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Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO gets cool accessory.

A new wearable device is hitting the market in the form of Pokemon GO Plus. With the frenzy of players jumping on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, it’s the perfect device for fans to catch Pokemon. The red and white device costs approximately $35 and complements Pokemon GO, the mobile game that has captured the hearts and minds of millions. The design has the familiar Pokemon red and white colors that fans will recognize. In order to catch a Pokemon, all you need to do is simply push the button on the face of the unit. Normally, players would walk around staring at their phone screen.

In testing, the Pokemon GO Plus wearable device works surprisingly well. The wearable is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is lightweight and is about the size of a quarter. The device can be clipped onto your pocket, carried in your hand, strapped onto your wrist like a watch, or even draped around your neck. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

The Plus vibrates and turns green when you encounter a familiar Pokemon, and it turns yellow if it’s a Pokemon you’ve never seen before. When you push the button to catch a Pokemon, red means you failed while flashing colors indicate you caught it. As long as you have Pokeballs in inventory, it will use them. If the Plus vibrates and illuminates blue, you discovered a Pokestop. Pushing the button will collect items, assuming there is room in the bag.

At its core, it offers an easy way to play the game without having to stare at your phone. Pokemon GO players can become the best with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory and have fun while catching ‘em all!

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