Gifts For 18 Year Old Girls 2022

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Soho Floral Arts Eternity Roses in A Box Soho Floral Arts Eternity Roses in A Box check price

Does she have everything? Roses are great but sooner or later they die. These roses are real roses that have been treated with a special formulation that allows them to last between 1-3 years. The roses come arranged in a rose box to take this gift over the top. There is no better way to tell her than you love her.

Send a Cake Explosion Box GiftSend a Cake Explosion Box Giftcheck price

Who doesn’t love cake? Now you can send your recipient a chocolate chip Bundt cake topped with rainbow sprinkles. This is no ordinary cake. It might look like just a cake but when you unwrap it, it’s filled with flying butterflies that magically pop out. Make them feel special with this exploding cake gift box.

Lovepop Birthday Flower BouquetLovepop Birthday Flower Bouquetcheck price

Birthdays and holidays are all about sending thoughtful gifts. Sending roses is a great gift idea, but Lovepop cards are bouquets made out of paper. The come flat but pop up when opened. There are so many fun designs to choose from including ones which feature popular characters. The best part? These flowers never die.

Coupon CardsCoupon Cardscheck price

Instead of giving her another boring gift, get him a “Coupon Book.” Coupons are the Not only are they cheap, but they are a fun stocking stuffer. You can either get the pre-made ones or the fill-in-the-blank ones.

Surprise Cake Musical Popping Cake StandSurprise Cake Musical Popping Cake Standcheck price

It’s hard to surprise somebody on their Birthday until now. The Surprise cake stand has a tube that hides inside the cake and pops out to reveal their gift. You simply stuff anything that will fit inside the tube. Place your cake on the included stand and cut out the center of the cake to slide the tube inside. Then top off the cake with icing. There a little key on the front of the stand that allows you to release the gift on cue to truly surprise the recipient. Happy Birthday!

The Money CakeThe Money Cakecheck price

Want to surprise them with a truly memorable gift? Combine money and a cake with this surprise box. Simply roll the money and place it inside the box. Then cut a 2 inch hole in the cake to fit the surprise box into the cake. Cover it up with a topper and frost the cake to cover the box. When she pulls out the topper the stream of money will be revealed. Instant Birthday surprise!

Explosion Gift Box SetExplosion Gift Box Setcheck price

Are you looking for a unique gift? Make them feel special with this exploding gift box. Unwrapping this explosion gift box is absolutely amazing. It might look like just a gift box but when you unwrap it, it’s filled with memories or small gifts that magically pop out. When you remove the top, the sides fall out revealing several more layers. Simply fill it with your photos or small gifts and decorate it to make it personalized for the recipient.

PARIS PRODUCTS CO. Teen Birthday DecorationsPARIS PRODUCTS CO. Teen Birthday Decorationscheck price

Being a teenager is a big deal. Now she can celebrate in style with these awesome party decorations. The huge 40 inch gold numbered balloon along with the pink and white balloons make an awesome backdrop for her birthday party. This pack also includes party supplies for the table. All the balloons come deflated and must be filled with helium or air.

IDAODAN Balloon Blower PumpIDAODAN Balloon Blower Pumpcheck price

If you are throwing a party, you can spend endless hours blowing up balloons. Using this electric balloon pump makes things much easier and faster. It uses air and not helium so the balloons don’t float. Small and compact, it comes with 2 nozzles and couldn’t be simpler to use. You simply put the balloon over the nozzle and it turns on. Finally, you can save your breath, lungs, and most importantly time.

Custom Letter BalloonsCustom Letter Balloonscheck price

Who wouldn’t love waking up to balloons on their birthday? With these balloons you can personalize any message or name to make her special day more special. To inflate and deflate them, you have to use the straws. The best part? They are resuseable so you can use them in the future.

