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Felt Letter BoardFelt Letter Boardcheck price

Available in many different color combinations, this felt letter board is so adorable. The white text on black really stands out. It is perfect for writing fun short quotes, reminders, or messages. It comes with a ton of different letters and symbols. It comes with 2 different sized letters. It is very easy to write out the words but you do have to take apart the letters when your first get it. It is the perfect prop for Instagram photos.

The Original My Cinema LightboxThe Original My Cinema Lightboxcheck price

This lightbox is such a neat addition to any teen girl’s room. You simply slide in the included letters in the rails to put in any fun phrases or inspiring quotes on it. It runs either on batteries or can be plugged in using USB.

Rustic Brown Magnetic Wall Chalkboard SignRustic Brown Magnetic Wall Chalkboard Signcheck price

A chalkboard? There is something about a chalkboard that makes you feel like kid again. With a wooden frame, this 20 X 30 inch chalkboard would make a great decorative piece to create a modern, rustic look in your room. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally. The best part? It comes with 10 brightly colored liquid chalk markers. She will love writing down messages, reminders, and fun quotes.

Wreck This JournalWreck This Journalcheck price

I have seen Wreck This Journal everywhere. It’s a journal that you are supposed to destroy in fun ways. For example, the journal will say “throw something wet on the page.” It’s a great outlet when you are feeling bored, artistic, or upset. For me, that’s practically all the time.

The Five Minute JournalThe Five Minute Journalcheck price

With school, life can be super stressful and most of us don’t have the time for a journal. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive attitude when the world around you is so negative. This 5 minute journal is such a great idea. Every single day, you spend five minutes starting the day on a positive note. It’s super easy. You just fill out each section of the journal with a few lines and write about what makes you grateful for each day.

One Line a DayOne Line a Daycheck price

I think this 5 year journal is so fun. Every single day, you answer a question like “What is your favorite song at the moment?” Empty space can be intimidating, but with this journal all it takes is one line. You answer the same question on the same day for 5 years. It’s fun to look back at your responses and see how much you have changed over 5 years.

Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook Bullet JournalEssentials Dot Matrix Notebook Bullet Journalcheck price

If you are on Instagram a lot, you have probably come across bullet journals. To get started, you need a journal that is designed for bullet journaling like this one. Bullet journals aren’t like regular journals as they come with dots. They are usually used to keep track of your monthly and daily goals in a bullet format. It’s a great alternative to a planner.

The Bullet Journal MethodThe Bullet Journal Methodcheck price

Bullet journaling has really taken off. The original system was created by Ryder Carroll who worked out his system with a lot of trial and error. Now he has put all his expertise in the Bullet Journal Method. The Bullet Journal Method helps you understand his organizational method with different exercises. Soon you will be able to create lists that help organize and manage your life.

Zebra MILDLINER HighlightersZebra MILDLINER Highlighterscheck price

If you have ever wanted to try bullet journaling, these are the highlighters that everybody online is obsessed with. Because they come in different colors, they are perfect for making your bullet journal colorful. They have two tips with a regular tip on one end and a fine point on the other. Unlike regular highlighters, these ones come in pastel colors.

3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girlscheck price

A lot of us are busy today. For those who believe in Christianity, there is nothing better than starting the day out with God. It only takes 3 minutes a day as you reflect on the words of God, relate God’s teachings to real life, and pray. With 180 readings, it’s a good way for teen girls to get in touch with their spirituality.

Rocketbook Everlast Smart NotebookRocketbook Everlast Smart Notebookcheck price

Even with all the digital technology, there is something about physically writing something down that can never be replaced. Does she love notebooks? This might be the last notebook she will ever need. You can do everything you can with a regular notebook but it can be reused. The pages can be erased with a moist towel. With the Rocketbook app, you can scan all the pages before you erase the notebook.

Letters To Open When …Letters To Open When …check price

Open When Letters are great way to keep in touch with that special someone when you are going to be apart. That way she can open them when she is lonely and needs a friend or when she is sad. This set of Open When letters is already done so you don’t even have to think of the topics. All you have to do is write the letters. There are 12 different letters.

