Justice League Batmobile Among Coolest Toys At Toy Fair

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Justice League Batmobile

New Justice League Batmobile among the best toys of Toy Fair 2017.

The new Justice League Batmobile was one of the coolest new toys at Toy Fair 2017. It incorporates augmented reality to give users a driver’s cockpit perspective and emits real smoke for an added sense of realism.

Mattel’s new Batmobile is radio-controlled and packs cool tricks. It features a dash cam, augmented reality features, and it spews real exhaust. The new RC vehicle is based on the one seen in Justice League.

You control the Justice League Batmobile with your iOS or Android device. Since the dash cam is in the cockpit, you essentially visualize what Batman would see. You can create obstacle courses and challenge yourself to get through them like any RC. But what sets this experience apart is the AR feature, which create immersive action. It gives you the feeling that you are shooting rockets at your target. It really is a thrilling experience.

What is cool is that the cockpit can fit an actual Batman action figure. One is included with the car. When you place Batman’s arms on the steering wheel and change directions, Batman will appear to be steering the vehicle – certainly a nice touch! The most appealing feature is the fact that it features real exhaust coming from the rear of the Batmobile!

It’s not real gas but a sugar-based oil that is safe to breathe and doesn’t create an odor. A starter supply of the oil is included with the vehicle and replacement oil can be found at hobby shops.

With all these excellent features, the Justice League Batmobile is not cheap. Because it is intended for the collector’s market, it is priced at $250. The toy will be available in October 2017 in time for the Justice League release.

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