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Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance MistBrazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mistcheck price

What happens when you combine pistachio, almond, vanilla, and salty caramel? No, it is not a tasty snack, it is a melted Carmel body mist that has gone viral. If you have ever smelled Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, you know what to expect. With a sunny and seductive smell, she is going to want to spray it on her body, hair, and clothes.

Coach POPPYCoach POPPYcheck price

With a citrus and cucumber blend, this sweet, youthful fragrance from Coach smells like tart candy. A bit more mature, it’s a great everyday perfume to step into if you love Victoria Secret Body sprays.

Gucci BloomGucci Bloomcheck price

Is she ready for her first designer perfume? Travel to the middle of a beautiful blooming white floral garden with Gucci Bloom. It’s the perfect fragrance for a young woman blossoming into woman. With heavy floral notes, it is the perfect spring time perfume.

Ariana Grande Ari PerfumeAriana Grande Ari Perfumecheck price

Fans of Ariana Grande will love showering themselves in Ari Grande’s latest perfume. With a sugary sweet vanilla smell, it smells like a mix of candy and roses. Once she smells it, she won’t be able to resist it. It comes in the most adorable bottle with a faceted design and cute white pom pom on top.

Ariana Grande CloudAriana Grande Cloudcheck price

Did you know that Ariana Grande loves clouds? She actually has a cloud tattoo. It’s no surprise that she has created a perfume called “Cloud.” It comes is a puffy, cloud-shaped bottle. With a mix of lavender, pear, coconut, and vanilla orchid, it might be her most sophisticated fragrance. It’s light, airy, fluffy fragrance that loves up to its name.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like CandyAriana Grande Sweet Like Candycheck price

Ariana Grande has released her second fragrance called Sweet Like Candy. The packaging on the original fragrance was cute, but the packaging on Sweet Like Candy is even cuter. It has a multi faceted pastel pink bottle with a fluffy pom pom. With a mix of candies and vanilla, the fragrance is lighter than Ari.

Ariane Grande Thank U NextAriane Grande Thank U Nextcheck price

Named after her hit Single, Ariana Grande’s Thank You Next perfume smells like sweet, milky coconuts. According to Grande, she wanted to make a perfume that was related to her first fragrance but wanted it to feel more summery. With bright packaging and a broken heart bottle, it’s sort of the perfume you would expect Ariana Grande to wear after a breakup.

Fragrance Gift SetFragrance Gift Setcheck price

Is she a fragrance lover? Pamper her with a perfume sampler that features a variety of the best selling perfumes. Not only are mini bottles super cute, it’s a great way for her to try different fragrances without spending on the larger size bottles.

Ariana Grande Body MistAriana Grande Body Mistcheck price

With a mix of juicy pear and vanilla, Cloud is a pleasant smelling fragrance. Now you can get it in a lighter body spray that is more subtle. It’s the perfect gift for Ariane Grande fans who don’t need a full on perfume.

Victoria’s Secret Body MistVictorias Secret Body Mistcheck price

She is probably going to love any of Victoria Secret’s body mists. Their body mists are not super strong fragrances and are the perfect gift for teen girls who love scents. With a fruity floral seductive scent, Amber Romance can only be described as irresistible. It’s the perfect perfume for date night or clubbing as it really makes you feel like an absolute bombshell.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell PerfumeVictorias Secret Bombshell Perfumecheck price

Now you can smell like a Victoria Secret model with Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume. This seductive vanilla scented perfume will make you feel like a bombshell when you walk down the street. Just hope that boys don’t come knocking on your dorm door.

Bath & Body Works Body SprayBath & Body Works Body Spraycheck price

We all have a go to body spray from Bath & Body Works that we love spraying on our body for special occasions or after gym class. There are so many great scents to choose from Sweet Pea to Japanese Cherry Blossom. It’s a lot of fun when they bring back some of their most beloved scents. We all have a signature scent that reflects our personality.

