Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys 2022

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Exploding KittensAges 7+Exploding Kittenscheck price

What do you get when you combine cute cats, explosives, and cards? You get Exploding Kittens. This simple card game is a lot like Russian roulette with flammable cats. The big draw here is the amazing artwork on the cards. On each turn, you draw a card. If it’s not an exploding kitten card, you are safe. The neat twist is that you can use certain cards to diffuse the exploding kittens.

Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Booster BoxAges 13+Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Booster Boxcheck price

Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is a crossover set that brings the Dungeons & Dragons universe into the collectible card game for the first time ever. It’s one of the most ambitious card sets with new set and collector boosters. Look for themed boosters — one for each color as well as a sixth one. There are 4 new Commander decks: Aura of Courage, Dungeons of Death, Draconic Rage, and Planer Portal. In this set, lands look quite different than prior sets and they include humans. There are nods to classic adventures like Storm Kings Thunder and Out of the Abyss. It also has alternate frames and art reminiscent of the 5th edition D&D books.

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins Ages 10+Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins check price

Designed for 2-4 players, Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins offers a fun and fast entry into Dungeons & Dragons. It offers a new experience every time. The game is easy to setup. The complete set includes 4 Dungeon Game Boards, 20 Customizable Character Tiles, 4 Monster Tiles, 24 Gold Tokens, 5 Dice, 4 Mini-Figures, 1 Plastic Monster Tracker, 1 Plastic Card Holder, 1 Plastic Part Stand, 4 Plastic Character Trackers, 132 Cards, and an Instruction Booklet. Invite your friends over for some epic D&D games.

Cards Against Humanity: Family EditionAges 8+Cards Against Humanity: Family Editioncheck price

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is a family-friendly edition of the popular game with no adult content. It’s a fill-in-the-blank party game for kids and adults — perfect for family game night. One player asks a question from a black card, while the other players answer with their funniest white card. Kids get to engage in absurd wordplay with adults: “Filling my butt with spaghetti” and “A cloud that rains diarrhea.” Get ready for a hilariously good time full of laughter and fun.

Monopoly: ROBLOX 2022 EditionAges 8+Monopoly: ROBLOX 2022 Editioncheck price

ROBLOX fans will be excited about the new Monopoly: ROBLOX 2022 Edition featuring artwork, themes, and elements from their favorite game. Players buy, sell, and trade their favorite ROBLOX experiences. Rather than properties, players collect Games, Dev Teams, and Game Promotions in their quest to outlast their opponents. Play as your favorite ROBLOX icons: Bloxy Award, Classic Noob, Domino Crown, Mr. Robot, Builderman’s Construction Hat, or Dominus. Collect Robux for a daily login bonus, sell limited items, deck out avatars, or get bloxxed by noobs. There’s no telling what the next roll of the dice will bring. It’s the perfect gift for your ROBLOX fan!

Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons EditionAges 8+Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Editioncheck price

Animal Crossing fans will enjoy Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition. It features artwork, characters, and themes inspired by the popular videogame. Instead of buying properties and paying rent, players visit islands and collect resources (bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit), sell island resources for Bells, buy decorations, and earn Nook Miles to win. Fans can look forward to 4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons-inspired tokens and a Nook’s Cranny die that determines the type of resources that can be sold. After traveling around the Monopoly board once, players choose a Skill card with an ability that can be utilized through the entirety of the game. Will you be the player with the most Nook Miles?

Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle SetAges 8+Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Setcheck price

3-2-1… let it rip! Get ready for intense, action-packed battles with the Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike set. For the first time ever, this set includes a motorized spinning Motor Vortex disc, giving the tops the ultimate speed boost and adding to the spinning chaos. It comes with the stadium, 2 battling tops, and 2 launchers.

Arcade1Up Infinity Game TableArcade1Up Infinity Game Tablecheck price

Move over coffee table! Available in 24- or 32-inch HD models, the Infinity Game Table is a touchscreen smart table that lets families play a variety of board games, card games, and more. Play classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Yahtzee, and more. You can even enjoy card games, puzzles, comic books, mini games, coloring books, and other digital entertainment. The HD screen may be personalized and it offers tactile feedback. The best part? Since it’s Wi-Fi-enabled, you can even play online and download additional games. Game night will never be the same with Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table. Gather your friends and family around for some good times.

Apples to Apples: Marvel EditionAges 12-16Apples to Apples: Marvel Editioncheck price

What do you get when you cross the classic of Apples to Apples with the Marvel universe? You get Apples to Apples: Marvel Edition. Players take turns being the judge. The judge beings with a Green Apple Card, then other players play their Red Apple Card. The card’s illustrations looks like the Marvel comics. For each round, the judge decides on the best pairing. The Thanos Snaps Card is game-changing wild card — eliminating half of the Red Cards. It’s the perfect gift for any Marvel fan.

Brilliant or BS?Ages 14+Brilliant or BS?check price

Brilliant or BS? is a trivia game for know-it-alls and big fat liars. At its core, it’s a simple concept with universal appeal. Everyone knows trivia and how to bluff. The judge picks out one person who’s lying by giving them the BS card and one who must be telling the truth by giving them the Brilliant card. It’s an entertaining game that teens and even adults will actually enjoy playing. Adding a bluffing element to the trivia keeps things interesting. Bluffing is the real star of the show. We love the creative storytelling part of the game. It’s all about being persuasive and believable. Will you get caught lying red-handed? It offers a unique spin on game night and it’s fun for the whole family.

Sushi Go Party! Card GameAges 8+Sushi Go Party! Card Gamecheck price

Sushi Go has been updated with more cards to support up to 8 players at once. The idea of the game is to pick a card and pass the rest of the cards to the player beside you. Each card you grab is sort of like grabbing a food item on a conveyor belt. Different combinations of cards are worth a different amount of points. The idea is score the highest amount of points with your combination of cards.

