Most Buzz-Worthy Nintendo NX Rumors

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Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Danielle

Most Buzz-Worthy Nintendo NX Rumors

Rumors swirl around Nintendo’s next console.

Nintendo hasn’t revealed much about its next generation console that is expected later this year. All we know for sure is that the new Nintendo console has the codename NX. We also know that the new NX will be a departure from current consoles. In other words, the NX will not be a successor to the Wii U or Wii. It will be a completely new idea. Nintendo has stated in the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shinbun that it desires to surprise gamers with new gaming ideas and plans on bringing growth to the industry. With all this buzz surrounding this new Nintendo console and the fact that it is shrouded in mystery, here are some of the most buzz-worthy NX rumors taking the Internet by storm:

1)      Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • According to a post on Twitter by a Wall Street Journal reporter, Nintendo’s NX may function with smartphones, PCs, and even rival consoles such as the PS4. Although this is an exciting announcement, it is very unlikely that Nintendo would forge a partnership with its rivals. The whole point of having a different system is to deliver unique and exclusive content and experiences that can’t be found on any other console.

2)      High Definition Gaming / 900P/60 FPS

  • The new NX console could usher in a new era of high-definition gaming at 900p – not the full 1080p and not at the 4K resolutions. At least, it would better compete with games on the PS4 and Xbox One. However, if the games were to run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second we wouldn’t mind – given the problems with Xbox One games struggling with frame rates.

3)      4K/60 FPS Video Streaming

  • The fact that the system could support 4K video streaming supports the claim for a second piece of hardware – such as a Nintendo NX Handheld Device. If this claim is true and Nintendo is able to deliver a lag-free, 60 frames per second experience, it could be something spectacular.

4)      Backward Compatibility

  • With gamers showing interest in backward-compatibility for PS4 and Xbox One, it would be a no-brainer for Nintendo given their solid library of hit games. Now if only Nintendo can deliver such a service that would be something that would get gamers all around the world talking. Nintendo arguably has the best lineup of games in the history of videogames from Mario and Zelda, to Metroid, Star Fox, Punch-Out, Wave Race and more … there’s no denying that this would be a huge feature for the NX.

5)      NX = Game Console + Handheld Device

  • Nintendo NX Console
  • Nintendo NX Handheld Device – This is expected to be a portable component
  • This rumor aligns with previous rumors suggesting the new console would feature some type of hybrid (console and mobile) functionality.  According to reports, gameplay would flow between the NX console and the Nintendo NX handheld device.

6)      Hardware Innovation

  • Nintendo’s hardware patents have fueled speculation as to the expected hardware innovations. The three main takeways are from the reports are (1) Lack of optical drive, (2) Wireless controller, and (3) Controller with shoulder buttons featuring scrolling
  • With no optical drive, could Nintendo be experimenting with cloud streaming of content? Nowadays digital distribution is more likely given the existing high-bandwidth networking infrastructure. All content could be either digitally distributed via a server or it could be streamed from the server. The system could boast a Netflix-like game subscription service, allowing gamers to access new content as well as Nintendo’s library of games in its history.
  • The same patent indicated a wireless controller with its own processor and built-in display.

7)      Adjustable Controller

  • A second patent shows a handheld controller with a screen, D-pad, dual thumpads and shoulder buttons which can also feature scrolling functionality.  This design would also allow for the vertical operation, like a phone.

While these are exciting rumors that have not yet been officially confirmed by Nintendo, we expect actual specs and system information to be revealed at the E3 press conference in June. For now, expect exclusive game franchises featuring Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud, Samus and more that you won’t find on any other gaming console.

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