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BirchboxBirchboxcheck price

The Birchbox is the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life. It’s a beauty sample box subscription service that is monthly. Every month, you get an adorable box with 5 beauty products inside. They send you everything from makeup to nail polish. It’s a real cool gift because instead of getting just one gift for Christmas, you get several over the year.

Cloud9 Experience Gift CardCloud9 Experience Gift Cardcheck price

Sometimes getting to experience things is better than receiving an actual gift. With this gift card from Cloud9, your teenager can choose from different experiences in their city. You could try indoor skydiving, get a pedicure, or even a relaxing Swedish massage. I so need a massage.

Concert TicketsConcert Ticketscheck price

Who doesn’t love concert tickets? I think it’s every teen’s girls dream to go to Coachella , Lollapalooza, or Beauty Con but it’s super expensive. Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Marron 5, and Ed Sheeran are all on tour. If you could score tickets, it would be an absolute dream. Ticket Master is the best place to get tickets.

Gift Card Snow GlobeGift Card Snow Globecheck price

A lot of us turn to gift cards if we can’t think of a gift to buy. Because they can be used only at specific stores, they make a more personal gift than just money. While everybody loves gift cards, they don’t make you feel surprised. This little snow globe is a fun and surprising way to give a gift card. The best part? When you take out the gift cards, you can stick a photo inside.

Amazon Gift CardAmazon Gift Cardcheck price

An Amazon gift card would be great because Amazon practically sells everything you can think of from makeup to gadgets.

Amazon Prime SubscriptionAmazon Prime Subscriptioncheck price

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, get Amazon Prime. Not only do you get free two day shipping on like a gajillion products, but you also get access to Amazon’s online streaming movie service and a ton of additional benefits.

Forever 21 Gift CardForever 21 Gift Cardcheck price

Does your teenager not like anything that you pick out? Then a Forever 21 gift card will be a big hit. It’s the one store in mall that every teen girl loves checking out. You can get super trendy looks for less.

American Eagle Gift CardAmerican Eagle Gift Cardcheck price

You can’t go wrong with a gift card to America Eagle. When you are a teenager, you are pretty in love with anything from America Eagle. They sell very trendy clothing including their Aerie lingerie label, which is too cute.

Urban Outfitters Gift CardUrban Outfitters Gift Cardcheck price

With edgy clothing and styles that teen girls love, a gift card to Urban Outfitters is practically guaranteed to be a hit. Urban not only has super trendy clothing, but I love their room decor.

Brandy Melville Gift CardBrandy Melville Gift Cardcheck price

With the help of social media, Brandy Melville has become an extremely popular brand among teen girls. The company sells everything from denim to a huge array of crop tops. While most of its clothes come in one size, a lot of teen girls love the cut of their clothing.

Sephora Gift CardSephora Gift Cardcheck price

Sephora Gift Cards are great because you can go shopping for any makeup that you have always wanted to try.

Nordstrom Gift Card Nordstrom Gift Card check price

What could be better than clothes? A Nordstrom gift card. That way she can get exactly what she wants. It comes in the cutest gift box.

Hollister Gift CardHollister Gift Cardcheck price

If you don’t know what to get you teenage girl, a Hollister gift card is sure to be a big hit. With California inspired apparel, they sell everything from hoodies to dresses. Plus, their jeans fit so well.

Starbucks Gift CardStarbucks Gift Cardcheck price

I practically live on coffee and tea and getting a gift card to Starbucks would be so cool. In fact, Santa I would love a lifetime membership there so I could hang out there all day.

Panera Bread Gift CardPanera Bread Gift Cardcheck price

Oh my gosh, the food at Panera Bread makes me so hungry. Their Panini sandwiches and fresh bakery items are super delicious. Getting a gift card here would be such a great treat.

Netflix Gift CardNetflix Gift Cardcheck price

Who wouldn’t love a subscription to Netflix? It’s a great way to catch up on shows and watch Christmas movies all day long.

Movie Gift CardMovie Gift Cardcheck price

Who doesn’t love the movies? There are so many movies I want to go see. This would be such a great gift for your girlfriend or friend. It’s the perfect gift for “date night” or the movie lover in your life. You could even get a dinner & movie gift card combo to make it an even more special night.

Pink Victoria Secret Gift CardPink Victoria Secret Gift Cardcheck price

Every teen girl’s weakness is Victoria Secret. Not only is its underwear super comfortable, but it has so many other products from comfy pajamas to perfumes. Every teenage girl loves PINK! It’s sort of where girls go anytime they want to feel good about themselves so a gift card here is perfect.

Target Gift CardTarget Gift Cardcheck price

At Target you can get pretty much everything from clothing to electronics at really great prices. It has all the latest fashions and its bikini selection is great. Once you walk into its room decor section, you will want to buy every single item on the shelf.

iTunes Gift CardiTunes Gift Cardcheck price

Does she love buying and downloading her favorite songs to her phone as MP3s. If she already uses iTunes, an iTunes gift card is the perfect gift because it allows her to purchase not only music, but apps, books, and movies from the App Store.

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