21 Great Parenting Blogs for Raising Amazing Children

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Toybuzz.org Parenting Blog Award BadgeParenting just got easier. We have chosen 21 of our favorite parent blogs.

Raising kids is hard. Really, really hard.

Every parent wants to give their child the best life possible and set them on the road to success. While new parents may start off thinking they have all the answers from the get-go, veterans can share a smirk and a wink at that untested confidence–they know better.

But whether you’re new to the unique world of parenting or not, there’s always room for improvement. No magic secret will let you snap your fingers and skip the struggles, but that doesn’t mean there’s no help to be found.

Just like with anything else, it can’t hurt to get some insider tips from folks who’ve been in the game a little longer than you. Experience doesn’t always equal wisdom–someone who’s spent a long time getting it wrong isn’t necessarily any better as a role model than a newbie–but turning to those with a proven record is never a bad idea.

Plus, when you’re in the thick of it yourself, it’s nice to remember that you aren’t alone, and it’s even better to soak up some wisdom from those who’ve seen it all. There’s a lot to be said for the connection between fellow travelers wading through the tumults of parenthood. Rejoice with them at their victories and maybe even chuckle at the occasional stumble. (Comedy = tragedy + time, after all, or maybe it just equals tragedy + distance).

You aren’t the first person to feel overwhelmed by the task of molding the next generation. Plenty of folks have faced the same trials as you, day in and day out, and some of them would love to steer you clear of the mistakes they wish they’d avoided and toward solutions that can save you a headache or five.

But in a world of charlatans and self-absorbed know-it-alls (who don’t really know as much as they think they do), how do you discern which voices you can trust to offer sound advice, putting you on the path to parental pride?

Well, that’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of contenders for you to look over. I bet you’ll find more than a few nuggets of wisdom to spark a lightbulb over your head or at least make you say “Aha! I know that feeling. So it isn’t just me!”

Here are our picks for the 21 best blogs to help you win at parenting every day (or at least most days):

Have Baby Will Travel

Corinne McDermott

Corinne McDermott founded Have Baby Will Travel in 2007 with a mission to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with babies, toddlers, and young children. By day she’s the editor in chief of a magazine owned by Canada’s largest media company. By day and night, she’s a stage mom and a hockey mom who now has to plan adventures around school and work and game schedules instead of night feeds and sleep routines. She lives in Toronto with her husband and their two kids, Megan and Riley, who are always excited for their next trip.

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My Little Moppet

Dr. Hemapriya Natesan

Dr. Hemapriya Natesan is an experienced medical practitioner and Mom to two adorable kids. She is also the founder of the successful parenting blog My Little Moppet and the owner of the health food store, Little Moppet Foods. Fondly known as the ‘Doctor Mom’, Dr. Hema regularly posts about child health, baby nutrition and kid-friendly recipes on her website. Besides this, she runs the very active MyLittleMoppet Moms Facebook group, where she answers parenting questions from readers and customers. You can get in touch with Dr. Hema by emailing her at hema@mylittlemoppet.com or messaging her on Facebook.

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Dad and Buried

Mike Julianelle

Dad and Buried (aka Mike Julianelle) is a 41-year-old Brooklyn dad sharing his experiences as a father and whining about the ways the existence of his sons (nicknamed Detective Munch (7) & The Hammer (2)) – not to mention the myriad responsibilities surrounding their existence – are destroying his social life. His blog serves as a diary of his development as a father and a place for him to complain about life as a dad, about his annoying children, and about all those parents who act like they know better than everyone else. Dad and Buried is not a manual, or a guide, or a rule book. Hopefully, at its best, it’s a life raft.

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Scantily Dad

James Doherty

My name James, I am from Dublin, Ireland, and live in Berlin, with my wife Olivia and twins Max and Mathilda. My blog focuses on parenting advice, fertility tips, and the best products for your child. I strive to educate, entertain, and make parents(and parents to be) lives easier. Everything that I create is designed to inspire and help parents through the busiest/hardest time of their life.

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A Happy Hippy Mom


Michelle is the author of A Happy Hippy Mom, a website devoted to pure and simple living. She is an eco-mom, parent of three wonderful kids, wife, freelance writer, and social media nut! With the motto, “never pay retail”, Michelle is an avid deal hunter and loves a bargain. Always striving to stay within a modest budget, she enjoys sharing hot finds, making a dollar stretch, and helping her readers save money as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

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Project Nursery

Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio

After the birth of their first children, interior design enthusiasts Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio set out to help parents find the vision, tools, and products for all their baby nursery and kid-friendly decorating projects. Since then, Project Nursery has grown to attract a highly connected, design-conscious community in the millions—reaching more than 1.5 million millennial parents, design professionals, bloggers and leading brands around the world each and every month.

