Toy Fair 2016 Begins On February 13

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Toy Fair 2016 opens

The 113th Toy Fair opens at the Javits Convention Center but this year is going to be a little different with Play Fair.

On February 13, the 113th Toy Fair opens at the Javits Convention Center. This year is going to be a little different. While Toy Fair 2016 is going on, the public is invited to Play Fair 2016, the first ever consumer toy show. The year has just kicked off and it’s already been a busy year.

London Toy Fair 2016 has already taken place and was hosted by the British Toy And Hobby Association. The show is very important to the U.K. market and tons of products were on display. Both tech and retro toys seemed to dominate the show floor with a number of cool tech and science related toys. There were drones, internet connected toys, and a ton of Stem kits. Some of our favorites include the RipStik Electric and the Micro Drone 3.0. The toy of the year went to Hasbro’s Pie Face.

Then Nuremberg Toy Fair took place. There were so many toys on display that it was impossible to see everything.

But as exciting as those toy shows were, we are most excited about the New York Toy Fair. It’s going to be the biggest show yet with over 30,000 people attending. There will be over 1000 companies filling the show floors with the popular kids toys of 2021.

However, that was not enough. This is the first year of Play Fair, which will allow families and toy lovers of all ages to get a glimpse of the coolest new playthings. The event takes place on February 13 and 14. It’s really going to be the comic con of the toy industry.

The event is hosted by Lego and Nickelodeon, but there will be so many other companies in attendance. There will be people dressed in popular toy costumes, exciting product reveals, and even interactive play sessions. Families and kids are a big part of what makes this industry tick so they should be part of the fun.

We can’t wait and you can expect our full coverage to begin when the show opens.

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