Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys 2022

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Hydro Flask Water BottleHydro Flask Water Bottlecheck price

While this might look like a regular water bottle, it is vacuum-insulated. Thanks to its double-wall insulation, the Hydroflask is designed to keep both your hot coffee warm and your cold juice cool for a few hours. You can use it to stay hydrated at the gym or keep you warm on cold mornings.

Capture the Flag REDUXAges 8+Capture the Flag REDUXcheck price

Who doesn’t love capture the flag? What do you get when you take the fun of capture the flag and turn out the lights? It’s Capture the Flag Redux. In this modern spin of this classic game, players must steal glowing orbs. With LED boundary markers and glowing flags, it’s like playing a video game. Playing in the dark adds a whole other layer of strategy.

SpikeballSpikeballcheck price

Grab a team of three players and head to the beach to play this fun spin on the game of volleyball. With rules similar to volleyball, players spike the ball back and forth on a low trampoline-shaped net.

Watermelon BallAges 14+Watermelon Ballcheck price

No this is not a basketball or a watermelon. But it’s a ball shaped like a watermelon. Bring this ball out at your next pool party and it is likely to be the center of attention. The coolest part? It can be dribbled on land and even passed around underwater.

Kubb Viking ClashKubb Viking Clashcheck price

Kubb Viking Clash plays just like Kubb and is, hands-down, the best outdoor family game. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy — even young ones. Players toss a wooden dowel to be the first to knock over all of their rival’s wooden blocks, including the King. It’s like a mixture of horseshoes and chess and it’s super fun for 2 vs. 2 play. GoSports offers both regulation and backyard versions, which vary in size and price. You’ll need a spacious area to play. A convenient storage case lets you take it on the go.

Kan JamKan Jamcheck price

Going outside just got a lot more fun with Kan Jam. It’s sort of like soccer with Frisbees. Teams of 2 take turns throwing the disc at the can. The goal? Try to hit the can on your own or with an assist from your teammate. If you manage to throw the disc through the slot in the can, it’s an instant win!

Bottle BashBottle Bashcheck price

Bottle Bash is a 2-on-2 outdoor game that has players throwing a Frisbee to knock off a bottle on a post. It’s not as easy as you think, especially when you’re at a minimum distance of 20-feet away. Your team’s goal is to knock off the bottle, while the defending team attempts to catch the disc and bottle if you hit it. You can easily keep score with the score-keeping slider on each pole.

RampShotRampShotcheck price

RampShot is like cornhole on steroids for 4 players. Instead of bean bags and a small hole, players use bouncing rubber balls and the hole is widened. It’s a team-based game where your teammate attempts to catch the ball that bounces off the surface, while the opposing team attempts to catch a rebound. It’s a simple concept but loads of fun. Rounds go by fairly quickly and only 3 players are active per round.

Tiki Toss GameTiki Toss Gamecheck price

Your fun loving 13 year old boy will want to play one more round of this unique party game. The object of the game is to swing the ring on the hook. It’s sounds simple and boring, but it’s so addictive. Like hitting the bull’s-eye, there is no better feeling in the world than getting the ring on the hook.

Topps 2021 Baseball Complete SetAges 6+Topps 2021 Baseball Complete Setcheck price

Does he love collecting baseball cards? It’s always fun to check out which players you get inside and the stats on the other side. If they’re obsessed with card collecting, they’ll probably love receiving this complete set for the holidays. This set contains 660 cards from Series 1 and 2 plus 5 exclusive variation Rookie Cards.

Tune Belt ArmbandTune Belt Armbandcheck price

If you love working and using your phone at the same time, this armband is a must have fitness accessory. It’s perfect for the gym or when you go out jogging. Made out of neoprene, it securely fits around your arm. Instead of holding your phone while you are doing squats, you can slide your phone in here. The best part? Even if you have a bulky case, it will fit inside.

FlipBeltFlipBeltcheck price

For those that love working out with their phone, the Flipbelt is the most comfortable way to exercise with your phone. The case protects the phone while giving you access to the screen and all the buttons.

