Tomy Enters Toys To Life Genre

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Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Danielle

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Tomy is partnering with an indie developer to launch a new toys to life game in 2017.

The toys to life games are some of the best Xbox one games for kids and best PS4 games for kids. Now Tomy is teaming up with PlayFusion, an Indie UK developer, to launch a new competitor.

PlayFusion is an independent game company that has offices in the UK, Isle Of Man, and the United States. Its game technology fuses video games with robotics, toys, and storytelling. There is a continuous 2 way communication between the toys and the video games.

The company was co founded by Mark Gerhard, who was the CEO of Jagex before he left. He’s behind the massively popular MMORG RuneScape. The founders include Mark Gerhard, David Gomberg, Rican Hodgson, and author Justin Heimberg. The team’s collective experience spans over 150 of the most popular video games.

With origins in Japan, Tomy is a global toy company behind huge brands like Furby, Jenga, and Pokemon. Tomy produces and markets toys to preschoolers, teens, and adults. It is home to some of the biggest licenses for kids including Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles from Tommorrowland, and Toy Story.

Now Play Fusion will partner with Tomy to compete against Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Nintendo Amiibo, and Lego Dimensions. Not much is known about the game except that it will be a fantasy role playing game that focuses on storytelling. The game will launch sometime in 2017.

Partnering with Tomy gives PlayFusion global reach across the world. Already a billion dollar market, the toys to life category will see record growth in the next 3 to 5 years. Tomy hopes that the new game will be a leader in the space as it promised that PlayFusion will pioneer the future of the industry. The company is hoping it will be the biggest toys to life game. More on the story as it develops.

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