CarcassonneAges 8-15Carcassonnecheck price

Every time you play Carcassonne, the game is different. Players pick up tiles and connect them to the existing tiles by matching various elements. The object of the Carcassonne is to score the most points by placing knights, farmers and thieves on the tiles. The player who scores the most points wins.

Disney VillainousAges 10+Disney Villainouscheck price

Who doesn’t love Disney? Play as your favorite Disney villain and carry out your devious schemes while dealing twists of fate to the opposition in Disney Villainous. There are six villains to choose from Maleficent to Captain Hook. To win, you have to complete your villain’s specific evil dream, which gives the game a ton of replayability.

CodenamesAges 14+Codenamescheck price

Codenames is an inventive word game that is played with two teams. The idea is to use a one word clue and a number that describes a bunch of other words. An example would be: pets, 2. So your team would have to find 2 pets among the group of cards without guessing a wrong word. It sounds simple but it requires a lot of strategy.

Never Have I Ever Family EditionAges 8+Never Have I Ever Family Editioncheck price

Faced with random questions you’ll have to answer truthfully, Never Have I Ever Family Edition is great fun for the whole family. You’ll learn a ton about your teen that you probably would not have known otherwise. The questions are family-friendly and game night is sure to be full of laughter and incredible stories. It’s also a hilarious party game.

Monopoly: Fortnite Collector’s EditionAges 13+Monopoly: Fortnite Collectors Editioncheck price

Inspired by the Fortnite videogame, Monopoly: Fortnite Collector’s Edition features artwork, themes, and characters from the game. Unlike the original classic game of Monopoly, this game is not about what properties players own — it’s about survival. It features 27 Fortnite Outfits with pawn stands for characters never seen in prior Monopoly Fortnite games. You also get access to a one-time code for an in-game Monopoly Back Bling set.

Monopoly Fortnite EditionAges 13+Monopoly Fortnite Editioncheck price

Monopoly Fortnite Edition is designed for teens. In this version of the game you battle your opponents and avoid the storm. Just like the videogame, it’s all about survival — not what you own. The game features battles and loot chests and is inspired by the videogame. It’s a fun new spin on the classic game of Monopoly. This new version features 27 new characters and updated board spaces. Will you be the last player standing?!

Monopoly: Friends The TV SeriesAges 8+Monopoly: Friends The TV Seriescheck price

Inspired by the beloved Friends TV series, Monopoly: Friends The TV Series captures some of the series’ most memorable situations and locations. Play as Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, or Joey with exclusive tokens. The game board features iconic scenes and themes, such as Relaxi Taxi, All the Candy, Ross’ Teeth, Holiday Armadillo, or Central Perk — the local coffee house. Any Friends-obsessed fan will be delighted by this fun edition of Monopoly. You’ll be laughing and reminiscing about the show as you play. Perfect for game night, it’s a must-have for any Friends fan.

Monopoly Game of ThronesAges 8+Monopoly Game of Thronescheck price

Game of Thrones fans will love Monopoly Game of Thrones. It features custom cards, oversized tokens, and customized money and rules. The game board features iconic locations from the TV series. Fans will appreciate that it even features an iron throne card holder with a musical stand that plays the game of Thrones theme song. Nice touch! Overall, the theme is great, but it could have been extended even further. Dominate the board and Westeros to win. But go bankrupt and you lose. It’s a must-have for any Game of Thrones fan and a great addition to your Monopoly collection.

UNO MinimalistaAges 7+UNO Minimalistacheck price

Looking for a minimalistic version of UNO? Designed by Brazilian designer Warleson Olivera, UNO Minimalista is a fan creation brought to life by popular demand. It’s a minimalistic version of UNO with minimalist design and graphics. Although it embraces a minimalistic design, it’s a very stylish and slick looking deck. In fact, the Internet went crazy for it. Players match a card from their hand with the current card at the top of the deck and race to get rid of all their cards. It has a streamlined logo, dark background, and simple outlined symbols on each card. It’s the same UNO you know and love, now with a sweet minimalistic design in premium packaging.

UNO Triple Play StealthAges 7+UNO Triple Play Stealthcheck price

UNO Triple Play Stealth adds a fun new twist to the classic game. It’s all about action, surprise, and suspense. Play to any pile that’s lit up. But beware of OVERLOAD! Enjoy 3 modes of play: Regular Mode, Timer Mode, and Stealth Mode. When overload is hit, the LED display tells you how many cards to draw. You still yell out “UNO” when you have 1 card left. It’s perfect fun for family game night that ups the ante and adds a new challenge.

ShashiboAges 8-13Shashibocheck price

A shape-shifting toy? Using the power of magnets, this shape-shifting toy was invented by Andreas Hoenigschmid, a sand artist. This might look like a boring 3-inch box but it can be folded and shaped into 70 geometric shapes. Simply twist and turn and it magically transforms into a new shape. You can even combine more than one of them together. Look for new styles launching in 2021!

Ticket To Ride Europe: 15th AnniversaryAges 8-15Ticket To Ride Europe: 15th Anniversarycheck price

The 15th Anniversary of Ticket To Ride Europe, a strategic card game, introduces tunnels, ferries, and train stations. Brave a ride through the long Alpine tunnels, undertake an arctic ferry ride, construct extravagant train stations across old empires, or attempt the fabled European Express. Will you become Europe’s greatest train magnate?

