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ColorCoral Cleaning Gel ColorCoral Cleaning Gel check price

Want to detail your car like the pros? This cleaning gel is the same trick used by professional car detailers. It gets your interior spotless and gets in between those hard-to-reach areas between vents, in the center console, steering wheel, door handle, and console panel. Now that you know the trick, you can have your interior detailed just like the pros!

Delkin Suction Car Tripod Camera Mount Delkin Suction Car Tripod Camera Mount check price

Shooting shots from your car can be next to impossible. The easiest way to mount your camera to your car is to use this suction mount. It contains an industrial grade suction cup on one side and a tripod on the other. Holding cameras up to 4 pounds, this tripod can be attached to any moving vehicle from a snowboard to car. Finally, you can Vlog your road trip.

InnoGear Car DiffuserInnoGear Car Diffusercheck price

An oil diffuser is a great way to enjoy the aroma of essential oils. With a beautiful look, this one is designed to fit inside any car cup holder and will fill your car with irresistible scents. Simply fill it with water and add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils. It can either shoot the mist out continuously or every 30 seconds.

Bling Car RingBling Car Ringcheck price

Add a little bling to your starter ring with this jewelry for your car. Available in silver, pink, and blue, this blink ring sticks to your starter ring using adhesive tape. Add a little sparkle to your ride.

The Driving BookThe Driving Bookcheck price

Designed for new teenage drivers, this book is written in a conversational manner as if the author is your big sister. The author will go over basic things like what you always have in your car, what to do in an accident, and more. Throughout the book there are short stories, which make everything more relateable. Teens will love the section “How to deal with parents.”

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure GaugeAstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gaugecheck price

It’s always important to keep your tires properly inflated. With this digital pressure gauge, it couldn’t be simpler to check your tire pressure. Not only does it have a lighted nozzle for nighttime viewing, but the digital display window is incredibly easy to read. The ergonomic the design makes it easy to hold. It’s not something she will use every day, but it is the perfect addition to her emergency roadside kit.

Drop StopDrop Stopcheck price

Don’t you hate when you drop something between gaps around the front seats. You try to fit your hand through the crevice but can never manage to grab it. The only thing you do is push it further under. The Drop Stop is designed to fit between the gaps so you don’t have to worry about pens, food, and coins falling between your seats.

EPAuto Car Trash Can with LidEPAuto Car Trash Can with Lidcheck price

Is your car starting to look like a mess? Now you don’t have to throw the garbage on the floor with car garbage can. If you eat or drink in your car, this portable trash can is a life saver. It can be put anywhere but also comes with a strap to hang it on the back of a seat or console. Tossing out your trash in your car has never been easier. Simply empty it out every time you need to get gas.

Anker Car ChargerAnker Car Chargercheck price

Once you start driving, you will spend most of your time in your car. This little USB charger is essential as it lets you charge your USB devices right in your car. If you forgot to charge your phone the night before, this will come in handy.

VacLife Air Compressor Tire InflatorVacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflatorcheck price

Finally you don’t have to go to the gas station to fill your flat tires. With a long 11.5 foot cord, this portable air compressor features a digitally display that shows you your current tire pressure. You just set it to the tire pressure you want and it will automatically inflate your tires. The best part? It can be used to inflate just about anything from balls to bike tires.

Invisible Glass Reach &Clean Tool KitInvisible Glass Reach &Clean Tool Kitcheck price

Have you ever tried to clean the inside of your car windows? Don’t hurt yourself stretching too far! This cleaning tool allows you to reach difficult to reach places. The triangle shape allows you to maneuver in the places that only contortionists can reach. The best part? It comes with a “stream free” glass cleaner.

AstroAI Mini Fridge 4AstroAI Mini Fridge 4check price

What’s better than having chilled beverages at home? Chilled beverages that you can take with you in the car. Available in sleek colors, this mini refrigerator is perfect for storing a couple cans of soda in your car for some roadside treats. With a shelf to keep things organized, it comes with both a plug for a standard outlet and one for a 12 V cigarette lighter.