The Child Chia PetThe Child Chia Petcheck price

Ch-Ch-Chia! While they are a unique novelty gifts, Chia Pets have been around forever. They keep making different types based on the current trends. Chia pets are incredibly easy to care for. You simply have to keep them watered and watch the chia seeds sprout. Choose from an elephant, TRex, or everybody’s favorite characters, Baby Yoda.

Plant Theatre Funky Veg KitPlant Theatre Funky Veg Kitcheck price

Does she want to start her own planting her own garden? Growing normal vegetables just got a lot more boring. This kit lets you grow common vegetables with a funky twist: purple carrots, yellow courgettes, red brussels sprouts, striped tomatoes, and multicolored swiss chard. What could be better than unique, brightly colored vegetables?

Personalized Star Map PrintPersonalized Star Map Printcheck price

There are a ton of stars in the sky and they never line up exactly the same way. Now you can get a snapshot of how the sun, stars, and planets were aligned on the night that she was born with this custom star map. Simply include the date, time, and location of the event. You can even add a custom quote. The star map is printed on 100% cotton based paper. She is going to want to frame and hang this thoughtful gift up on the wall.

Custom License Plate SignCustom License Plate Signcheck price

Looking for unique room decor? We probably won’t be driving a jeep any time soon, but this custom license plate sign is the next best thing. The best part? You can customize the name on it. With a rustic design, it would make such a nice piece of room decor when displayed.

Framed Custom Floating QuoteFramed Custom Floating Quotecheck price

Every girl needs a fun quote in their room that defines who they are or an inspirational quote. Because this one can be personalized, you can choose your favorite quote and hang it on the wall. Not only does this one come framed, but it comes inside a transparent case, which creates a floated look. You can choose the justification and it’s available in two sizes 8X10 inches and 11X14 inches.

Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp check price

Lava lamps are always a cool gift, but this Jelly Fish lamp is so much cooler. It has always been fascinating to watch jelly fish swim in the sea. Imagine you could bottle them up and stick them in a lamp! Lighthead has somehow found a way to mimic the appearance and movement of Jellyfish artificially. The best part? It is just as mesmerizing.

LumiLux Motion Sensor Toilet LightLumiLux Motion Sensor Toilet Lightcheck price

You probably didn’t know this but the bathroom is a very dangerous place. It’s probably even more dangerous when it is dark. When you got to go, you got to go even it is dark and you are half asleep. Meet the LumiLux. This nightlight clips to your toilet bowl and when motion is detected, it turns on with a stunning light show. There is nothing better than a lighted potty.

Silver Dollar Personalized Scented CandleSilver Dollar Personalized Scented Candlecheck price

What is her favorite scent? If she loves candles, surprise her with a personalized candle. Not only can you personalize the words on the front of the candle but you can also choose the perfect scent for the occasion from Birthday Cake to Fresh Cut Christmas Tree. Put her name on it and awaken her scenes with her favorite aroma.

Katie Doodle Back In Sign Katie Doodle Back In Sign check price

Looking for a fun and unique gift for your teenage girl? Here is a fun novelty poster that celebrates the important millstone in her life. Taking her back in time, the poster reveals all of the amazing things that happened in the year she was born. Put it in a frame to make it an even more special gift.

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter KitBonsai Tree Seed Starter Kitcheck price

Wouldn’t it be so cool to plant your own Bonzai Tree? It’s always so much fun to grow your own plants. The starter kit walks you through all the steps to growing your own Bonzai Tree. Packed in a lovely wooden gift box, the kit comes with everything you need including 4 burlap pots, 4 plant markers, 4 seed packets, 4 soil disks, and a pair of shears. Simply soak the seeds, water the soil, and plant the seeds. The seeds should sprout in a few weeks.

Personalize Your Own Street Sign Personalize Your Own Street Sign check price

Where would you take your jeep? If you love adding unique decor to your room, check out these custom street signs. You can customize each sign and even choose a reflective coating that is similar to an actual road sign. If you are going for the whole beachy vibe in your room you add famous beaches like Venice Beach. It’s a fun way to add to the uniqueness of your room.