GloomhavenAges 12+Gloomhavencheck price

Gloomhaven is a deep, complex, combat-focused game for 1-4 players with games lasting 1-2 hours. You team up with others to complete your goals while uncovering the threats to Gloomhaven. The campaign is comprised of a number of scenarios — each with its own objective. If you ever run out of health, you are defeated. If you like tactical combat and resource management, this game is excellent at both of those. Every turn is a tough decision about what cards to use and how to use them. There’s a huge variety of enemies to face with each requiring a different approach. There are a lot of ways to improve your character, including adding combat modifier cards, equipment, and action cards. The best part of this game is the sheer amount of content it has out of the box. With close to 100 missions, there’s a ton of game to discover. However, the game is not cheap so you’ll want to play a lot to get your money’s worth.

Rubik’s CubeAges 8+Rubiks Cubecheck price

Rubik’s Cube is a classic 3 x 3 puzzle game that will challenge your teen boy to the core. The object is to get each face of the cube to be all one color. Sounds easy, right? But it’s easier said than done. With billions of possibilities, there is only one correct solution. This set includes the Rubik’s Cube along with a stand. Do have what it takes to solve the ultimate brain-teaser, Rubik’s Cube?

CatanAges 10+Catancheck price

In Catan, you will have to manage your resources to take control over an island. On each roll of the dice, you will get different resources and will have to trade and use them wisely to build out your civilization.

One Night Ultimate WerewolfAges 13-15One Night Ultimate Werewolfcheck price

Designed for 3 to 10 players, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is the party game your teen will want to play over and over because it’s so fun. What’s great is that the rules are simple, it’s easy to play, and games last only 10 minutes. Can you figure out who the werewolves are?

Orbeez #ChallengeAges 5-15Orbeez #Challengecheck price

Now you can easily recreate the same Orbeez effects from YouTube with the Orbeez #Challenge playset from Spin Master with 6 tools and 2,000 Orbeez. Look for 15 exciting ways to play: Explode, Crush, Slice, and more! Get ready for sensory overload fun! Are you ready for the #OrbeezChallenge?!

EXIT: The Game The Gate Between WorldsAges 10+EXIT: The Game The Gate Between Worldscheck price

Exit: The Game challenges players to solve riddles to uncover mysteries. They’re escape room-style games in a box. Look for new titles in the line: Exit: The Game The Sacred Temple, The Deserted Lighthouse, Kidnapping in Fortune City, The Gate Between Worlds, and The Cursed Labyrinth.

Unsolved Case Files: Jamie BanksAges 13+Unsolved Case Files: Jamie Bankscheck price

Become a cold case detective with the latest release of Unsolved Case Files: Jamie Banks case. A local teen apparently died of suicide. Piece together the clues like a real detective. Can you solve this fictional murder case?

Beat That!Ages 9+Beat That!check price

Designed for 2-8 players, Beat That! gets the whole family active with 160 minute-to-win-it-style challenges. There are solo challenges, battle royales, buddy-ups, and duels. Place bets on your skills and attempt to complete the challenges like toss a paper ball into a bin across the room.

KLASKAges 8-15KLASKcheck price

Forget air hockey — Klask is just as fun. In Klask, players use a large magnet that is placed under the table to control their magnetic gaming piece. The basic idea is just like air hockey. There are small circular goals on opposite ends. You have to push and shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal while avoiding obstacles.

UNO 50th Anniversary Premium Card SetAges 7+UNO 50th Anniversary Premium Card Setcheck price

Celebrate UNO’s 50th Anniversary with the UNO 50th Anniversary Premium Card Set. For its 50th Anniversary, UNO has been given a premium makeover with premium black cards, an exclusive 50/50 card, and a commemorative gold coin with a special rule. But at it’s core, it’s the same UNO you know and love. It’s perfect for family game nights.

RISKAges 10+RISKcheck price

Build your army and dominate the world in RISK. This strategic combat game features the classic gameplay of RISK. This Amazon-exclusive includes a 2-headed dragon token and it works with Alexa. Your objective is to take over the world. Using strategic planning and dice rolling moves, one player will move across the game board to reign supreme and win. Will you be that player? Hands-down, this is the best version yet and it’s perfect for family game night!

Beyblade Burst Surge SpeedStorm Volt Knockout Battle SetAges 8+Beyblade Burst Surge SpeedStorm Volt Knockout Battle Setcheck price

3-2-1 … let it rip! Rip into epic battles with the Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Volt Knockdown Battle Set. This set includes the Hypersphere Vertical Drop Beystadium, 2 right/left-spin launchers, and right-spin battling tops Ace Dragon D5 (attack type) and Bushin Ashindra A5 (defense type). Scale the vertical wall, then drop into battle for epic burst experiences. What’s cool? The central power vortex draws in Beyblades, providing a speed burst for more intense, action-packed battles.

Rhyme AnticsAges 12+Rhyme Anticscheck price

Designed to combat the growing literary crisis, Rhyme Antics is the hilarious rhyming vocabulary game. It gets older kids and teens excited about reading again. It’s a fun, fast-paced vocabulary game inspired by hip-hop. Download your beat and you engage in a rap battle, passing the mic back and forth with your opponents. Teens can build their vocabulary while having a blast. It’s perfect for parties and family game night!

Rubik’s ConnectedAges 8+Rubiks Connectedcheck price

The Rubik’s Cube gets a 21st century makeover with Rubik’s Connected. Pair this Bluetooth-connected Rubik’s Cube with its companion app to walk you through solving the Rubik’s Cube. Now anyone can solve the Rubik’s Cube with step-by-step guidance! You get a great feeling of satisfaction after completing it.

What Do You Meme? Tik Tok EditionAges 17+What Do You Meme? Tik Tok Editioncheck price

From the makers of What Do You Meme? comes this new Tik Tok Edition. Compete to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption Cards with a Tik Tok photo card in play. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round. This version is directly tied to the social platform, which provides a ton of comic relief and family fun during this pandemic. Kids and families who love Tik Tok and family game night are going to absolutely love this game.