Lifeline AAA Premium Road KitLifeline AAA Premium Road Kitcheck price

This emergency roadside kit is a must have for any driver. It has almost everything you need in case of an emergency including a flashlight, jumper cable, screw driver, and more. Just keep it in your trunk and you don’t have to worry.

Anker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth ReceiverAnker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receivercheck price

I wish I had Apple Play built into my car. This wireless Bluetooth transmitter is the best way to play music from your phone on your car’s speakers. Simply plug it into your Aux port.

Anker Roav FM TransmitterAnker Roav FM Transmittercheck price

Most modern cars have stereo systems that can be connected to smart devices. If your vehicle does not have an aux port, you can still stream music to it using an FM transmitter. This FM transmitter sends the audio from your phone to your car stereo so you can enjoy your favorite playlists.

YR Vehicle Center Console Armrest Cover PadYR Vehicle Center Console Armrest Cover Padcheck price

Do you rest your elbow on your console? Not only does this car console cover add a vibrant look to your car, it gives you cushioning. Attaching it is easy. Made out of neoprene, it has two elastic straps on the back that slip around the console. The underside is made out of rubber which prevents it from slipping and sliding.

High Road Contour CarHooksHigh Road Contour CarHookscheck price

These car purse hooks are a great way to save space and stay organized. Simply hang them behind or in front of your seat to hold your purse so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.

eJiasu Car Tissue HoldereJiasu Car Tissue Holdercheck price

Nothing is worse than sneezes and spills in the car. Do you always find yourself looking for tissue paper when you are driving? Then this car tissue box is game changing. Made of faux leather, it attaches to your visor without blocking your view so you can always reach for a tissue. The best part? It can easily be refilled with standard tissue paper.

Samsill Car Registration Holder Samsill Car Registration Holder check price

Have you ever fumbled through your glove box looking for important papers? This glove box wallet is a great way to store your registration, proof of insurance, and other important papers in your glove box. Not only does it make it easy to retrieve your papers quickly, but it keeps everything protected.

lebogner Auto Steering Wheel Desklebogner Auto Steering Wheel Deskcheck price

Have you ever seen a desk on four wheels? Who knew you could turn your car into a cafeteria? With this clip on steering wheel, you can eat or work in your car. With 2 sides, it provides a flat workable surface for your laptop and a tabletop with a cup holder on the other.

WINPLUS Coin HolderWINPLUS Coin Holdercheck price

Have you ever wondered where to keep your loose change in your car? Every car has a built in cup holder and this coin holder fits inside. Holding quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, it has unique spring loaded slots that allow you to quickly remove and insert coins. Going through the drive thru just got easier. No more digging for an extra nickel.

AmazonBasics Seat Belt Cutter and Window HammerAmazonBasics Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammercheck price

This seatbelt and windshield breaker might turn out to be a waste of money, but it could save your life if you ever get trapped in your car. The coolest part? It easily stores in your glove compartment so it will always be within reach.

NOCO Genius Boost PlusNOCO Genius Boost Pluscheck price

It’s amazing that this small portable charger can jumpstart a car. Not only can it do that, but it can charge a laptop and smaller USB devices. Throw it in your booth and you don’t have to worry about getting stranded and looking for someone to help you jumpstart your car.

Garmin Drive 51Garmin Drive 51check price

While the iPhone has GPS, you really shouldn’t be tempted to use it in your car unless you have a car phone mount. Also using GPS on your phone will eat through your data. It is much simpler to get a portable GPS unit like this one from Garmin. With lifetime maps and voice navigation, you will never get lost.

iOttie Easy One Touch 5iOttie Easy One Touch 5check price

It’s not safe to use your phone in your car. Every teenage girl should have a car mount for her phone. This mount sticks to your vent with a powerful magnetic system. After securing it, simply put your phone near it. While there are many mounting systems, it’s the easiest way to mount your phone in your car. Then you can use your phone in your car for cool things like GPS, music, or podcasts.

eRapta Car Rear View CameraeRapta Car Rear View Cameracheck price

Don’t you hate backing up in tight spots? When you are starting to drive, putting a rear camera in your car makes a lot of sense. It’s better to be safe than sorry. This one mounts on your license plate and comes with all the wires you need to install it. It helps you when you are backing up and parking between 2 cars.

