Meet Skyrocket’s Recoil | A High-Tech Laser Tag Game That’s a Pure Blast

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Skyrocket Recoil Multi-Player Starter Kit

Skyrocket announces a new high-tech version of laser tag, creating a real-world Call of Duty-like experience.

Male and even some female gamers love playing Call of Duty. Imagine if you could replicate that experience and play it in the real world. Now how awesome would that be? Actually, a company by the name of Skyrocket has recently announced a new high-tech laser tag game that recreates that Call of Duty-like experience with a game called Recoil. It’s best described as a cross between Pokemon Go and Call of Duty.

Meet the Skyrocket Recoil. Let’s be clear – this is not your father’s game of laser tag. Yeah, it’s similar in many respects but it has a few high-tech features like augmented reality (AR) and you dock your smartphone into the blaster. By connecting your headphones, you can account for your lives, objectives, and be immersed in gunfire in what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting laser tag experiences in years. It’s time to move over Nerf and Laser X! The game is intended as an outdoor experience because that is where it is safest and best to play.

How does Recoil work? On the surface, the blasters still use infrared light beams but now there’s a high-tech makeover of sorts that makes it a real blast to play. The blasters employ all sorts of cool tech from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to even GPS. The blasters are able to relay their real-time position to a base station, which, in turn, shares that data with other players. Employing GPS with a fantastic laser tag experience is where the real ingenuity of this system lies. An array of blasters will be available – some are more portable while others are bigger and heavier guns – so choose your arsenal wisely. The cool part is that they feature immersive force feedback technology to entrench players in the experience. Just like in Call of Duty, voice chat is even possible with Recoil so you can smack talk all you want until your heart’s content. Infrared sensors are located on the front and sides of the guns and reloading is accomplished by simply pressing a button just like in the videogame.

Skyrocket’s Recoil laser tag experience supports up to sixteen players maximum. A unique feature is that players without blasters can also join in the fun. All you need is the app and you can heal your team, strategically place land mines, and even launch air raids.

Coming this August 15, 2017 to major retailers, Skyrocket Recoil’s Multi-Player Starter Kit features two laser tag blasters plus a base station and will retail for $129.99. Preorders for this kit are already being taken on and the experience is designed for kids and kids at heart ages 12 and older. Additional weapons will also be available. Each extra blaster will sell for $49.99 while an assault rifle goes for $79.99 and a grenade runs about $14.99. Additional weapons are also planned for the future, including a sniper rifle and shotgun, which could potentially be available later in the year or by 2018. The rifle offers improved accuracy plus it is packed with ammo that could be the game changer you’re looking for in your missions. So now Call of Duty fans can play some real-life team death matches! The world is now game! Let the fun and games begin!

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