Family CharadesAges 7+Family Charadescheck price

Family Charades is the best-selling family game for 2 to 4 players. It’s perfect for parties with a variety of themes, including Kids Charades, Family Charades, Movie Charades, and 80’s & 90’s Charades to cater to all ages and tastes. There’s a good mix of easy and challenging charades. Expect a ton of laugh out loud moments and fun as you bond with family and friends. It’s a classic game that provides endless hours of fun.

Ravensburger The Earth 3D PuzzleAges 10-15Ravensburger The Earth 3D Puzzlecheck price

The Earth is a fascinating planet. Now with this 540-piece 3D puzzle set from Ravensburger, you can build a 3D model of Earth. The pieces fit snugly together and it’s a great learning tool for discovering new countries. It’s sturdy and comes with a convenient display stand.

Shotgun! The Roadtrip GameAges 12+Shotgun! The Roadtrip Gamecheck price

Shotgun is the perfect roadtrip game for the whole family. In Shotgun! The Roadtrip Game from the creators of What Do You Meme?, compete for points with a complete deck of dares, trivia, challenges, questions, and more. Read the card and play based on the prompt. Play until you reach your destination or until you stop for food. A drawstring storage pouch makes it perfect for on the go.

Star Trek Tridimensional Chess SetAges 14+Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Setcheck price

Inspired by the replica from the TV series, the Star Trek Tridimensional Chess set is perfect for Star Trek and Chess fans. With 32 die-cast chess pieces, 4 movable attack boards, and a 13″ tall set with 3 translucent acrylic playing boards, it offers great play and display quality.

GridopolisAges 8+Gridopolischeck price

Gridopolis is a new 3D strategy game. Think of it as 3D Checkers. Typical strategy games are flat and 2D — not Gridopolis. You can play many games with only 7 basic parts. The game is dynamic — it changes while you play. The object is to be the last player standing. Movement is similar to Checkers where you jump over players to capture them, but now there’s the addition of a 3D move set to consider. This means that you can move sideways, forward, up, down, diagonal, or up and diagonal. Everyone gets extra parts during play. At anytime, you can choose to move or build, adding a Pad. With endless replayability, this one sure looks like a winner!

Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 3D Jigsaw PuzzleAges 12+Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 3D Jigsaw Puzzlecheck price

The Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock Tower 3D Jigsaw Puzzle builds a 3D version of a portion of Hogwarts Castle known as the Clock Tower. The best part? No glue is required as the pieces fit tightly together. It makes a wonderful gift for any Potter head.

Socially TwistedAges 17+Socially Twistedcheck price

Socially Twisted is an adult party card game where players create a story based on their Story Card and Words Card. Your challenge is to tell the most twisted story in 60 seconds. Vote for the twisted winner or loser. It’s perfect for bad people with good humor. Expect tons of laughter with or without drinking. What’s said in the game stays in the game! Who’s ready to tell the most absurd stories?!

Creatto: 3D Light-Up PuzzlesAges 8-30Creatto: 3D Light-Up Puzzlescheck price

Creatto is a fun 3D puzzle with LED lights that lights up. Choose from a wide range of designs ranging from a polar bear, panda bear, and lion to a heart and dragon. After building them, they double as a night light. What’s cool? Each set features multiple builds and you can even build your own creations. It’s the perfect gift for kids, tweens, teens, and even adults.

Ubongo! 3DAges 8+Ubongo! 3Dcheck price

Ubongo 3D is the newest addition to the Ubongo family with 3D shapes. In this geometric, Tetris-like puzzle game for 1-4 players, race against the clock and each other to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes. Now you’ll have to expand your spatial reasoning skills to the third dimension, positioning the 3D pieces on a puzzle card so they completely fill a designated three-dimensional space. Just like Tetris, the pieces must fit together, adding to the challenge. You’re awarded more gems the faster you solve the puzzle. After 9 rounds, the player with the most gems wins.

Beat The ParentsAges 6-13Beat The Parentscheck price

Beat The Parents is the ultimate family showdown game from Spin Master. Wage your bets — will the parents do the kids’ chores or order pizza for dinner? Compete through multiple question rounds or hilarious physical challenges to determine the victor.

Connect 4 Shots: Space Jam A New Legacy EditionAges 8+Connect 4 Shots: Space Jam A New Legacy Editioncheck price

It’s Tunes vs. Goons! Hone your shooting skills with the Connect 4 Shots: Space Jam A New Legacy Edition. Launch your ball at the gameboard, while strategically utilizing the metallic multiplayer ball to change your score. Be the first player to connect 4 same colored balls in a row to win! It’s fast-paced fun perfect for your next family game night.

Tacocat Spelled BackwardsAges 7+Tacocat Spelled Backwardscheck price

From the creators of Exploding Kittens, Tacocat Spelled Backwards is a clever 2-player party game of card matchups. Win duels by playing cards of matching or higher value to defend your hand or sacrifice your lowest card. When you’re on your final card, whomever has the lowest card value wins the round bringing Tacocat closer to their side. Games last about 15 minutes.

A Little WordyAges 10+A Little Wordycheck price

From the creators of Exploding Kittens, A Little Wordy is a sneaky 2-player tile unscrambling game. Given a set of tiles, players create a secret word that is kept secret. Taking turns, players attempt to decipher each other’s secret words, paying for clues with berry tokens. Games are quick lasting roughly 15 minutes.

DudeWithSign Presents The Cardboard Game by What Do You Meme?Ages 17+DudeWithSign Presents The Cardboard Game by What Do You Meme?check price

In DudeWithSign Presents the Cardboard Game by What Do You Meme?, follow the included prompts to generate embarrasing dares that other players have to perform. It’s a ridiculous dare game with friends for 3-20+ players. This is not a game for kids. It guarantees a night of hilarity and laughter that you won’t soon forget!