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit Armor All Complete Car Care Kit check price

Does she want to keep her brand new car clean? This kit contains everything you need to hand wash your car including a shampoo and wax, tire foam, protectant, glass wipes, and more. When she is done washing his car, it will look good as new.

Wheel Cover with Bling BlingWheel Cover with Bling Blingcheck price

Giving you a better grip, steering wheel covers help protect the steering wheel from wear and tear. You can find all types of steering wheel covers that come in everything from his favorite sports team to funky patterns. A lot of steering wheel covers look tacky, but this one enhances the look of your car with bling bling. You can get it in different styles to match the interior of your car.

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car VacuumThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuumcheck price

If she loves keeping her car spotless, she will love this portable vacuum. With several useful attachments and sufficient suction, it’s designed to pick up dirt from inside your car, reaching the most difficult places.

ANCEL Car Engine Fault Code ReaderANCEL Car Engine Fault Code Readercheck price

Whether you love working on cars or just want diagnostic information before taking it to a mechanic, it’s always good to have a vehicle code reader. This one Ancel helps you read the diagnostic codes from your car’s computer. With just 4 buttons, it is very easy to use. The best part? It could help you save a little money on your next repair bill.

FH Group Rubber Floor MatsFH Group Rubber Floor Matscheck price

Over time, the floor of your car can get really dirty due to mud, rain, and snow. Keep your car’s carpet clean with these all weather rubber car mats. Because they can be trimmed to different sizes with the help of the guide lines, they are designed to fit most vehicles. Made of a flexible rubber material, they are durable and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting soaked. Available in 3 colors, you can find the set that matches the car’s interior.

Little Trees Black Ice Air FreshenerLittle Trees Black Ice Air Freshenercheck price

Who wants a stinky car? Unless you ride around with your windows always open, there’s nothing that can freshen the interior of your car like Little Trees car fresheners. With their iconic Pine Tree shape, they come in many scents from Black Ice to Bubble Gum. If you love the way your car smelled when you first got it, there’s even a new car scent.

Car Windshield Sun ShadeCar Windshield Sun Shadecheck price

On hot days, the inside of your car can cook. A sun shade can help keep the inside of your car cooler so you don’t have to worry about touching your steering wheel or seat belt. Unlike accordion type sun shades, this sun shade quickly inflates and deflates, making it easy to set up and put away. It’s available in 4 different sizes.

Car CacheCar Cachecheck price

We all have something we have to stash in our car. We normally just toss it on an empty seat but that makes it difficult to reach. Car Cache is a cool gadget that is installed between the driver and passenger seat. This makes it not only easy to reach for your purse but there is plenty of room for other passenger to jump in the backseat too.

Govee Interior Car LightsGovee Interior Car Lightscheck price

Trick out the interior of your car with these ultra bright LED under dash lights. Just about anybody can install this kit. Not only are the out of this world neon colors pretty dope, you can set it light up with the beat of your music. Everybody is going to want to ride around with you.

Trunkcratepro Trunk OrganizerTrunkcratepro Trunk Organizercheck price

Don’t you hate when all the stuff in your trunk flies around when you drive slower than slow. With two adjustable straps, this trunk storage organizer keeps things from moving around in your trunk.

Custom License Plate FrameCustom License Plate Framecheck price

What could be better than a personalized license plate cover? You can customize everything from the frame color to the wording. Put the name of your college on it or whatever you want.

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