Letters to My Future SelfLetters to My Future Selfcheck price

Forget writing in journals. This is even more fun. What if you could talk to your future self? What would you say? With this set, the idea is that your write letters now for your future self to read years later.

What I Love About You Fill In The Love JournalWhat I Love About You Fill In The Love Journalcheck price

Sometimes the best gift comes from the heart. You don’t have to pay a lot for a really personalized gift. Simply fill out this small book and let her know how much you really love her. You can fill it with special things and even things that will make her laugh. After she reads it, she is going to have tears in her eyes.

Katie Daisy 2018 – 2019 On-the-Go Weekly PlannerKatie Daisy 2018 - 2019 On-the-Go Weekly Plannercheck price

Keep her organized and on top with all of her activities with this beautiful daily planner that promotes positivity. The beautiful floral designs and illustrations make it fun to get organized. Running from August to December 2019, it’s got monthly spreads, room for daily activities, and fun quotes. Not only does it look beautiful on a desk, but it is the perfect size for throwing in your purse.

Lilly Pulitzer PlannerLilly Pulitzer Plannercheck price

A New Year. A new planner. A new you. Planners are great for keeping your schedule organized. I think this day planner from Lilly Pulitzer is cute. It’s got ample spaced lines so you don’t have to write so small. Now you can you finally plan your week.

The Simple Elephant PlannerThe Simple Elephant Plannercheck price

One of the best ways to become more productive is by becoming more organized. This planner is small enough to throw in your purse, but has plenty of space inside to keep track of your schedule on a weekly and monthly basis. We like that in the start of the planner, it asks you to layout your goals for the next 12 months. The best part? Since it is undated, you can start tomorrow.

Me & My Big Ideas The Happy Planner KitMe & My Big Ideas The Happy Planner Kitcheck price

It’s time to start a fresh new year on the right foot. There is nothing better than getting organized. Every girl needs a planner! The Happy Planner is a 12 month undated planner that can be customized and adapted for your needs. This kit comes with a ton of accessories and stickers so you can make the planner your own. You’ve got both a monthly and weekly views so it is easy to keep track of everything from school work to birthday parties.

Snapfish PhotobookSnapfish Photobookcheck price

Do remember photo albums? Nowadays it has become popular to scroll through photos on your phone. There is something even more special about having actual photo album that you can look though. Creating a photo book with online photos couldn’t be easier than with Snapfish. You can easily import photos and change the book’s layouts. Prices start at just over $10. Since it can be personalized, it’s such a great gift idea.

ZIPIT Grillz Pencil CaseZIPIT Grillz Pencil Casecheck price

Who knew that a pencil case could be so fun? With eyes and a zippered mouth, this pencil case has so much of personality. The best part? It holds a ton of school supplies or makeup inside. Every time she unzips and zips it back up, it will bring a huge smile to her face.

Homecube Pencil CaseHomecube Pencil Casecheck price

If she loves collecting pens and pencils, a pencil case will always come in handy. It always seems that pencil cases don’t have enough of space inside. Available in a variety of colors, this case from Homecube has a ton of storage for all her stationary. There are a ton of compartments inside to organize all your stuff. The coolest part? It has a removable Velcro divider so you can use it to store larger things.

YOFIT 21 Vintage Desk CalendarYOFIT 21 Vintage Desk Calendarcheck price

Nowadays everything has gone digital but having a physical calendar can help you stay better organized and focused. Everybody has a wall calendar, but this desk calendar is way cuter. It comes with wooden blocks that can be rotated to the correct date. She is going to love changing the date every morning. It not only makes a pretty desk accessory, but it’s actually practical.

Zebra Mechanical Pencil And Pen Gift SetZebra Mechanical Pencil And Pen Gift Setcheck price

Everybody could use a fresh set of office supplies. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for high quality stationary. Treat yourself to this pencil and pen gift set from Zebra. Both the pen and pencil have excellent barrels and the stainless steel body feels great in your hand. The pen is well balanced and produces nice and easy strokes. These great writing instruments make a great gift.

Fisher Space PenFisher Space Pencheck price

Wouldn’t it be great if your pen would work at any angle? Meet the Space Pen! It’s called the Space Pen because the pen defies the laws of gravity. You can write withit while upside down. Heck you can even use it in outer space. After using it, you will never want to use an ordinary pen again. Throw it in your pocket and take it everywhere with you. It comes in a beautiful gift box.