TetrisAges 8+Tetrischeck price

Love Tetris? Bring the classic game of Tetris to your tabletop for head-to-head family fun. Play head-to-head with up to four players in this tabletop strategy game. Rotate your Tetrimo and drop it into your Matrix Tower. Cards represent the tetrimo currently in play and the next one coming up. It’s like the game of Tetris but in physical form. The twist? Minos help to close the gaps in your lines. Score points by completing horizontal rows and racing to complete special challenges for bonus points. Games last roughly 15 minutes. Will you come out on top?

Pop Under Pressure from What Do You Meme?Ages 14+Pop Under Pressure from What Do You Meme?check price

As a balloon inflates, players compete to answer the same 12 questions on duplicate lists in Pop Under Pressure from the creators of What Do You Meme? Your mission is to complete the entire list before the balloon pops! Will you Pop Under Pressure? Think fast before the balloon pops, but don’t let the pressure get to you!

Pokemon Trainer TriviaAges 6-15Pokemon Trainer Triviacheck price

Featuring 1,000 Pokemon facts, players must decide whether they are fact or fiction. In this fast-paced game for 1-4 players, there are 3 levels ranging from beginner to expert. Who will be the best trainer?

GhostedAges 10+Ghostedcheck price

Ghosted is a modern-day Clue meets Hedbanz. You’ve been ghosted and you have to solve your own demise. Discover which suspect had it in for you, what wacky weapon they used, and why they wanted you out of the picture.

You’re On MuteAges 10+Youre On Mutecheck price

You’re On Mute is a party game where players take turns being ‘on-screen’ and provide clues to their teammates to guess as many keywords as possible. On your turn, you’ll be behind a screen that magnifies your mouth. Look for 3 exciting rounds: Strong Signal – players can say anything but the keywords; Weak Connections – players are only permitted to use one-word clues; and You’re On Mute – you can only mouth the keywords without speaking. Get ready for hilarious fun and laughter for the whole family.

Exit: The Cemetery of The KnightAges 12+Exit: The Cemetery of The Knightcheck price

Exit: The Cemetery of The Knight is an escape room style game for 1-4 players. Players must unlock the secrets of darkness and uncover a hidden treasure. It offers an intermediate level of difficulty with roughly 90 minutes of playtime. Can you open the crypt and uncover the coveted gem before time runs out?

Throw Throw AvocadoAges 7+Throw Throw Avocadocheck price

From the creators of Exploding Kittens and Throw Throw Burrito, Throw Throw Avocado is either a standalone party game or it can be played with Throw Throw Burrito to unlock a new combo game. It can best be described as a cross between dodgeball and card games where players go head-to-head collecting cards, earning points, and throwing avocados at each other all in the name of silly, hysterical fun. The legs duel makes this one even better than its predecessor. Can you avoid the squishy avocados?

Monopoly: Target EditionAges 8+Monopoly: Target Editioncheck price

Love Target? Then you’ll probably love Monopoly: Target Edition. Instead of buying properties, you browse for items. It’s all about saving in this version of the popular board game. Compete for the coveted Red Card to double savings. There are even Target-themed tokens: Target’s mascot Bullseye Dog, a shopping bag, a coffee cup, or a shopping cart. Target Circle Tokens double or triple a player’s savings. At the end, the player with the most savings wins. Who’s ready to save to win?!

You’ve Got CrabsAges 7+Youve Got Crabscheck price

Can you keep a “sea”-cret? From the creators of Exploding Kittens comes a new board game called You’ve Got Grabs. This is a family-friendly game for kids over 7. Played in teams of two, this game combines crabs with deception. The game is super simple: Before starting, you and your teammate must come up with a secret signal. You must collect 4 of the same card and secretly notify your partner. Your teammate must then yell, “You’ve got crabs!” The catch? If the other team finds out and yells “You’ve Got Crabs” your team loses.

Monopoly Cheaters EditionAges 8+Monopoly Cheaters Editioncheck price

Who doesn’t love to cheat in Monopoly? Now Hasbro is making cheating official with the Monopoly Cheaters Edition. The core gameplay remains unchanged. So what’s changed? There are 15 special cards tailored to the sneakiest family members. If you can get away with evil deeds, you’ll be rewarded; however, if you’re caught you’ll end up in handcuffs. Now there’s no banker so you can rob the bank if you’re daring enough.

Ticket To Ride Ages 8-12Ticket To Ride check price

Award-winning Ticket To Ride is a classic board game that everyone should play. It’s so simple to play. The idea is to claim railway routes, connecting cities. The longer the routes, the more points you collect.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family EditionAges 8+Watch Ya Mouth Family Editioncheck price

In this hilarious game, you stick a mouthpiece in your mouth and try to say fun phrases like “Bob Plays Bingo With Popcorn And Pineapple.” The only problem? Nobody will be able to guess what you are saying. You’ll look completely stupid but won’t be able to stop laughing.

Hunt A Killer Body On The BoardwalkAges 14+Hunt A Killer Body On The Boardwalkcheck price

Life on the boardwalk isn’t all fun and games. An employee at an amusement park dies on a popular ride and her boyfriend is the prime suspect. Could someone else have had a score to settle with the victim, or is the boyfriend guilty? Examine all the evidence, eliminate suspects, and catch the killer. This murder mystery game is designed for 1-5 players with gameplay lasting up to an hour. Do you have what it takes to hunt a killer?

Codenames DuetAges 10+Codenames Duetcheck price

In Codenames Duet, you work as a team to identify the agents. We love the game for its co-op mechanics and core Codenames gameplay, which is satisfying. When it gets down to the wire, the tension makes it really rewarding to win.

5 Second RuleAges 10+5 Second Rulecheck price

Who knew something so simple could be so fun? In 5 Second Rule, you will have to think on your feet before time runs out. Players pick up a card with a random question on it like, “Name 3 fruits.” Turn the timer over and you have 5 seconds to “Spit it out!” Be prepared for uncontrollable laughter. This new edition features over 150 fresh cards to spice up the fun.

