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Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Danielle

Anki Cozmo

Anki brings animated robot to life in real world with Cozmo.

Meet Cozmo.

All three of Anki’s co-founders attended Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Institute. Anki’s newest and coolest toy is an adorably cute robot known as Cozmo. Could it be one of the top toys for Christmas 2021? Perhaps it represents one of the biggest technological leaps in the world of toys. Their last hit was Anki Overdrive, robot cars with artificial intelligence that race around a track.

Animated Character that Comes To Life

With their next project Cozmo, the team wanted to bring an animated character into the real world. In essence, they wanted to create a character people could love. And trust us, it will be love at first sight. Cozmo is truly adorable in action as he comes to life. Cozmo has an expressive face thanks to the embedded OLED screen on his face. Apparently, he was animated by a Pixar animator. It has spatial awareness and Cozmo even plays games. When Cozmo wins it gloats. It is truly like having an animated character that transports into our world and comes to life before your very own eyes.

When is it Available? And for what Price?

Cozmo is slated for release in October and is expected to retail for $179. Anki is accepting preorders now for Cozmo. Interestingly, the company is also planning to release the SDK, allowing users to tinker with Cozmo’s artificial intelligence and play the role of a sci-fi god. Kids will be content with this cool robot with a sense of consciousness.

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