Alfamo Cooling TowelAlfamo Cooling Towelcheck price

After we get done exercising, most of us want to step into a freezer. Simply wrap this cooling towel around your neck to cool off more quickly. It is made of a special material that slows down the rate of evaporation when it is wet. The best part? Unlike other cooling towels, this one stays soft when it is dry. It will make you want to work out a little longer.

TRIBE Armband Case for iPhoneTRIBE Armband Case for iPhonecheck price

The best way to workout with your phone and listen to your music is with Tuneband. It securely fastens your iPhone to your arm while at the same time giving you direct access to all the buttons on the phone. No matter how intense your workout, it’s designed so it won’t slide down your arm. It also works on Galaxy phones.

Fitbit Inspire HRFitbit Inspire HRcheck price

The Fitbit is the best known fitness tracker to track your physical activity on a daily basis and over time. Now you can wear one on your wrist with this smartwatch. He will want to track all his activity whether he is at the baseball game or with friends. It allows him to track everything from the amount of steps he has taken to how many calories he has burned. Managing your health and fitness couldn’t be any easier.

Discraft Ultra Star Sport DiscDiscraft Ultra Star Sport Disccheck price

Established as the world standard of Ultimate, the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc is a product every teen boy should own. The disc is lightweight and comes in a variety of color choices. The flying disc is designed to deliver stable flight performance.

L.E.D Light Up Flying DiscL.E.D Light Up Flying Disccheck price

LED lights on a Frisbee? Now that is cool. How could that not be fun? To appreciate this Frisbee you have to see it in the night. It looks like a flying UFO.

Glow City LED Light Up FootballGlow City LED Light Up Footballcheck price

How can you make any ball cooler? Make it glow in the dark. With built in LED lights, this ball makes playing in the dark fun. Throw on a couple glow sticks on your ankles and wrists and invite everybody over when the sun comes down for a party.

Wilson Evolution BasketballWilson Evolution Basketballcheck price

There is the reason the Wilson Evolution is the most popular indoor basket ball. It has an amazing grip. The ball melts like butter in your hands. Now it comes in a sleek black version.

Spalding Stephen Curry BasketballSpalding Stephen Curry Basketballcheck price

Who doesn’t love Stephen Curry? If your thirteen year old boy loves Stephen Curry, he will love this game ball. Featuring colors reminiscent of the Golden State Warriors, this might be the coolest looking basketball ever. With a great grip and excellent bounce, it’s a great outdoor ball and makes a great decoration. Too bad it won’t make you play like Stephen Curry.

Wilson NBA DRV Pro BasketballWilson NBA DRV Pro Basketballcheck price

Created for outdoor play, the Wilson NBA DRV Pro Basketball features a cool print design. It’s emblazoned with the Wilson and NBA logos, and it’s performance cover is designed for grip on rough outdoor surfaces. It’s the perfect gift for bball lovers. It’s time to elevate your game! You got game?!

Lifetime Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System (90073)Lifetime Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System (90073)check price

If you know he loves playing hoops, get him this high quality portable basketball set from Lifetime. It’s perfect in the backyard or out front. It sports a shatterproof backboard and adjusts from 7.5 to 10-feet. For extra stability, you could add sand or water into the base. He’ll love playing solo or inviting friends over for some competitive games.

Wilson NFL Super Grip Official FootballWilson NFL Super Grip Official Footballcheck price

What football fan wouldn’t want an authentic pigskin of his own? This high quality ball from Wilson feels fantastic and performs like a charm. He’ll love playing football with his friends because it has the perfect grip and is easy to throw and catch.

Nerf Sports Pro Grip FootballAges 4+Nerf Sports Pro Grip Footballcheck price

Ready. Set. Fun! Designed for the younger set, the Nerf Sports Pro Grip Football is one football boys and girls will love playing with. With soft foam, it doesn’t hurt your hands while playing for hours on end. Plus, its grip allows you to throw like a pro. Go long, go deep!