Relative InsanityAges 14+Relative Insanitycheck price

Created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Relative Insanity is like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, but you can play it in front of the family. It’s a game that you’ll love playing because you’re sure to get lots of laughs. There are punch line cards and setup cards. Someone reads the setup, for example: “When my cousin walked in with my new baby, my grandma blurted out _______.” Then players look at their punch lines and submit the one that’s going to get the biggest laugh. The setup person picks the best answer and that player scores points.

Speak OutAges 16+Speak Outcheck price

Speak Out is the wacky and super fun mouthpiece challenge game. Teen boys can take on their parents or friends. The game is real simple and has players guessing phrases to earn cards with the added pressure of a countdown timer. Once you have the mouthpiece in, you won’t be able to close your mouth shut so it makes for some incredibly hilarious fun. Go ahead and Speak Out and don’t be afraid to have wicked fun!

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family EditionAges 8+Watch Ya Mouth Family Editioncheck price

Mouth-piece games have become a huge hit in recent years. The game is hilariously fun for all ages and it’s so simple to play. One person places the mouthpiece in his or her mouth while the other players attempt to guess what that person is saying. You probably never laughed this hard before.

CatchphraseAges 13+Catchphrasecheck price

Electronic Catchphrases is a fun game to play with family and friends. As the clock clicks down, you will have to get your teammates to guess the word on the screen without saying it. Once the word is guessed, the game unit is passed to the other team and play continues back forth. It’s frantic game that makes your heart beat faster as the clock ticks down. Expect a lot of laughs, screams, and yells.

Simon Micro SeriesAges 8+Simon Micro Seriescheck price

Simon is a classic visual memory game where you have to follow the lights and sounds. The catch? The sequences get progressively more challenging as you play. Think you can get the highest score? This Micro Series is perfect for taking the fun on the go.

Monopoly Gamer EditionAges 8+Monopoly Gamer Editioncheck price

Teens love videogames and games. This latest version of Monopoly features Mario and friends in Monopoly Gamer Edition. This version has a bunch of new twists that Nintendo fans will love. First, instead of money it uses coins so players battle for the highest score. The tokens feature iconic Nintendo characters like Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. This version contains power-ups and epic boss battles but you still buy properties. Will you be able to overcome Bowser and score the most points?

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 – Blue Board GameAges 13+Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Blue Board Gamecheck price

This is a fantastic cooperative game that constantly changes as you play. The idea of the game is to cure the different diseases that are spreading across the world that could cause a Pandemic. Each player has a different role which gives them special powers. The only way to win is stop all four diseases.

Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf ExperimentAges 13+Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experimentcheck price

Love escape room challenges? Then you’ll love Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment. Players will be challenged to solve puzzles and find codes to escape the room. There’s an interesting backstory: Your party of players have to figure out a way to access the antidote within an hour or you’ll all turn into werewolves. What’s cool? It’s even compatible with your Alexa-enabled speaker. You can ask Alexa for hints and time updates as you try to escape the virtual room. Will you make it out alive?!

Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card GameAges 13+Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Gamecheck price

Based on the classic 8 bit videogames, Boss Monster is a card game that puts a twist on video game conventions. In this game, you are the villain trying to stop the heroes.

ThinkFun Escape the RoomAges 13+ThinkFun Escape the Roomcheck price

In escape rooms, players work together to solve puzzle to escape before time runs out. Now the fun of an escape room is making its way to board games. If you like narrative-driven games, Thinkfun has some great board games that vary in difficultly. For kids, there is Stargazer’s Manor, which contains easy puzzles that kids can solve on their own. If you are looking to join in on the fun, check out Dr. Gravely’s Retreat. The game contains a series of puzzles to solve in sealed envelopes.

MONOPOLY: The Legend of Zelda Collector’s EditionAges 8+MONOPOLY: The Legend of Zelda Collectors Editioncheck price

Does your teen boy love Zelda? Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition is a fantastic gift for Zelda fans. This special edition has a Zelda themed twist to the game. The game board has a cool Zelda illustration and there’s even Zelda inspired money. The tokens feature noteworthy items from the game like the Triforce, Hookshot, Hylian Shield and more. Players will buy. sell, and trade locations based on Hyrule. The game also features speed play rules. Perfect game for family game night. Zelda + Monopoly – it’s a match made in heaven!

Super Mario Chess Collector’s EditionAges 8+Super Mario Chess Collectors Editioncheck price

This is no ordinary chess set. It’s a Super Mario-themed chess set. It’s good vs. evil. Will the Super Mario brothers be able to defeat Bowser and the Koopalings?

Betrayal At House on the HillAges 12+Betrayal At House on the Hillcheck price

Betrayal At House on the Hill is a narrative-driven strategy game for 3-6 players. As you explore the house, you see what unfolds. The betrayers and survivors each have their own goal. But they don’t know what each other’s goals are until you play through the game. The twist? When it flips, you could be working with someone and then they become the betrayer. Then you race to the finish to see who’s going to win. We love that the game offers a ton of replayability with many different scenarios.

Unsolved Case FilesAges 13+Unsolved Case Filescheck price

Be a cold case detective with Unsolved Case Files. Players collaborate to solve a decades-old murder using the original investigator’s case file with 3 clues. It’s a cold case mystery game where players reprise the role of detectives as they work to find clues and assemble evidence to solve a murder and ultimately convict the killer. You’ll feel like a real cold case detective with realistic case file components like newspaper articles, crime scene photographs, evidence, interrogations, statements and more. An online companion site guides you through the game with carefully cultivated hints and reveals answers when players crack the case. What’s cool? Even if you don’t arrive at the correct answer, you can still continue investigating without being spoiled by the right answers. Think you have what it takes to crack the case?

