Disney Toys Returning to Happy Meals After More Than a Decade

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McDonald's Happy Meal Disney Toys

After more than a ten year hiatus, McDonald’s is bringing back Disney toys to Happy Meals.

McDonald’s and the Walt Disney Company have announced a new partnership to bring back Disney themed toys to its Happy Meals in the US. Their last exclusive partnership lasted a decade and was reportedly worth $1 billion for Disney. That relationship ended in 2006, after McDonald’s downsized its kids’ menu.

No specific monetary details and duration have been disclosed regarding this latest partnership. However, the new agreement is a non-exclusive, multi-year deal which will begin in June 2018.

Previously, McDonald’s reportedly paid Disney $100 million in royalties and offered eleven promotions per year based on Disney entertainment. Additionally, McDonald’s opened up restaurants inside Disney theme parks. This new agreement, however, does not include having McDonald’s restaurants in their parks. However, a McDonald’s spokesperson stated: “We will continue to explore ways to bring this alliance to life.”

Disney Pixar Incredibles 2

Beginning this June, McDonald’s will offer Happy Meal toys based on Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 and then in the fall it will being offering toys inspired by Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

In 2006, Disney voluntarily introduced guidelines prohibiting licensing Mickey Mouse and its other portfolio of Disney characters for foods not meeting established minimum nutritional requirements. The Institute of Medicine had issued a report linking junk food to childhood obesity in that same year.

Since that time, McDonald’s has made significant efforts to make its Happy Meals more nutritious and less fattening. One such change includes adding a fruit side option, eliminating French fries, and providing menus with water options instead of just sugary sodas.

And as of June 2018, every McDonald’s Happy Meal in the US will contain 600 calories or less. Of this 10 percent of calories will be from saturated fat, while 10 percent of calories will be from added sugar, and more than 75 percent will contain 650 mg or less of sodium.

According to reports, Happy Meals comprise roughly 15 percent of McDonald’s sales in the US and worldwide family trips account for 30 percent of McDonald’s visits.

Source: Reuters

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