Pilot G2 Retractable Gel PensPilot G2 Retractable Gel Penscheck price

Yes, boring pens. 13 year old girls love pens and cute stationary. These Pilot G2 are not ordinary pens; they last longer than other pens and glide over the writing surface. They are perfect for the 13 year girl that loves to write, doodle, or even for taking notes in class.

Rose Gold Pen with Big DiamondRose Gold Pen with Big Diamondcheck price

Cute stationary always makes a great gift and these pens are SUPER CUTE. What girl doesn’t love sparkly diamonds? She will love using these blinged out pens to take notes, write her name, and make sparkly scribbles. The best part? It also makes a cute decoration. The big gem on the top will get everybody’s attention. With a set of 3 ball point pens, it makes a great gift for any teen girl.

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Retractable PenPaper Mate InkJoy Gel Retractable Pencheck price

There is nothing that beats the feeling of taking notes with a good pen. It makes you want to write everything down. These InkJoy Pens come in so many pretty colors and are perfect for bullet journaling. She can use a different color for each subject. Not only does the ink come out like smooth butter, but it quickly dries so you don’t have worry about smears. The rubberized grip makes them easy to write with.

OffencilsOffencilscheck price

Who doesn’t love Tumblry pencils with cute sayings on them? Who knew that pencils could be so offensive? If she has a sense of humor, she will love these pencils with funny sayings on them. Not only are they great pencils, they are hilarious. Each set of 20 pencils comes in 3 varieties G-rated, PG-rated, and R-Rated. Just be warned: When you use them, people might start laughing out of nowhere.

Sprout plantable graphite pencilsSprout plantable graphite pencilscheck price

Why throw away your pencil stubs when you can regrow them? The Sprout pencil may look like an ordinary pencil, but it has seed capsule that it fitted on the end. When the pencil is no longer useable, it can be planted.

Mr. Sketch Scented MarkersMr. Sketch Scented Markerscheck price

Your teen girl will love writing with these bright colored markers. These aren’t normal markers. The best part? They smell yummy. With everything from cherry to apple, she will wish she could eat these markers.

Sharpie Stained Fabric MarkersSharpie Stained Fabric Markerscheck price

Who wouldn’t like to personalize their clothes? These Sharpie Fabric Markers are the easiest way to create colorful designs on your t-shirts, bags, shoes, or hats. The tips of the pen allow you to create fine lines and the sides of the pen are perfect for laying down more color.

Sharpie Color Burst Permanent MarkersSharpie Color Burst Permanent Markerscheck price

You can’t go wrong with a set of inexpensive sharpies. These markers write on just about any surface and you don’t have to worry about the color washing off. With fine points, they are perfect for taking notes, crafts, labeling, or journaling.

Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel PensPilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Penscheck price

Pens don’t sound too exciting, but these gel pens are eraseable. With 7 different colors, you get a nice variety of colors. The ink just rolls off the pen smoothly, which makes them perfect for taking notes or doodling. The best part? You never need whiteout again. Since the eraser never wears down, you can erase as much as you want.

DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer CaddyDecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddycheck price

Clean the clutter off your desktop with this great organizer caddy from DecoBros. With 4 divisions, this organizer has space for all your stationary and won’t slide around on your desktop thanks to the rubber feet. The additional pockets in the front are perfect for storing smaller supplies like paper clips and postit notes. The best part? There is even a little drawer on the front.

Blu Monaco Rose Gold Desk OrganizerBlu Monaco Rose Gold Desk Organizercheck price

It’s a good idea to keep your desk organized to improve your productivity. When you have a place for everything, it is a lot easier to put things away. Available in an assortment of colors and styles, these desk accessories bring organization and style to your desk. It comes with 4 modern looking pieces: a magazine holder, paper tray, mail organizer, and pen cup. All of the pieces are color coordinated so they really look good together. It adds a little character and color to a boring desk.

Post-it Cat Note DispenserPost-it Cat Note Dispensercheck price

What could be more purr-fect than this? The little cat dispenses post it notes. Every time you see it on your desk, you will want to grab a post it note just because it makes you smile.