RISK EuropeAges 14+RISK Europecheck price

Become a medieval king and dominate Europe in RISK Europe. This strategic tactical game enhances the classic gameplay of RISK and includes 4 elaborate armies with soldiers, archers, cavalry, siege weapons, castles and more. Your objective is to take over the continent and expand your kingdom. Using tactical planning and dice rolling moves, one player will move across the game board to reign supreme and win. Will you be that player?

SequenceAges 7+Sequencecheck price

Sequence is a fascinating game of strategy. It’s a game that is fun, challenging, and exciting for two or more players! Families enjoy playing the game together. Build a sequence with five in a row. Strategy comes into play when you block the opposition and eliminate their chips. Jacks add a slight twist to the game since they are wild.

Apples to ApplesAges 12+Apples to Applescheck price

In the party game, Apples To Apples, the idea is to pick a red card from your hand that best describes the judge’s green card. If the judge puts down “Undesirable”, you could put down “Stinky Feet” or an “Alien Probe”. The judge then collects everybody’s card and chooses her favorite answer. During the next round, somebody else gets to be the judge. It’s a more family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity.

Kids Against MaturityAges 8+Kids Against Maturitycheck price

Kids Against Maturity is essentially Cards Against Humanity lite. With layered sexual innuendos, this is not exactly a kid-friendly game. It plays a lot like Apples to Apples but with more potty jokes and sexual innuendos. Some of it might go over the heads of kids but it’s hard to keep a straight face. If your child is asking for Cards Against Humanity, this is might be a more suitable alternative. Still, it’s not a game that is recommended for every family.

Throw Throw BurritoAges 7+Throw Throw Burritocheck price

From the makers of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burritos is a party card game unlike any other out there. It’s a dodgeball card game where you’ll literally throw burritos at each other. Start by placing the soft foam burritos on a table and deal out the cards. Collect 3 of a kind to earn points. Play Burrito cards to force your friends to battle. But get hit by a burrito and you lose points. Then duel to determine a winner. During a Burrito Duel, players stand back-to-back, walk 3 paces, and fire away. You’ll be ducking and dodging to avoid the burrito, while laughing and having a ball of a time. It’s over-the-top, hilarious fun and perfect for mixing up things on family game night. Clear out some space and let the burrito wars begin!

CLUE Harry Potter EditionAges 9+CLUE Harry Potter Editioncheck price

Play as Harry, Ron. Hermione, and more in this Harry Potter edition of the classic game of CLUE. In this version of the game, players explore the many rooms of Hogwarts Castle. Be on the lookout for secret passages and moving staircases. Can you solve the mystery of the disappearing student? You’ll have to determine who did it, what spell/item was used, and where the student was attacked.

Double DittoAges 10+Double Dittocheck price

An award-winning game, Double Ditto is a game of quick thinking and matching. Pick a card, read it aloud, and then quickly write 2 answers you think other players will also write. You’ll see phrases like: ‘Dangerous Jobs,’ ‘Hobbies for Rich People,’ ‘Things that are squishy’ and you have 15 seconds to come up with 2 answers. Match an answer with one player for a ‘Ditto’. But match two answers to score a Double Ditto. It’s a fast-paced party game that’s perfect for the whole family.

Phone PheverAges 13+Phone Phevercheck price

Phone Phever is a family and party game of smartphones and phone smarts. It’s like Trivial Pursuit with a 21st century twist. Using your smartphone, players race to answer interesting trivia and complete hilarious challenges. In all, there are 1,200 questions and challenges to complete. Sample questions include: What toy did E.T. use to phone home? and one challenge is using only your nose, race to be the first to type ‘phone’ on your smartphone. Will you be the first to reach the Phone Phever store?

Say AnythingAges 13+Say Anythingcheck price

In “Say Anything,” an award-winning game, speaking your mind is encouraged to win. Every round someone plays the judge. By drawing from a deck, the judge asks a question like “What’s the funniest movie of all time?” All of the players write down an answer and the judge picks her favorite response. Then players try to guess which answer the judge chose. The player that guesses correctly wins the point. This 10th anniversary edition features 180 new questions with a total of 400 questions.

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021Ages 13+Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021check price

Core Set 2021 combines iconic cards from the past with recent favorites. As expected it’s full of beautiful cards and special art treatments, like alternate art, thematic showcase frames, and more. In the Magic Core Set 2021, Green and White cards find on-theme ways to give extra card draw, catching up with Black and Blue. Finally, Green and White are catching up. Revitalize and Defiant Strike are thematically White. Having two in a Core Set is a step forward. Mangara will be a card-drawing machine in any Core Set 2021. Green mana offers more card draw power and synergy than ever before. In fact, Green rivals Blue and Black in this set and Green cares about card draw, which breaks new ground for this color. Overall, the revitalized card drawing lets Green and White decks run faster and smoother, while remaining true to their purpose. What new gems will you add to your collection?

Telestrations: Upside DrawnAges 12+Telestrations: Upside Drawncheck price

Designed for 4 or more players, Telestrations: Upside Down is a fast-paced telephone game sketched out guessing game with an all-new experience. It takes lost in translation to a whole new level. Share hilarious, obscure, and crazy drawings with friends and family. It puts a teamwork spin on laugh-out-loud miscommunication, placing the pen in one person’s hand and control of the board in another’s hand. Then players pair up to draw. The catch? You can only use up or down instructions for your partner to guess and win. You’ll bond, celebrate, and create unforgettable LOL moments and memories.

