Kidults Market Rockets To 8 Percent Growth and Continues Expansion

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Kidult Market

The Kidults market grew by 8 percent last year, making up 11 percent of toy market sales in Britain. A staggering £1 in every £9 is spent on adults purchasing toys for themselves.

Nowadays kids aren’t the only ones into fun and games. According the The NPD Group, the profitable ‘Kidults’ market saw growth of 8 percent in 2017 and it continues to expand. British adults, aged 18 and older, are powering significant growth for this toy sector by buying toys for themselves.

In fact, adults have spent £383 million on toys ranging from games and puzzles, building sets, and action figures. This represents an increase of £30 million in year over year comparison to 2016. And the NPD reports they are purchasing these toys for themselves.

The profitable market now accounts for roughly 11 percent of the entire toy market. To put that in perspective, a staggering £1 in every £9 spent on toys represents an adult purchasing toys for themselves.

Millennials account for nearly half (48 percent) of this spending, while Gen Xers and Boomers comprise 28 and 24 percent of total spending for this market, respectively.

Based on the report, in the millennials market, 62 percent of adult toy spending comes from young parents. Meanwhile, 38 percent are not yet parents but are pop culture fans who show their fandom by purchasing toys.

Interestingly, the results indicate that as people in this market age, men – more so than women – have a greater likelihood to purchase toys for themselves. Here is the breakdown of how much each generation spends on toys for themselves: Millennials (55 percent), Gen X (66 percent), and Boomers (70%).

So which categories are Kidults most interested in? According to NPD sales data, Kidults are most interested in Games and Puzzles (19 percent), followed by Construction/Building Set (15 percent), Action Figures (12 percent) and Dolls (11 percent). Interestingly, regardless of gender, adults prefer to purchase toys for themselves online at dedicated specialist sites.

Frederique Tutt, Global Industry Analyst at The NPD Group, said in a statement: “The wide variety in the toys adults are buying for themselves reveals the many reasons older people buy toys: from playing board games with adult friends to building sophisticated models, drones, and robots.”

Tutt added, “And the collectible market has expanded beyond the timeless classics of dolls, plush and action figures to include pop culture models. Rather than a nostalgic trend, I’d say much of this is providing an escape from the stresses and strains of modern day living, fulfilling our need to find down-time.”

He concluded, “The rowing Kidult trend shows that where manufacturers and retailers can understand and meet the evolving needs of their audiences, they can grow sales in a very competitive and fast-paced sector. That is equally true whether your brand enjoys a strong heritage or features the very latest cool pop culture figure.”

Source: The NPD Group

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