2019 Calendar2019 Calendarcheck price

If you know what her favorite artist or interest is, get her a calendar featuring her favorite artist or interest. Who doesn’t love shoes? It’s the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life.

Fasmov Steel Man BookendsFasmov Steel Man Bookendscheck price

How adorable is this? I love the look of these bookends. Made of stainless steel, they almost have a reflective like appearance. When you place your books between them, it looks like the they are holding the books up.

Harry Potter Hogwarts BookmarksHarry Potter Hogwarts Bookmarkscheck price

For booklovers, it’s always nice to treat yourself to a cute accessory now and then. You can never have enough bookmarks. If she can’t get enough of reading the Harry Potter books, she will love this officially licensed Harry Potter bookmark gift set. The set comes in a beautiful stainless steel case that is perfect for gift giving. I hear the bookmarks are even more magical when you are reading through Harry Potter for the 13th time.

Scotch Shoe DispenserScotch Shoe Dispensercheck price

What girl doesn’t love shoes? Tape dispensers aren’t supposed to be so cute. They are actually kind of boring. I think anyone obsessed with shoes would love this to liven up her desk.

Personalized Name Desk Name Plate Personalized Name Desk Name Plate check price

If you want to show her that you took a little extra time to put some thought into her gift, a personalized gift is always a wonderful idea. This personalized desk name plate can be customized with a logo and her name. You can even customize it with a second line that says something funny or is serious. Who knows one day she might one day become a CEO!

Aqua Notes Water Proof Note PadAqua Notes Water Proof Note Padcheck price

Do you get your best ideas in the shower but forget about them immediately after the shower? Scientists say that shampoo stimulates our brain waves. Okay, I made that up, but this waterproof notepad allows you to jot down notes in the shower. How freaking cool is that? The only problem? She might write her essays in the shower.

X-ACTO S Electric Pencil SharpenerX-ACTO S Electric Pencil Sharpenercheck price

Everybody is in search of the perfect pencil point. With a 6 pencil hole selector dial, this electric pencil sharpener from X-Acto makes it easy to sharpen any pencil. The best part? Using a flyaway cutter system, the quiet motor is designed to automatically stop once the pencil is sharp. The shaving dish is large so you don’t have to empty it often.

BestBookStandBestBookStandcheck price

How do they expect you to read those big old textbooks? Your neck will thank you later with this book stand. Designed to hold even the heaviest textbooks, this bookstand displays your books at eye level. With adjustable angle, it’s very versatile too. It has convenient page clips to hold the pages flush. The best part? You can set it up anywhere even in bed and use it to hold a laptop or tablet.

The Shave Well Locker MirrorThe Shave Well Locker Mirrorcheck price

Sometimes we all get nervous that something is stuck between our teeth. Now she can look at her reflection in the mirror between classes with this locker mirror. It comes with an adhesive hook but you can also buy a magnetic hook so it won’t be difficult to remove at the end of the school year. It provides a distortion free reflection. The best part? It is designed to be unbreakable.

InterDesign Forma Magnetic Pencil CupInterDesign Forma Magnetic Pencil Cupcheck price

Everybody wants a glam looking locker. You can’t have a nice looking locker with pens and pencils all over the place. Attaching to the locker wall or door, this magnetic organizer is a great for organizing pencils and pens. Even with a collection of a few items, the magnet holds well so you don’t have to worry about it falling when you shut the door.

Tools for School Locker ShelfTools for School Locker Shelfcheck price

Lockers are great for storing school supplies. It’s always a could idea to keep you locker organized so you know where your homework is and can get to class on time. You have to make the most out of your space. The one thing that really helps are shelves for organizing books. What’s cool about this one is that it is adjustable both in width and height so fits any locker.

Locker Brightz Decorative Locker AccessoryLocker Brightz Decorative Locker Accessorycheck price

Who doesn’t want a glam looking locker? The locker is the one space that can reflect your personality because you can decorate however you want. You want to decorate it with magnetic decor, pom poms, photos, and anything that reflects your personality. If you want to add a little glam to your locker, you need this locker light. It will make it look like a disco is happening in your locker.

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