Monopoly Stranger Things Collector’s EditionAges 14+Monopoly Stranger Things Collectors Editioncheck price

Inspired by Netflix’s Stranger Things series, Monopoly Stranger Things Collector’s Edition features a cool Stranger Things theme for fans of the show. It features tokens, artwork, and themes based on the first 3 seasons. The special 4-sided die lets players move their tokens between the tunnels under Hawkins to advance quickly. Players race between the tunnels under Hawkins to buy as many properties. Bankrupt all other players to win. Players can choose to use the upside down cards to raise the stakes. The glow-in-the-dark dice and hideouts elevate the overall experience. Everything from the packaging to the theme and gameplay twists is pure awesome sauce. It’s a must-have for Stranger Things and Monopoly fans.

Marvel Villainous: Infinite PowerAges 12+Marvel Villainous: Infinite Powercheck price

Villainous gets a fun new Marvel twist with Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power. You can play as Thanos, Hela, Ultron, or 2 secret Marvel villains. Battle for world domination, using each villain’s special abilities to their advantage while averting challenges from the shared fate deck. It’s the perfect game for Marvel fans with great replayability.

Death At The Dive BarAges 13+Death At The Dive Barcheck price

From the creators of the world’s #1 murder mystery company (Hunt A Killer), Death At The Dive Bar is an all-new immersive Who-Done-It murder mystery experience. This exciting new mystery game will send chills down your spine, pique curiosity, and challenge players to solve the crime. It takes place in an Old Scratch Tavern. With whispers that the ‘accidental’ death of the owner wasn’t so accidental, players have to uncover the truth – before it’s too late. In the box you get evidence directly from the crime scene, and contextual materials into the game world — letters written by the characters (laced with ciphers), hefty police and witness reports, objects found at the scene, and much more. Players must review notes, letters, and other evidence to determine the motives, means, and opportunities of the suspects. To crack the case, players must compare forensic details about the scene of the crime to narrow down suspects and decipher coded messages to open a deposit bag where the victim hid evidence. In all Hunt A Killer games, players become fully immersed in the intricate world as they attempt to crack the case. Players will be eerily challenged and have an exhilarating time trying to solve this mystery with friends and family. Can you solve the murder of Nick Webster?

Ultimate Catch PhraseAges 12+Ultimate Catch Phrasecheck price

The Ultimate Catch Phrase is an electronic party game where players pass around a unit. Players have to get their team to guess the word or phrase shown on-screen. The catch? You have to quickly describe it before time runs out. If a team member doesn’t correctly guess the word/phrase in 15 seconds, toss it to another teammate to try another word. But get caught with it when the buzzer sounds or if your team loses the round, then the other team is awarded the point. This version features 5,000 words never before seen from categories like ‘Around the World,’ ‘Fun & Games,’ ‘On the Air,’ ‘Snack Time,’ and ‘The Great Outdoors’.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 500-Pc PuzzleAges 14+Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 500-Pc Puzzlecheck price

Star Wars fans will enjoy piecing together this 500-piece jigswaw puzzle inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s The Child. Isn’t he so adorable? Perfect Snap tech ensures the pieces fit well together. The completed puzzle measures 21.25″ X 15″. Frame it and put it up on your wall for all to see.

Relative Insanity: See What I Mean?!Ages 14+Relative Insanity: See What I Mean?!check price

Designed by Jeff Foxworthy, the follow-up to Relative Insanity is here with See What I Mean?! This game is all about hilarious photos. You’ll roll the die to caption with either a punchline, what happened next, or what would granny say? Other players choose a Caption card. Then the judge decides on the funniest, second funniest and a bad caption choice. The winner receives 2 points, while 2nd place gets 1 point. Add your own photos to spice up the fun and make it personal. Like a family-friendly version of What Do You Meme?, it’s perfect for family game night. Get ready to laugh harder than ever!

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  1. Anonymous November 21, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    It is kind of insulting on how the male section for thirteen year old gifts holds actual useful and exciting gifts that stimulate the brain. The female section is fairly vapid with most of the gifts merely affecting physical appearance. The games suggested were “Just Dance” in the female list but games that are more fully enriched with action such as “Fallout and Halo” which I as a girl play myself along with a large portion of my friends play. Also the athletic section for female held yoga pants and a fitness tracker but the male list had a punching bag and things that actually help you work out. Another complaint is that there was no “scientist section” for girls. The chemistry set C3000 I received in second grade and completed it before I started my third grade year. So overall my complaint is that the female and male lists are vapid, stereotypical and seemingly just based off of assumptions.

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    good list =P

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    I have the UE BOOM and I love it super loud

    Just enough to get in a Lil trouble ;p

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    Amazing list – thanks!

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    This list is lit to the max

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    Omg thx sooooo much I definitely have this Christmas planned

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    This is lit

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    Yup, lit to the max.

  12. Aunt Chrissi December 17, 2016 at 12:03 pm #

    Thank you for helping me – a 47 year old aunt – find a cool gift for my 13 yo nephew! And I found cool gifts for many adults on my list too 🙂

    • mm
      Toy Buzz December 19, 2016 at 5:44 pm #

      Hi Aunt Chrissi, thanks for the comment! Glad you found so many super cool gifts.

  13. Sarah December 7, 2018 at 9:49 am #

    I found several things from this list that I purchased for my son. By far the most relevant list of this type. Thanks!

    • mm
      ToyBuzz December 7, 2018 at 11:13 pm #

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for your feedback. Hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday!

  14. Mom of many boys October 21, 2019 at 3:15 am #

    Overall a great list!! A couple items, like the “f#*k off socks” are not appropriate for a 13 year old, and should not be on this list.

    • mm
      ToyBuzz October 21, 2019 at 10:24 pm #

      Hi Mom of many boys! Thanks for you comment and feedback. When the list is next updated, we will take your comment into consideration.

  15. Ann Onymous March 31, 2020 at 4:15 pm #

    Ann Onymous here, I think that if you were working on a Christmas list, you could scrool through this and add stuff that seems appealing to you to your list

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