Lego Boost Brings Your Legos to Life

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    Kids can bring Legos to life with coding.

    Coding was a major trend seen last year and it continues into 2017. The new Lego Boost sets allow kids to bring their Lego sets to life with coding. Kids will be programming their robots and creations so their dreams become a reality. Lego Boost is designed for kids ages 7 and older. The base kit will debut later this year for $160.

    The Creative Toolbox is one of the first Lego Boost products. The set allows you to build at least 5 models, including a robot, cat, guitar, rover, and an autobuilder, which can actually build small Lego creations. You’ll need to download the Boost companion app to get started.

    The coding interface consists of drag and drop modules. This is far easier than Lego Mindstorms, which is geared toward young adults. Once you build your object, then it’s simply a matter of programming its actions. There are a variety of modules: green – movement, purple – speech, blue – action. There are even activities to keep kids engaged.

    The guitar model allows kids to play music. The rover can be any tool your child wishes and the AutoBuilder can assemble Lego bricks for your child. The cat allows you to train it with cat characteristics in addition to being able to meow and purr like a cat.

    Perhaps the most amazing aspect is that kids can use their existing Legos with Lego Boost. This really is a creative new product lineup to the world of Lego and it allows kids to bring their dreams to life by bringing their Legos to life.

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