Trained 10 Man Flag Football Deluxe SetTrained 10 Man Flag Football Deluxe Setcheck price

What 13 year old doesn’t love football? This 10 Man flag football set is perfect for playing flag football in the backyard, park, or at the beach. The set comes with everything you need including the belt, flags, and 4 goal line cones. For football fans, this tag football set is a touchdown.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle DartboardWinmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboardcheck price

This professional dart board from Winmau is perfect for 13 year old boys. The board is made of bounce- proof wiring which helps to reduce bounce outs. The darts enter the board and stick. Best of all, unlike other dart boards, this board is built to last with high density sisal.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag KitEverlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kitcheck price

Boxing is a great past time. Not only does it offer great cardio benefits, it’s a great way to take your lingering Spartan rage out on an inanimate object. If you are ready to start hitting things, this 75 pound punching bag puts up a decent amount of resistance. Designed to take a beating, the natural and synthetic filling withstands the force of your blows.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout BarIron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Barcheck price

What teen guy doesn’t want to get ripped? This pull up bar is probably the next best thing to the gym. It easily hangs over a doorway and installs in seconds. The best part? There are no screws. He’s going to want to do a pull-up every time he walks through his door.

Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells check price

Do you want to get strong like the Hulk? These might be the coolest dumbbells. Unlike a traditional set, they are adjustable dumbbells. You can lift different weights simply by adding or subtracting the plates. The best part? You can start out with low weights and keep upping them as you get stronger.

Perfect Pushup ElitePerfect Pushup Elitecheck price

Pushups are probably the easiest way to train your chest, but they can be hard on your wrists. That’s where the Perfect Pushup comes in. These pushup handles reduce the stress on your wrists by elevating your body. Because the handles swivel, you are able to get a deeper stretch in your chest than an ordinary pushup.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension TrainingTRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Trainingcheck price

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a versatile sports gym for all spaces. It’s perfect for getting fit as well as strength training exercises. The best part? No drilling is required — simply anchor to a closed door or tree.

STEALTH Core Trainer PersonalSTEALTH Core Trainer Personalcheck price

Want to develop your core in the privacy of your home? The STEALTH Core Trainer Personal delivers a dynamic ab plank workout while playing games. You’ll get a strong core and back in less time than you’d expect. Who knew working out could be fun?!

Shaun T’s Focus T25 Fitness ProgramShaun Ts Focus T25 Fitness Programcheck price

Are you ready for the most intense cardio workout in your life? Created by the guy who dreamt up Insanity, Focus T25 has you exercising nonstop every day for 25 minutes. 25 minutes a day for 10 weeks is all it takes to get the best body of your life. Do you have what it takes?!

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 + Resistance BandsBodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 + Resistance Bandscheck price

Why go to the gym when you can have the gym come to you with the Bodyboss 2.0? About the size of a doormat, the BodyBoss 2.0 lets you recreate just about every exercise you find at the gym at home. Instead of using barbells, you will be using elastic cords to train your muscles. You can do everything from squats to bench pressing. Because it takes up such a small footprint, you can set it up anywhere.

Wilson Traditional Soccer BallWilson Traditional Soccer Ballcheck price

Unlike cheap quality balls that fall apart and lose air when you kick them around, this one from Wilson is designed to be kicked around all day. Because it is durable, it is perfect for improving your aim. Everybody will be asking where you got it. It’s a great ball for practicing or soccer games and it’s a fantastic value that can’t be beat.

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym BagUnder Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bagcheck price

This is the perfect gift for the teen guy who loves sports. He can cram all his sports equipment inside and head to the gym. It has the perfect amount of pockets for stashing his stuff and the pocket on the side is perfect for stinky shoes or wet clothes.

adidas Team Issue Duffel Bagadidas Team Issue Duffel Bagcheck price

Sports fans will find a lot to love about this gym bag from Adidas. It’s got ample space inside for all the necessities from gym clothes to toiletries. It’s even got a vented shoe compartment for stinky socks and shoes.

adidas Alliance II Sackpackadidas Alliance II Sackpackcheck price

Ready to hit the gym? Made of waterproof material, this gym sack from adidas is very convenient and stylish. It’s got a zipper compartment on the front and the main compartment is spacious. You can fit a ton of stuff inside whether you are using it for school or for sports. It comes in so many cool colors so you can probably find a color that he loves.

Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh BagSpeedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bagcheck price

Don’t head to the pool or beach without the Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh bag. With a mesh design, this breathable bag is designed to carry wet clothes without worrying about making a huge mildew smelling mess. It has enough space and zippered pockets to hold all your gear. It’s got room for swim fins, a towel, swimsuit, shoes, and even has a water bottle compartment.

Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball GloveRawlings Renegade Series Baseball Glovecheck price

Founded in 1887, Rawlings has been making baseball gloves forever. For the casual baseball player, this is a quality glove from Rawlings. Made of a Pro Mesh shell and leather, this glove is designed to have an easy break in period. The padded pocket helps to absorb the impact of a thrown ball.

Rawlings Baseball MittRawlings Baseball Mittcheck price

If you have got a baseball fan in your life, there is nothing cooler than receiving a baseball glove for Christmas or your Birthday. In business for a long time, Rawlings makes good quality baseball gloves. Made of beautiful leather, this 12.5-inch glove is perfect for a game of catch or softball.

Wilson Federer Tennis RacketWilson Federer Tennis Racketcheck price

Does he want to play tennis? When he is just getting started in tennis, you don’t need to invest in an expensive racket. Now that he’s a teen, an adult-sized 27-inch racket is suitable for him. With good weight and size, this affordable-priced racket from Wilson is ideal for beginners. It’s a perfect racket for casual play. You may want some grip tape to improve its grip and prevent slippage.

Idson Muscle Roller StickIdson Muscle Roller Stickcheck price

These Muscle Roller Sticks make for a great gift idea for your thirteen year old boy. They are great for loosening your muscles. It’s a quality product and a great size. It’s great for sore muscles – like on your calves, shoulders, neck, back and it even works on your feet. It works best on bare legs versus hairy legs. Your muscles will feel great after a good massage with this tool.

Etekcity Smart ScaleEtekcity Smart Scalecheck price

If he loves watching his weight, he is going to love this smart scale from Etekcity. This smart scale not only shows your weight but shows you a bunch of other stats including your body fat percentage. There are 13 different stats in all. The best part? It syncs with an app over Bluetooth to chart your daily fluctuations. It can even connect with the Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Idson Muscle Roller StickIdson Muscle Roller Stickcheck price

After a long game and working out your muscles, there’s nothing better than using one of these body massage sticks to soothe your muscles. This roller stick is well constructed and functions well.

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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    It is kind of insulting on how the male section for thirteen year old gifts holds actual useful and exciting gifts that stimulate the brain. The female section is fairly vapid with most of the gifts merely affecting physical appearance. The games suggested were “Just Dance” in the female list but games that are more fully enriched with action such as “Fallout and Halo” which I as a girl play myself along with a large portion of my friends play. Also the athletic section for female held yoga pants and a fitness tracker but the male list had a punching bag and things that actually help you work out. Another complaint is that there was no “scientist section” for girls. The chemistry set C3000 I received in second grade and completed it before I started my third grade year. So overall my complaint is that the female and male lists are vapid, stereotypical and seemingly just based off of assumptions.

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    good list =P

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    I have the UE BOOM and I love it super loud

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    Thank you for helping me – a 47 year old aunt – find a cool gift for my 13 yo nephew! And I found cool gifts for many adults on my list too 🙂

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      Hi Aunt Chrissi, thanks for the comment! Glad you found so many super cool gifts.

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    I found several things from this list that I purchased for my son. By far the most relevant list of this type. Thanks!

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      Hi Sarah! Thanks for your feedback. Hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday!

  14. Mom of many boys October 21, 2019 at 3:15 am #

    Overall a great list!! A couple items, like the “f#*k off socks” are not appropriate for a 13 year old, and should not be on this list.

    • mm
      ToyBuzz October 21, 2019 at 10:24 pm #

      Hi Mom of many boys! Thanks for you comment and feedback. When the list is next updated, we will take your comment into consideration.

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    Ann Onymous here, I think that if you were working on a Christmas list, you could scrool through this and add stuff that seems appealing to you to your list

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