With expert and member-generated content updated multiple times a day, we help you get inspired and stay informed through content and social media. We’re especially good at helping tackle DIY projects, pooling insider advice from design experts and sneaking peeks behind the doors of the latest celebrity nurseries.

In addition to our robust content and community, we offer direct access to a specially curated selection of the most coveted nursery design and décor products through our e-commerce shop. We take great pride in partnering with the best brands to offer exciting and exclusive product collaborations. The Project Nursery brand now includes various licensed products such as our exciting new line of nursery electronics, including the Project Nursery Baby Monitor and Sight & Sound Projector (a Techlicious Best of CES Award-winning joint venture with VOXX International), available at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Best Buy and Amazon. And we continue to grow with your family. Project Junior our sibling platform, addresses the next design stage and caters to a generation that’s not only growing in numbers but also aging up in style and function.

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The Mom of the Year

Meredith Spidel

As a mom of a school-age boy and girl, I unexpectedly fell in love with this blogging world in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. As this life continues to rapidly change seasons, I love sharing our journey with my readers while remaining both genuinely real and faithful to a positive hope. I definitely don’t “have it all down” and never will, but I do regularly present myself with The Mom of the Year award for the astoundingly subpar parenting skills I wield on a daily basis. You’ll find that www.themomoftheyear.net is a very welcoming place! It’s rough out there–take a minute for a friendly break with a less serious look at the world of parenting and some much-needed encouragement.

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Thrifty Nifty Mommy

Janessa Solem

Janessa started her blog, Thrifty Nifty Mommy, in 2010 with a goal to provide quality reviews of family-friendly products, so families could save time and money by purchasing the right product for their family the first time. She is an expert on all things baby! Today on Thrifty Nifty Mommy you’ll continue to find great reviews, but also recipes, crafts, giveaways, and a glimpse into the life of her busy family with 4 young children (and a 5th on the way!).

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Our Ordinary Life

Kristin and Del

Kristin is the mom being Our Ordinary Life. Kristin and her husband Del have been running the popular parenting blog Our Ordinary Life since 2006. Featuring ways that families can live well and have fun along the way!

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Leah Segedie

Leah founded the Mamavation community. She also founded the ShiftCon Social Media Conference, is a food activist and a social media consultant. She teaches moms healthy living to combat disease in their house. Mamavation community members have lost over 3500 lbs. Leah has been named Mom of the Year by Shape Magazine. She has been featured by many publications, including CNN, NBC, ABC, Chicago Tribune, Shape Magazine, and many others.

Leah also has a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

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Twinning it


My twins were my first…and second…kids. Many of the members in my family have kids of course, but twins are a whole new ball game. Instead of dealing with problems like sharing when your Singleton befriends another child you find sharing to be a daily problem from the moment of conception as they fight for room in your womb. And trust me, they continue to fight even before they can fathom what they are fighting about. And if you think changing the diaper of a kicking screaming baby is hard, try doing it while trying to keep the other baby from crawling through a freshly soiled diaper at the same time.

That’s why I created Twinning It. Surely I cannot be the only parent to go through these daily hassles. Only, I had to figure out all of these trying times on my own. With Twinning It, you don’t have to be alone. There are countless tips and tricks to get you through each day. I have a blog to let you know that whatever it is your going through, I’ve probably gone through the same thing and even failed at it a few times first.

Of course, tips and tricks are not the only reasons to visit it my blog. As with any endeavor, a good support system is always the key to success. On my group page, I have multiple websites to help you find the support you need such as La Leche or the Facebook page for the international parents of twins group, or even just a few informative sites that have information on everything from potty training to important studies oriented around twins.

And if that were not enough, I have additional features such as what products and books got me through having twins. Do you need to eat differently when you’re pregnant with twins, or is it just the same as a Singleton? Is a boppy pillow big enough to tandem breastfeed twins? Should you potty train your twins at the same time or separately? Some things work just as well with twins as they would with a Singleton, and other things just aren’t.

Having twins is a new world all on its own, Twinning It is to help you with each new endeavor. With a little bit of laughter and a little bit of experience, we can make it through anything.

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Positive Parenting Solutions

Amy McCready

Amy McCready is the Founder of PositiveParentingSolutions.com and the best selling author of The “Me, Me,Me” Epidemic and If I Have to Tell You One More Time. As a “recovering yeller” and a Certified Positive Discipline Instructor, she is a champion of positive parenting techniques for happier families and well-behaved kids. Amy is a TODAY Show contributor and has been featured on CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey & others. In her most important role, she is the proud mom of two amazing young men.

