Monopoly Gamer Edition – Now You’re Playing With Power!

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Monopoly Gamer Edition

Hasbro announces a new Monopoly Gamer Edition and Collector’s Edition with a dash of Super Mario Bros.

Monopoly has been in the news quite often this year. From the Croatian version of Monopoly to the retirement of the classic thimble piece to the questionable addition of new tokens to Monopoly heading to the immensely popular Nintendo Switch and now Monopoly Gamer Edition – it has been a very busy year for Monopoly indeed.

The newest Monopoly game, Monopoly Gamer Edition, is inspired by the Super Mario Brothers videogame. Hasbro recently made the announcement that this new edition of Monopoly will release in August 2017, retailing for a manufacturer’s suggested price of $24.99. Hasbro joined forces with Nintendo to make this project a reality.

Guess who will guest star as the game tokens in Monopoly Gamer Edition? It’s a me … Mario! Of course, you’ll not only get Mario, but also the whole Nintendo gang, including Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, and Yoshi.

What will the game be about and will there be anything new added? Your classic Monopoly gameplay is at the heart but there are surprises in store for Super Mario fans. Choose one of the aforementioned Super Mario-themed characters and players will need to make their way around the board collecting coins, beating bosses, and purchasing properties.

The gameplay will get some new surprising twists as well; it won’t just be Mario at the superficial level. Each of the character tokens will have its own power-up that will be different from the other characters. For instance, if you land on the ‘Super Star’ space, you’ll activate Princess Peach’s special move, which is collecting rent from the bank. By rolling the power-up die, you can also activate a special power-up boost move. Now you’re playing with power! Also, points will replace cash. Points will be awarded for collecting coins and winning boss battles. Every time you pass go, instead of collecting $200, you have the option of engaging Bowser or one of the other baddies in a battle.

Hasbro also announced they will have extra Power Packs available for $2.99 each. These Power Packs will feature a character token. We’d love to see if Luigi makes the cut.

In addition to the Gamer Edition, Hasbro will also offer a special Monopoly Gamer Collector’s Edition for about $39.99. This Collector’s Edition will feature premium retail packaging and will include a special Bowser token not included in the base version. Gamestop already has the Collector’s Edition available and it will make its way to other retailers in the near future.

In related Nintendo news, the recently announced SNES Classic Edition is topping current trending news stories and is tearing up the Internet just like the original NES Classic. Reportedly, the SNES Classic is already sold out based on its initial preorders. Listings have already appeared online for prices multiple times that of the original retail price. Can you believe it, the system is not even yet released?! This is sure to be a massive hit gift for the holidays, provided Nintendo can produce enough this time around.

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