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Cards Against HumanityAges 17+Cards Against Humanitycheck price

Don’t play Cards Against Humanity with your grandma or anyone who gets easily offended. The game is like a grownup version of Apples To Apples with raunchy, dirty, and totally inappropriate content. It’s a fill in the blank game where players compete for the best answer.

What Do You Meme?Ages 18+What Do You Meme?check price

Imagine Cards Against Humanity with Memes! In What Do You Meme? you have to use cards to create funny captions for photos. During each round a photo is chosen and each player is given 7 caption cards. Players play the best caption card. The judge picks the best answer. At the end of the round, the judge rotates to the next player. Parents should know this is an R-Rated game that is not recommended for anybody offended with sexual jokes.

Joking HazardAges 17+Joking Hazardcheck price

Could a game be more ADULT than Cards Against Humanity? In Joking Hazard, you have to finish off a three pane comic book strip with one of your cards. The judge will then pick the best card. Like Cards Against Humanity, the game is obscene. The comics contain bad words, sexual imagery, and gore so the game is intended for adult audiences only.

Relative InsanityAges 14+Relative Insanitycheck price

Created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Relative Insanity is like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, but you can play it in front of the family. It’s a game that you’ll love playing because you’re sure to get lots of laughs. There are punch line cards and setup cards. Someone reads the setup, for example: “When my cousin walked in with my new baby, my grandma blurted out _______.” Then players look at their punch lines and submit the one that’s going to get the biggest laugh. The setup person picks the best answer and that player scores points.

ThinkFun Escape the RoomAges 13+ThinkFun Escape the Roomcheck price

In escape rooms, players work together to solve puzzle to escape before time runs out. Now the fun of an escape room is making its way to board games. If you like narrative-driven games, Thinkfun has some great board games that vary in difficultly. The game contains a series of puzzles to solve in sealed envelopes. The best part? Nobody is locked inside.

Asmodee MysteriumAges 10+Asmodee Mysteriumcheck price

Why watch a horror movie when you can play a horror themed board game? Mysterium is a whodunnit cooperative board game. A ghost has been murdered and players must uncover the killer, location, and murder weapon. One player takes the role of the ghost and the rest of the players are psychics. The catch? The ghost gives clues using only picture cards.

Bears vs BabiesAges 10+Bears vs Babiescheck price

From the creators of Exploding Kittens comes another hilarious game. In game, there are two types of card: bears and babies. Players must build bears to destroy an army of babies. In the deck, there are different body parts. You connect them to form a monster. You can create everything from a owl wearing underpants to a grizzly bear who is also a taco. The object of the game is to eat the most babies. It’s a game that plays as silly as it sounds.

Unstable Unicorns Ages 14+Unstable Unicorns check price

Who isn’t obsessed with Unicorns? Started on Kickstarter, Unstable Unicorns is a card game that raised an ungodly amount of money. In Unstable Unicorns, you must build a unicorn army. The player that is the first to collect seven unicorns in their hand is the winner, but thanks to the “Neigh” cards there are numerous obstacles in your way. It’s much a game of strategy as it is a game of betrayal. Add rainbows and a little sparkle to your game night.

You’ve Got CrabsAges 7+Youve Got Crabscheck price

Can you keep a “sea”cret? From the creators of Exploding Kittens comes a new board game called You’ve Got Grabs. This is the family friendly game for kids over 7. Played in teams of 2, this game combines crabs with deception. The game is super simple: Before starting, you and your teammate must come up with a secret signal. You must collect 4 of the same card and secretly notify your partner. Your teammate must then yell “You’ve got crabs.” The catch? If the other team finds out and yells “You’ve Got Crabs” your team loses.

Exploding KittensAges 7+Exploding Kittenscheck price

Luckily, no cute kittens are harmed while playing this card game. With simple rules, hilarious artwork, and suspense, this fast card game is a lot of fun to play with friends. The game is very easy to pick up. The game is very similar to Russian Roulette where the idea is to avoid picking up the Exploding Kitten card. There are a couple a wrinkles that make the game require a bit of strategy.

CodenamesAges 14+Codenamescheck price

Setup like a spy thriller, Codenames is an inventive word game that is played with two teams. The idea is to use a one word clue and a number that describes a bunch of other words. An example would be: pets, 2. So your team would have to find 2 pets among the group of cards. It sounds simple but it requires a lot of strategy.

Betrayal At House On The HillAges 12+Betrayal At House On The Hillcheck price

Do you love horror movies? In this horror themed board game, you and your friends will explore a spooky house on the hill. Players explore the house by flipping cards, which leads to the discovery of omens and the eventual “haunt.” While everybody goes together, one of your friends will betray you during the haunt. That’s when everything goes to disarray and you have to try to escape from the house. It’s a unique twist on the classic cooperative game.

Voice Originals When in RomeAges 13+Voice Originals When in Romecheck price

When In Rome is the world’s first Alexa-powered board game. Alexa serves as the host and pilot in this travel trivia game. The goal is to fly around the map and meet various city locals. You confer with your teammates on the answers to various questions and win points if you guess correctly. Best of all, you’ll learn so much while having loads of fun traveling the world. It’s really a special experience you don’t want to miss.

