wonderful world of colorful 3D art with just water! The colors can be mixed to create any color you can imagine. Once you have your colors mixed, you’re ready to use the special water pen to add colored water into six different designs. The best part, you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination! After you’re finished playing, simply wipe the sheet clean and gear up for more creative fun! Expand the fun, creativity, and excitement with accessory packs with new stencils and an additional color dye, sold separately.

Mattel’s designers collaborated with the creator of 3D Liquid Art, Ryan Stewart, to ensure the toy’s safety and finalize the design for kids. They even decided on the final name – Artsplash 3D Liquid Art. Once they had the design in place, The Chem Lab and Engineering teams had to perform various tests for toxicity as well as drop tests to ensure the durability of the toy. Then it was onto manufacturing to determine how to mass produce the toy for distribution across Toys R Us retail stores nationwide. It was quite an amazing and eye-opening journey to see the toy go through the competition at The Toy Box and eventually land on store shelves.

Mattel even had a few surprises in store for fans of the show. While the show only announced one winning toy, there were two other designs chosen from the show that will also be brought to life by Mattel. The first was known as Candy Crusher, which is now known as Sweet Shaper. You may recall that this tool magically transforms candy into incredible designs from a unicorn, butterfly and even a functioning whistle. It’s the perfect gift for the sweet tooth! The second surprise was that the game Noisy Persons is also being brought to life. This creative card game can be played by all ages and it is a game where you have cards with various quotes from movies and pop culture. Kids have to create their best voice-over of how that character would sound. A judge determines who is the winner. It’s a fantastic game that inspires creativity and sparks the imagination and it instantly caught our attention. Both of these toys are expected to be released in June 2017. On behalf of the staff at Toy Buzz, we’d like to extend our congratulations to the winning toy and its creator Ryan Stewart and to all the toys making their way to toy shelves near you! Now we’ll have to wait and see whether any of these toys make our annual Top Toys for Christmas list. Look for it coming later this year right before the holidays!

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