Lucky You Eau de Toilette SprayLucky You Eau de Toilette Spraycheck price

Is she ready for her first perfume? Light and florally, Lucky You is the perfect starter perfume. With a fresh floral scent and a hint of citrus, Lucky You is a simple and innocent smell that most teen girls would enjoy. With notes of grapefruit and blue poppy, it’s a light fragrance that is perfect for everyday use.

Happy By Clinique For WomenHappy By Clinique For Womencheck price

With a burst of delicious orange, this light smelling perfume lives up to its name. It goes on citrusy but settles down into a flowery scent. It’s a sporty scent that is perfect for a sunny day or when you are at the gym. Bright and breezy, this summery scent can be worn all year round. It’s the closest thing to happiness in a bottle.

Ed Hardy 3 Piece Gift SetEd Hardy 3 Piece Gift Setcheck price

Tattoos with skulls and flowers? We love the edgy packaging of this Ed Hardy perfume. It’s perfect for gift giving. If she loves sweet smelling perfumes that combine floral notes with sweet candy, she will love this perfume from Ed Hardy. It’s an extremely fruity scent that smells like a strawberry-melon lollipop.

Marc Jacobs Mini Gift SetMarc Jacobs Mini Gift Setcheck price

You can’t go wrong with this mini set of Marc Jacobs perfumes. While these ones are smaller than the regular sized bottles, this sampler is a great way for her to try 4 different fragrances. She will love changing up her scent everyday and may even find her favorite one before reaching for a bigger bottle.

Vera Wang Princess PerfumeVera Wang Princess Perfumecheck price

How do princesses smell? Probably like this perfume from Vera Wang. When you spray it on, it will instantly make you smell like a princess. All you need is a crown and a cute dress. It comes in the cutest bottle which is just so princessy.

I Love Love By MOSCHINOI Love Love By MOSCHINOcheck price

Like the bottle it comes in, Love Love is a fun and brightly colored perfume. With light citrus and floral notes, it’s the closest thing to happiness in a bottle. It smells very similar to Dolce and Gabanna’s Light Blue. The best part? Everybody can afford it. If summer was a fragrance, it would be called Love Love.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy GirlTommy Hilfiger Tommy Girlcheck price

Perfect for young girls, Tommy girl is a clean and fresh citrus scent that is a mixture of sweet tea, mint, and lemon. If you need something that energizes you and makes you feel new again, this summery fragrance is the perfect pick me up. Because it is not fruity or overpowering, it’s the perfect fragrance to wear on a hot summer day.

Juicy Couture Gift SetJuicy Couture Gift Setcheck price

While it’s been around for awhile, Juicy Couture is still one of the most popular fragrances with teen girls. It comes in the cutest packaging featuring a bottle with a pink bow on it. It’s the perfect blend of a sugary and floral scent, which makes it seductive and the perfect date fragrance.

Pink Sugar PerfumePink Sugar Perfumecheck price

Pink Sugar is like a more affordable version of Prada Candy. With a mix of Carmel and vanilla, this sweet fragrance smells a lot like cotton candy. It’s very edible and a great scent that teenage girls love.

Carolina Herrera Good GirlCarolina Herrera Good Girlcheck price

It is said that with the right shoe, we can conquer the world. Most perfume bottles are pretty boring, but this bottle, shaped like a stiletto shoe, not only looks elegant but has a bit of naughtiness to it. It would also make a cute piece of room decor. With a mix on almond and coffee, the perfume conveys the same sassiness and youthfulness of the packaging.


Coming in an exquisite black bottle, this perfume looks and feels luxurious. With an earthy base, this fruity and floral fragrance is super unique. While it has vanilla and floral notes, the key ingredient is the green coffee which makes this perfume smell intoxicating. Because of its unique combination, this is a perfume that will grab a lot of attention.

FlowerbombFlowerbombcheck price

What if you stuck a bunch of flowers and candy in a bottle? You would get Flowerbomb. It’s a fragrance that just about every young girl loves. There is a bit of patchouli, tea leaves, and floral notes. For a flowery scent, it definitely has a lot of sweetness. It’s an expensive fragrance so it is best reserved for more special occasions.

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