Personalized Reusable Starbucks Coffee Cup Personalized Reusable Starbucks Coffee Cup check price

Can’t do without a cup of coffee? For coffee lovers, it’s seems like everybody is carrying tumblers everywhere. This coffee tumbler can be personalized with a name at the top of the ring. You can even customize the colors. The best part? You will never mix your tumblers with any of your friends.

Personalized Name Desk Name Plate Personalized Name Desk Name Plate check price

If you want to show her that you took a little extra time to put some thought into her gift, a personalized gift is always a wonderful idea. This personalized desk name plate can be customized with a logo and her name. You can even customize it with a second line that says something funny or is serious. Who knows one day she might one day become a CEO!

Bond Touch BraceletsBond Touch Braceletscheck price

Bond Touch gives a new meaning to “I’m thinking of you.” Long distance relationship just got easier. Bond Touch gives couples the ability to connect from anywhere in the globe. You get a set of two bracelets. Tap the bracelet and your partner will feel their bracelet shake and glow. It won’t replace the touch of the person, but it will bring you closer together.

Filimin Friendship LampsFilimin Friendship Lampscheck price

Say goodbye to long distance relationships with this unique lamp. When you touch one lamp, the other one lights up. The coolest part? Because the lamps work over Wi-FI, the lamps can be at opposite ends of the country. It’s a fun and innovative way to send your love from miles away.

POWERCAP LED Beanie CapPOWERCAP LED Beanie Capcheck price

A headlamp in a hat? Who said that you can’t run in the dark? This beanie not only designed to keep warm when it is dark outside, but allows you to see in the dark. There is no reason to hold any light in your hand. It has built in LED lights inside the cap. The best part? It is washable.

1-800-Gift Baskets1-800-Gift Basketscheck price

To make her day more memorable, you can send her a beautiful gift basket. 1-800-Gift-Baskets has gift baskets for just about every occasion. For those who love sweets, this festive tower is full of Godiva chocolates including truffles, milk chocolates, and pretzels. To make it authentic, it comes wrapped with a signature purple Godiva ribbon.

Gourmet Gift BasketsGourmet Gift Basketscheck price

If you are looking to make somebody’s day, you can send them a beautiful gift basket through the mail for any occasion. Gourmet Gift Baskets has a ton of gift baskets to satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth. The Favorite Treats Gift Basket contains popcorn, peanut butter cookies, candy and chocolate treats all packaged in a eye catching display.

My Life Story – So FarMy Life Story - So Farcheck price

Wouldn’t be cool if you could write your own autobiography? Now you can tell your personal story with this life journal. It has questions and prompts that allow you to record memories during the early years, while growing up, and after marriage. She is going to love passing this down to future generations.

Mochi Ice Cream Kit Mochi Ice Cream Kit check price

Who doesn’t love eating and cooking dessert? Mochi ice cream is incredibly popular. Originating in Japan, Mochi Ice Cream is sticky rice dough that is wrapped around balls of ice cream. Now you can make your own home-made matcha tea or cocoa flavored mochi ice cream with this DIY kit. The kit contains everything you need though you will need to supply the ice cream.

1-800-Flowers1-800-Flowerscheck price

Of course she would love flowers on her birthday and 1-800-Flowers has a wonderful array of bouquets from rose to vibrant carnation arrangements that are perfect for sending her a surprise on her big day.

Cameo Personalized MessageCameo Personalized Messagecheck price

Why wish her when you get her favorite celebrity to? Wouldn’t it be cool to receive a customized message from your favorite celebrity? With over 30,000 celebrities, Cameo allows anybody to receive a custom 30 second video for a fee. There’s everybody from athletes to musicians. If you know a teen girl who has waited all her life to hear a greeting from her favorite celebrity, this gift is priceless.

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