Awesome DC Comics Toys Revealed At NY Toy Fair 2016

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DC Icons

With the new lineup of DC toys, comic book fans have a lot to be excited for.

A new swath of DC Comics toys were revealed at the 2016 NY Toy Fair in New York this past weekend, reports The new lineup is pretty awesome featuring DC Icons, DC Cinematic Universe, Harley Quinn Collection, DC Animated, and the Designer Series. The new lineup of toys is sure to make any comic book fan’s holiday wishlist.

DC Icons

The DC Icons line captures the essence of iconic heroes – Darkseid, “Dark Genesis” Swamp Thing, “Judas Contract” Deathstroke, and “Amazo Virus” Wonder Woman. These highly detailed and posable action figures will retail for $28 and will be available in September 2016. The line is expanding with deluxe figures. Darkseid will be available as a 12-inch deluxe figure and will be packaged together with Grail, Darkseid’s daughter, for $100 in October 2016. Additionally, a deluxe “Forever Evil” Cyborg with swappable arms and a power generator will retail for $45 and be available in September 2016. Perhaps one of the coolest additions to the line is Batgirl. This will be a deluxe version of Batgirl with a slick purple motorcycle for $60 and will be available in November 2016. The DC Icons line will also add accessory packs for figures that have previously been released.

DC Cinematic Universe

DC Collectibles unveiled a new line based on DC’s films in theaters. The figures from DC Cinematic Universe will be based on Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad. Batman vs. Superman will be represented by Armored Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor. Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor will retail for $45 apiece while Batman will be $50. Batman and Superman will be available in September and Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor will be available in November 2016. Man of Steel will be represented by General Zod, Faora, and Jor-El and Suicide Squad will be represented by Harley Quinn and El Diablo. Harley Quinn and El Diablo will retail $45. Zod, Faora, and Jor-El will retail for $45 and are expected in stores in September 2017.

Harley Quinn Collection

Harley Quinn will have her own 6.75-inch action figures. Harley will be featured in a variety of costumes. There will be a Classic Harley, Holiday Harley, Retro Spacesuit Harley, and a Superhero Harley.

DC Animated

Many fan favorites will be making their way to the DC Animated lineup of toys. There will be amazing figures based on Batman Beyond and The New Batman Adventures. One highlight is the Tales of the Dark Knight 3-pack, which will retail for $70 and be available in October 2016. A 5-pack of female heroines and villains, Girls Night Out, will be available for $80 in September. This set will include Batgirl and Supergirl. Another major highlight is the massive and impressive 36-inch long Batwing. This vehicle features real working headlights and seats two figures.

Designer Series

The Designer Series will feature Darwyn Cook Green Lantern, Greg Capullo Aquaman, and Darwyn Cook Catwoman. These figures attempt to capture the art styles and designs of DC Comics artists. Some of the surprises included Greg Capullo Jim Gordan (Batman) and his mechanized Batsuit. And let’s not forget the fantastic 6.75-inch Jim Lee Blueline Edition Superman, which will retail for $40 and be available in July 2016. This figure looks like a 3-dimensional sketch of Superman.

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