Preorders Will Be Available For SNES Classic in August

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SNES Classic Edition

Nintendo announced that the SNES Classic will be available for preorder sometime in August.

Can you believe it – in just over a month we’ll be able to get our hands on the SNES Classic?! Back in June Nintendo previously had announced that the SNES Classic Edition is in fact a reality and it will launch on September 29, 2017 for a retail price of $79.99. Now Nintendo has confirmed that preorders for the system will be available sometime this month.

Rumors related to a potential Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic started circulating shortly after the NES Classic was abruptly discontinued by Nintendo. But we finally got word that Nintendo is officially bringing the hit system to market in time for the holidays. Currently, the plan is to only produce the system through the end of 2017 with no further plans of production beyond that. So if you are interesting in getting your hands on one you better jump on it the moment those preorders go live. Otherwise, given if history is any indication, you would be leaving things up for chance and may end up paying top dollar from re-sellers marking up the hot gift by several hundreds of dollars.

Recently, Walmart jumped the gun and made preorders available for the SNES Classic Edition. However, all of those orders were subsequently cancelled, as Walmart stated the product went live due to a technical glitch. Apparently, preorders sold out in a matter of forty minutes.  This time, however, the preorders will be the real deal; however, we haven’t heard a confirmed date in August from Nintendo. So just be ready at all times!

Fans can expect to see the Super NES Classic at all their favorite retailers, such as, Walmart, Target, Gamestop, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and more. Wondering where to preorder SNES Classic? A few of these retailers may be offering preorders online as well. Visit your favorite retailer’s website for more details.

Previously Nintendo had announced that they would seek to produce enough units to meet demand, given the shortages of the NES Classic. That system was in short supply because demand outstripped supply and it soon became a very scarce product that was very difficult to find for the holidays. People ended up waking up in the wee morning hours and camping out just to get their hands on the console just as the delivery trucks came into stores. Meanwhile, others had to shell out top dollar just to experience a piece of gaming nostalgia.

The advantage of preordering is that you guarantee yourself an SNES Classic system and you pay the same price. Of course, you won’t receive the console until it releases sometime either on September 29th or sometime thereafter.

The system will feature a miniaturized, palm-sized version of the SNES console and 21 pre-loaded video games from the SNES’ amazing library. One of the games – Star Fox 2 –  was previously never before released to market so this will be the first time gamers will be able to experience it. Some of the highlights include Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero, Street Fighter II Turbo, Star Fox, Super Metroid, and Super Punch-Out, plus much more. This is really a stellar lineup of games that should have gamers very excited with glee! Now you’re playing with Super Power! Expect the SNES Classic to be one of the most-sought-after gifts for Christmas 2017.

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