Watch Ya’ MouthAges 16+Watch Ya Mouthcheck price

In this hilarious game, you stick mouth expanders in your mouth and try to say a quote like “Whip Cream On Pumpkin Pastries.” The only problem? It’s actually hard to say it with the mouth expander stuffed in your mouth. It will come out hecka slurred and your team has to guess what the heck you are saying before the time runs out.

5 Second RuleAges 10+5 Second Rulecheck price

In this fast paced game, you will have to think on your feet. You have five seconds to spit out 3 things. “Name 3 Yellow Foods.” Go! 1 . 2 . 3 .4 . 5 Too bad 5 seconds are up.

Say AnythingAges 13+Say Anythingcheck price

In “Say Anything,” speaking your mind is encouraged to win. Every round someone plays the judge. By drawing from a deck, the judge asks a question like “What’s the funniest movie of all time?” All of the players write down an answer and the judge picks her favorite response. Then players try to guess which answer the judge chose. The player that guesses correctly wins the point.

The Game of Things Board Game Ages 14+The Game of Things Board Game check price

How well do you think you know your friends? In the Game Of Things, a funny topic card is chosen like “Things people do when nobody is looking.” Everybody writes down a response. The fun part? You have to guess who wrote down what. It’s a great game to play with a group of friends.

Taboo Board GameAges 13+Taboo Board Gamecheck price

The classic game of Taboo is one of the best board games ever. Taboo is really easy to play. On each card there is one main word at the top. Underneath that word are the taboo words. You have to try to get your teammates to guess the main word without using the taboo words.

Apples to ApplesAges 12+Apples to Applescheck price

Apples To Apples is another silly party game. During each round, one player is designated to be the judge. He deals a hand of 7 red cards to each player and then flips over a green card with an adjective on it. Every player than puts down a card in their hand that best describes the green card. The judge then picks the best response, which is usually the funniest.

One Night Ultimate WerewolfAges 13+One Night Ultimate Werewolfcheck price

A game of deception and deduction, One Night Werewolf is a simple party game that takes only 10 minutes to play. At the start, players are dealt a secret role from a basic villager to a werewolf. The goal of the game is to find out who is the secret werewolf. Each role has a different ability that helps to uncover clues. When it goes dark, meaning players close their eyes, everybody will perform a task based on their role. Then everyone has to work together to choose the werewolf, but you don’t know who is telling the truth so expect to lose a couple of friends.

Sushi Go! Ages 3-15Sushi Go! check price

Sushi Go has been updated with more cards to support up to 8 players at once. The idea of the game is to pick a card and pass the rest of the cards to the player beside you. Each card you grab is sort of like grabbing a food item on a conveyor belt. Different combinations of cards are worth a different amount of points. The idea is score the highest amount of points with your combination of cards.

Forbidden IslandAges 10+Forbidden Islandcheck price

Similar to Pandemic, Forbidden Island is a cooperative game that uses a lot of the same mechanics. Because it is simpler and on a smaller scale, it is a good game to play before playing Pandemic. In Forbidden Island, players must work together to recover artifacts and escape on a helicopter before the island sinks. As the game reaches its conclusion, it gets more and more tense.

PandemicAges 13+Pandemiccheck price

This is a fantastic cooperative game. The idea of the game is to cure the different diseases that are spreading across the world that could cause a Pandemic. Each player has a different role which gives them special powers. The only way to win is stop all four diseases by working together.

Ticket To RideAges 8+Ticket To Ridecheck price

Award winning, Ticket To Ride is a classic board game that everyone should play. It’s so simple to play. The idea is to claim railway routes, connecting cities. The longer the routes, the more points you collect.

CatanAges 8+Catancheck price

In Settlers Of Catan, you will have to manage your resources to take control over an island. On each roll of the dice, you will get different resources and will have to trade and use them wisely to build out your civilization.

Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle Ages 12+Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle check price

If you really want to test your spatial skills, check out these Hanayama Cast puzzles. Made out of cast metal, there are so many different types of these puzzles that are offered for different skill levels. With each of the puzzles you have to take them apart and put them back together. The level 4 ones are doable but the level 6 ones will have you stumped for a long time. Luckily, you can look up the solutions for most of them online.

Ugears 3D Self Propelled Model TheaterAges 14+Ugears 3D Self Propelled Model Theatercheck price

If you need an awesome gift idea, check out UGears line of self propelled wooden models. Using laser cut pieces, these models are engineering marvels. After you put this movie theater model together, you will be amazed at how just spinning one gear causes the other gears to spin at different rates.

Rubik’s Cube GameAges 8+Rubiks Cube Gamecheck price

The Rubik’s Cube has been around forever and is still one of the best selling toys of all time, but everybody should have this classic toy. The idea is to manipulate the cube so that each face has only one color. While you can look the solution up online, it’s far more rewarding to solve it on your own.

Custom Photo Puzzle CubeAges 8+Custom Photo Puzzle Cubecheck price

Did you know that the Rubik’s cube is the best selling toy of all time? There aren’t too many toys that have been around since ancient times but the Rubik’s cube is one of them. It was invented in 1974. You are supposed to rotate all the squares so that they are all on one side of the cube. If you don’t approach it correctly, they will all get mixed up. Now you can create a custom one.

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