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Forever in Mom Genes

Lisa Thornbury

After her daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Lisa left her job as a Toronto school teacher to work from home as a freelance writer. When she’s not forcing her kids to partake in teachable moments (insert her children’s dramatic eyerolls here), or attempting to remove pet fur from her activewear, she’s sharing stories about the often serious, but mostly sweet moments that come with raising a child with special needs. Her blog foreverinmomgenes.com focuses on parenting and mindful living, with a side of silly. Plus puns. Her family is currently planning a “puntervention”.

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Lies About Parenting

Ashley Trexler

Founder of the website LiesAboutParenting.com, Ashley Trexler is dedicated to raising healthier, happier kids by – wait for it – being happier and healthier herself. If you’re tired of competitive, do-it-all parenting, get a fresh perspective by visiting her blog, Lies About Parenting. The LAP community is a group of present parents who value personal growth and family adventure. We try hard not to over-parent, under-parent, and promise to never be the absent parent.

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Fatherly is the leading digital media brand for dads. Our mission is to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives. From original video series and deep dive reports to podcasts and events, Fatherly offers original reporting, expert parenting advice, and hard-won insights into a challenging, but profoundly rewarding stage of life.

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Teach Mama

Amy Mascott

Amy Mascott is the creator of teachmama.com, where since 2008, she has shared tools and resources parents can use to become the best teachers they can be for their children. A Reading Specialist, writer, and literacy consultant, Amy is a former high school English teacher who has truly expanded the walls of classroom, sharing her expertise at local and national events and co-author of *Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips for Helping Your Child Develop A Lifelong Love of Reading* (Scholastic, 2016). Married to an elementary school principal, Amy resides in the DC Metro with her three crazy-cool kids, a dog, two birds, and one hamster.

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The Realistic Mama

Alida Quittschreiber

Alida Quittschreiber is a writer, wife and a mama of 2. She is the founder of The Realistic Mama, a blog empowering moms to think outside the box and live a no limit life with less stress and more family adventure. Her favorite things include: the beach with her family, coffee with friends and traveling any chance she gets. If you’re looking to create extra side income her blog is a must-read.

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Penniless Parenting


Penny Price is the anonymous blogger behind pennilessparenting.com, an award-winning blog on frugal living, cooking and parenting, and Penniless Foodie in the Wild, Adaptable Recipes for Foragers and Frugalsitas.

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Fab Working Mom Life/h2>


I’m Julie, a new mom and military spouse who works full time and blogs, all while wishing I had more time to read fun books. I write about being a working mom in order to help myself and other working moms in our journeys to find a balance between family, responsibilities, and hobbies so we can thrive both at home and at work.

I can be found blogging at Fab Working Mom Life and Chapter Break, and hanging out on social media.

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Lemon Lime Adventures

Dayna Abraham

Dayna Abraham, author of best-selling book “The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day” and founder of the popular blog, Lemon Lime Adventures, helps parents and education professionals unlock the unique superpowers in children so they can live a more peaceful life filled with clarity, connection, and empowerment by providing them with a proven plan designed to
Calm the Chaos™ of everyday life. When she’s not writing, you can find her drinking lots of coffee and being the best sidekick possible for her own three Superkids. Check out her other books, “Sensory Processing 101” and “STEAM Kids”.

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Dayana Education

Margie Soemakno

My name is Margie Soemakno and I come from the Netherlands. My full-time job is being a mom of 3 children, a wife of 1 and an early years educator. I just started my blog and I love to write about parenting, education,
traveling, food and style.

My blog also has a section which is called in “In the Spotlight”. This section is important to me as it highlights the women I have met and look up to in my life. Each woman has their own story and they are all trying to
make it out there by doing something for themselves or their families. I want to put them in the spotlight because I feel that I can learn from them. In the Spotlight is about recognizing these women and the wonderful
things they have done.

I am also an author of the children’s “Umbrella”. This is my first book from the series of the adventures of Jasmine and Kay. The stories of Jasmine and Kay are written from an educator’s perspective, in the hope
that I can help children with their reading and comprehension skills. Umbrella was published in Indonesia and was also sold on Amazon.

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Parenting isn’t something you ever really master. You just have to do your best and take it day by day. Adding some of these time-tested blogs to your repertoire is one more way to make sure you’re always honing your skills. Sure, you’re busy, but it doesn’t take too much time out of your occasionally hectic days to read a little here and there.

Someday, your kids might thank you for the thought you put into raising them right; more than likely you’ll thank yourself long before then.

We’ve put this list together to make it a little easier for you to find good advice from great examples. Of course, choosing who to go to for pointers on bringing up your children is a big deal, and we took our responsibility seriously when selecting these blogs.

We’re sure you’ll find stellar role models to guide you to raising healthy, happy, amazing children who are going places.

Don’t worry; people have been raising kids for a long time. With the right attitude and plenty of patience, you’ll reach the same pride your forebears have felt for generations.

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